How to Use Lead and Interaction Analytics to Exceed Sales Goals

When it comes to getting people to contact your business and making meaningful connections with those people, it can sometimes feel like throwing a handful of darts and hoping at least one of them will hit the target. But what if there was a better way – a way to make sure those darts consistently hit your target with efficiency and effectiveness? 

800response recently met with Ingage and Kohler to discuss the ways lead and interaction analytics can help generate more high-quality inbound leads, improve marketing strategies, and lead to an increase in set rates.

Optimize Your Ad Spend

You’re no doubt putting quite a bit of money into your marketing initiatives, and you want to be sure you’re getting the best return on your investment. But how can you guarantee your efforts will get results? And when they do get results, how do you know which marketing channels actually worked? 800response’s lead generation, call tracking, and customer analytics platform has the tools you need. Their advanced call tracking solution provides you with in-depth information on every inbound call, including caller demographics, peak call times, top area codes and cities, and so much more to help you better understand which campaigns brought in new callers and make it easier to develop  marketing strategies.

Increase Lead to Conversion Rates

Studies show a sales conversion is more likely to happen if a customer can connect with a representative in less than a minute. While this can be a challenge, the caller demographic data provided by 800response tracking plays a vital part in helping Kohler respond to every caller in 30 seconds or less, maintaining what it refers to as “speed to lead.” And with attribution tracking and customer analytics, Kohler is also able to see that 95% of their calls occur during normal business hours, prompting them to ensure their Dealers schedule staff accordingly for those times. As a result, Kohler’s set rates have increased by 30% since adopting 800response.  

Gain Insights Into Every Interaction

Monitoring a large call center effectively can be difficult, and using traditional QA methods such as manual call recording and monitoring can prevent businesses from getting the data they need to truly impact the customer experience. With assistance from CallFinder – 800response’s speech analytics solution – Kohler has created scorecards for each individual agent to evaluate every interaction based on a mandatory set of criteria. These scorecards help Kohler identify specific phrases that resonate more with customers, allowing them to create more impactful scripts and discover customer experience trends,  leading to a 50% gain in set rates.

Using 800response’s call tracking and analytics solutions, Kohler has exceeded its sales goals and set rates. The tracking and analytics data is presented in detailed, easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that feed easily into Kohler’s CRM, so managers can make informed business decisions with confidence. And it has helped Kohler enhance campaign targeting, lower marketing costs, and improve efficiency, all while maintaining the company’s brand image. They are also ensuring inbound leads of the highest quality, as well as improving training initiatives. When it comes to working with 800response, Senior Sales Executive for Kohler’s Direct Response business Neil Jochman affirms, “[It] has been a great efficiency and success story for us in a lot of ways.”

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