Why You Need to use Data with Your Sales Team

For the longest time, we’ve believed that there were “good” salespeople and “bad” salespeople, but we weren’t able to quantify what made one good or bad. Thankfully, times have changed. We now know that anyone can be a good salesperson, as long as they’re given the right tools. Ingage sat down with 800response and Kohler to talk about how data revolutionizes the modern market today and how you can use data to change the way your company runs - especially with your sales team.

What Data is Important To A Company?

Data of all types is important for your company. In our discussion with Kohler, they talked about how they’ve used 800 Response to track their calls data. What’s interesting is that just a few words or a phrase can have a large impact on conversion when it comes to a consumer. 

Speech Analytics

When Kohler began tracking their calls with 800response, they were running 200-300 different phases through the software. They came to one phrase that would change the conversion rate by 50%. The phrase was this: “I’m sorry you’re going through that. You did the right thing by giving us a call.”

The customer was 50% more likely to convert for the walk-in bath when that phrase was said. If this data hadn’t been collected, they never would have known this. That’s why it’s important to track all data that could be applicable to your bottom dollar.

Why did this phrase work so well? It could be because this was during the height of the pandemic. Consumers  were feeling anxious about being home all the time and simply wanted to be heard, and when this phrase was said, they felt like their concerns were being met with sincerity. 

Speed in Response Time

Another piece of data that’s important to collect is your speed in how quickly you’re communicating back with leads and/or consumers. Kohler was able to respond to 95% of their leads within a minute. Though this might be unrealistic for a smaller company without the manpower that Kohler had, keeping track of your speed is important. Everyone is in a “now” type of world. If you have slow response times, it can greatly impact how your leads perceive you. They may lose interest a couple hours after submitting their info, so the quicker you can get to them, the better. This is data you should definitely be tracking.

Sales Analytics

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of data you can collect will be all the different sales analytics of your team. That’s where new software comes into play. If you’re working with a sales team in PowerPoint, you don’t have a lot of oversight when it comes to data. It’s impossible to see where the presentation is lacking, where reps or clients exit and how much time they’re spending on each slide.

The solution is Ingage, an interactive presentation platform that gets you more than just stunning visuals. With Ingage, you can access data and analytics that you wouldn’t have with other presentation softwares. The platform features advanced analytics which update in real time and allow you to quickly view the important data you need. Whether you’re trying to learn exactly where the sales teams are lacking, what they’re stalling on, or where customers are losing interest, the analytics will ensure that you get the most information out of your sales team, which allows you to then tweak things and sell better with a higher conversion rate.

Finding Software That Gives You The Correct Data

Your sales team might be wary of change. They’re often superstitious, and changing software doesn’t always go over with them very well. However, if they’re guaranteed that they’re going to sell better, they won’t be putting up a fight. The important part of using data with your sales team is ensuring you have the correct software.

How Ingage Will Change The Way You Sell

There are a few key things that every company needs to have, including: seamless branding, professionalism and a high-quality sales presentation. All of which can be achieved through Ingage.

Seamless Branding

When we spoke to Kohler, one of their largest problems throughout their organization was the brand being misrepresented. Because they were working on a PowerPoint presentation, many of the dealers were editing the presentation based on what they talked about most or what stood out to them. Though they weren’t trying to, they began to misrepresent Kohler as a brand.

With Ingage, they were able to create stunning presentations that seamlessly integrated their branding. Plus, advanced analytics allowed them to easily discover which pages of the presentation were working and which ones needed adjustment. Kohler no longer had to worry about their brand being misrepresented and having a thousand different sales presentations out there.


When a salesperson shows up in branded gear, with an iPad, and a sense of knowledge, you know that they’re going to be successful. Professionalism goes a long way in selling to someone, and having Ingage on their iPad, ready to go, creates a difference in how consumers see your company. 

High-Quality Sales Presentation

Most importantly, Ingage gives you a high-quality sales presentation that simply cannot be beat according to Neil Jochman at Kohler. With the ability to integrate photos, videos, links and more, Ingage was made for increasing sales. Not only has Ingage changed the way Kohler has sold, but we’ve helped thousands of sales reps sell better because of it.

Ingage provides data to both the sales rep and the sales manager. You can see in real time what’s happening with your sales team, where a presentation is slacking, how much time is being spent on each slide of the presentation and more. Because most sales managers can’t sit it on every sales appointment, we created Ingage, which is the next best thing. 

Our customers tell us that their reps are reviewing their analytics every night to see what they can be doing better to lead to higher conversions. This is truly data that makes a difference. Schedule a personalized demo now so you can see for yourself how Ingage will revolutionize your sales department.

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