How Project Map It Uses Tech to Increase Close Rates

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, and the same is true for early adopters of technology. Just ask Project Map It who is taking the contracting industry by storm with their innovative tool that increases close rates and builds better customer relationships in the process. We sat down with Project Map It Managing Director, Steve Spence, to learn how his team drives stronger close rates for both customers and themselves using Ingage.

Ingage: Let’s dive in with how Project Map It got started and who you help today.

Steve: Project Map It was created by a roofer when he realized there was nothing on the market to help him showcase his work and connect with clients. When it comes to roofing, or any product really, three things are essential to winning a client: visual examples of your work; reviews from past successes; and showing that you already have a presence in the area. Project Map It (PMI) is a very simple but powerful platform that allows for all three of those essentials in one place, which leads to more closed jobs.

What truly sets PMI apart is the fact that you can embed it on your website or even in your Ingage presentation to make it both a sales and marketing tool. Placing it in your presentation helps close the deal in the home while embedding it on your website ensures clients spend more time on your site. Because at the end of the day, you don’t want a customer going to Home Advisor or Angi where they’ll see the competition and potentially go with them over you. Instead, prospective clients can use the PMI tool to look at your reviews and see visual examples of actual work you’ve completed.

Ingage: We know you encourage your clients to adopt Ingage to achieve even better results when using PMI, but how does your team use the Ingage Suite?

Steve: We use it for all touchpoints we have with a customer, which include everything from pre-appointment to demo. The pre-appointment Ingage presentation has been really helpful in helping customers understand what to expect and feel better prepared for the actual demo. We have an over 70% close rate now because of adding these pre-appointment decks to the demo invite.

Ingage: That’s an incredible close rate! Can you share some other results you’ve achieved since implementing Ingage?

Steve: Overall, Ingage makes the entire presentation process smoother. Prior to adopting the platform, I was the only salesperson– I would usually run through a PowerPoint sort of off the cuff with customers. But once we added to our team, I realized I needed something that would streamline the sales process and that’s where Ingage comes in. It gives us a much more consistent and scalable sales process that’s also efficient and delivers real results.

Ingage: What are some of the features that you use in your decks that help you make such a big impact?

Steve: First and foremost, Ingage helps us efficiently and effectively show what Project Map It can do for a business. I use the before and after slider on the compare page type to show how PMI can be customized for their needs and the difference it makes on their website. The button feature is also really handy because I can have 15 different company logos on a page and click it to open that company’s website and show them in real time what a PMI map looks like. This always has a big impact and I can easily switch between companies that are more marketing focused and companies that have more of a sales focus because it’s really adaptable.

The one feature that I believe makes the biggest difference is sharing the web link to the presentation with an embedded video. Most of the time, I’m not demoing to a decision maker, it’s usually a sales leader or a marketing manager. Offering a digital takeaway that has a personalized video in it for that person to give to their boss has a massive impact and has helped me close more deals.

Ingage: When you’re talking with someone apprehensive about adopting new technologies, what do you say to make them more comfortable?

Steve: Project Map It focuses on a white glove experience for every customer. Meaning, we will walk through every little detail with the customer as they get PMI set up on their website and in their presentation. Knowing they have a team behind them to support their adoption makes all the difference. That’s why I’m so happy to be partnered with Ingage because the team has the same mentality of supporting customers throughout the entire process.

At the end of the day, we’re in a time where a professional presentation that stands out over competitors while also showing credibility is essential. I do believe that PMI and Ingage are worth the investment and anyone will see the ROI there.

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