5 Top Sales Presentation Tips from the Experts

So, you’ve designed a groundbreaking product, with features designed purposely to nail your customers’ needs. You’ve even outlined a robust sales process and started various lead generation campaigns. But what else can you do to ace your presentations? Perhaps you’re in need of some sales presentation tips from the pros.

An immersive sales presentation is instrumental in reinforcing your brand and customer trust. And today, that immersive presentation means an important emphasis is placed on the visuals. However great your sales reps’ verbal pitches might be, if you can’t deliver a compelling visual presentation, you will lose your audience.

Building a high-performing and engaging sales presentation isn’t rocket science. The key is simply to personalize your presentation based on individual customers’ pain points. A feature-packed sales presentation platform that lets you include various interactive elements, such as videos, sliders, galleries and more also doesn’t hurt!

From choosing the right sales presentation software to weaving a narrative—here are some tried-and-tested sales presentation tips to make your presentations more impactful and help you ace that first impression:

Use an Easy-to-Follow Storytelling Structure

An engaging presentation should appeal to your audience at both an emotional and logical level. Use real-life examples, case studies, and testimonials to illustrate the impact of your product on existing customers. Support content with credible and verified data to further hook your audience.

Make sure your presentation has a cohesive narrative structure. Start your outline with an eye-catching introduction that immediately grabs the audience’s attention. Highlight the key pain points they’re facing, and how your product will resolve them. Utilize the body of your presentation to bolster your premise with facts, statistics, success stories, industry reports, and quotes and showcase your company’s story and culture.

Finally, conclude by tying things back to your original premise and offering a call to action. Reiterate the factors that make your product the right fit for your customers’ needs.

Establish the Customer as the Center of the Sales Presentation

There’s no story without a main character, so be sure to set your customer up as the protagonist of this sales presentation adventure. Instead of just singing your product’s praises, illustrate the impact it will have on your customer’s life.

Start by highlighting an element of change: an evolution in your industry, or a general transformation that modern businesses are catching up to. Emphasize how your brand/product is a catalyst for this change. The idea is to harness your customers’ fear of missing out and compel them to consider your product.

Then dig into their preferences, aspirations, and struggles to identify pain points they may not be aware of. Provoke them to take immediate action—now introduce your product and showcase its benefits. Explain how it will save and simplify your customer’s life, and because you’ve taken the time to know them, they will believe you. Building a customer-centric presentation will help captivate your audience and inspire them to make a purchase.

Invest in Great Design

It should be a no-brainer, but great design is one of the best sales presentation tips we can offer. Each slide of your presentation should look professionally made and be consistent with brand identity.

Be judicious with your color choices. While a splash of color can catch the eye, too many can be distracting. Select one or two hues that are consistent with your branding and repeat them throughout the presentation. This also applies to font styles and sizes. Using myriad unrelated fonts will make your presentation come across as amateur. Choose a font that matches your brand identity, and make sure the size and alignment are consistent.

High-quality graphics, images, animations, videos and other visual elements to make your presentation more attractive. Good presentation software will also allow you to add interactive tools like buttons, live links, image galleries and sliders to further boost engagement.

Maintain Consistent Branding

While building your dynamic design plan, remember to be sure it’s in sync with your brand image. Consistent and intelligent branding builds trust and credibility.

If you’ve followed the previous sales presentation tips, your slides are likely already consistent with your branding. But once you’ve created it, it’s going to be passed around among sales reps. They’ll be making edits on the go, based on real-life feedback. What if they make changes that don’t align with your brand image?

Avoid these situations by providing sales reps with clear style guidelines. Highlight the font styles and colors they should use and clearly define your preferred voice, tone and language. Make sure all your reps have the most current updates.

Use the Right Technology

Often an afterthought, appropriate technology is a key sales presentation tip. If you want to captivate, motivate, and inspire potential customers with a sales pitch, regular presentation tools such as PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides won’t cut it. You need powerful cloud-based sales presentation software to streamline your creation, sharing and editing processes.

Cloud-based presentation software like Ingage can help you maintain consistency throughout your presentation with easy branded slide templates. Intuitive team sharing features allow for collaborative work on presentations without stressing about updating everyone individually. Whenever a team member edits the presentation, the changes are immediately updated on the cloud. Ingage also offers an array of interactive features, such as explainer videos, image carousels, sliders and scroll motions to build a dynamic presentation.

NEWPRO sales presentation
Image via Ingage

It’s Time to Up Your Sales Presentation Game

Sales presentations are essential for nurturing qualified leads and winning trust. But that only happens if your presentation can deliver them an immersive, engaging, and interactive experience. You need to leverage sophisticated and consistent design, build powerful, fact-driven narratives, and utilize modern cloud-based technology to easily implement it all.

Ready to take your sales presentations to the next level? Schedule your Ingage demo today to get started.

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