Dean Curtis, CEO

Dean has a passion for the intersection of technology and business. He started his tech career as a Sales Engineer at Oracle after four successful years as a Math teacher in the Baltimore (MD) County Public Schools. After stints as a Sales Engineer at Intellisync and Palm, Dean joined Apple in 2008 as part of the first team supporting the iPhone in business. He was instrumental in helping architect and execute the strategy to drive the adoption of iPhone and iPad across the Fortune 500. Dean joined Ingage in February 2017 as the Chief Revenue Officer, moved into the COO role shortly after, and was named CEO of Ingage in October 2019.

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Jeff Mann, VP Sales

Jeff is a people-focused leader that has spent his career creating and executing strategy to grow teams and tech organizations. At Apple, Jeff spent 10 years focused on shifting global strategy to better adapt to the changing needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. In 2017, Jeff joined Ingage as the Senior Director of Business Development, helping to lead Ingage to success and become an industry leader. In his free time, Jeff enjoys exploring the world with his family and hopes to one day get a photo from his adventures on the next “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

Pam Torrey, Director of Marketing

Pam joined Ingage in 2019 as a member of the sales team, but quickly moved over to more of a marketing role in 2020. She officially took over the department at the beginning of 2021 and has been fortunate to help Ingage grow to the leading sales presentation platform for the home improvement industry. Before coming to Ingage, Pam was in marketing operations and lead generation for a fintech company in Chicago and was in B2B sales at Apple. Originally from Rochester, NY, Pam holds a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in voice performance and still regularly performs as a singer. She lives in Chicago, IL with her two cats and enjoys checking out local restaurants and taking in Chicago’s world-class arts and entertainment venues.

Jim Rutherford, Director of Engineering

Jim is the Director of Engineering at Ingage.  He has been with Ingage for four years with the first three spent as a Senior iOS Developer on our iPad app.  Previous to Ingage, Jim was as a software consultant working on projects for brands like Apple, Microsoft, Sun (Oracle), Adobe, and Coca-Cola.  In his spare time, Jim enjoys mountain bike riding and trail running.  He is an aspiring luthier who tries to spend as much time in his shop crafting handmade acoustic guitars.

Matt Berger, Director of CS

Matt Berger is the Director of Customer Success at Ingage, helping the Design, Account Management, and Customer Success teams deliver value and great service to Ingage customers. Matt brings a diverse background in content creation for national media companies and sales and business development for leading brands like Apple and WordPress to the team. He's also a hobby woodworker and the author of two how-to woodworking books.

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