Using Creative Presentation Tools for Conferences & Webinars

Even the most riveting content won’t amount to much if it isn’t delivered effectively. Many webinars suffer from a static approach, limited engagement opportunities and little or no follow-up. These all combine to dilute any important messages you intended for your audience to receive and render your event a waste of time, money and resources.

Fortunately, creative presentation tools are at hand to help users create compelling content complete with professional design elements and clear communication flows. These tools streamline the steps to capture interest, build relations and facilitate interactivity.

Ingage has spent more than a decade helping content creators and businesses of all sizes create, share and measure presentations that keep audiences engaged during virtual consultations and online presentations.

Create Captivating Content Using Creative Presentation Tools

Dynamic and engaging conferences and webinars have several necessary elements:


Effective storytelling captures an audience's attention. Kelton Global conducted a survey that revealed that 90% of people feel that a solid narrative is key to capturing their attention. Creating a strong narrative also adds a human element to what otherwise would have been a static presentation.

Break down your presentation into three parts, just as a story gets told. Set the scene by introducing your brand before moving onto the details of your products and services. End your presentation with a call-to-action such as a sign-up or purchase.

Visual Pacing

Another study showed that 90% of all information sent to the brain is visual. This means that the visual aspects of a webinar have a powerful effect on the audience’s experience.

Keep your presentations interesting by creating variations between layouts, imagery and interactivity between slides. Be sure to include both multi-image slides and full-page pictures as well. A well-designed presentation can hold interest while transmitting valuable information.

High-Quality Assets

Ingage allows users to easily integrate different assets into their content. Our pre-formatted page samples and themes can be used to create coherent and dynamic presentations using the images you already have.

Keep Your Audience Engaged with Creative Presentation Tools

Know Your Audience

To engage your audience right from the start, you need to clearly communicate what they stand to gain from the interaction. This will capture and maintain their interest as they know what to look forward to throughout the discussion.

Once you have their attention, make sure to keep it by addressing specific goals and needs. This is made possible by having a firm grasp of your audience’s expectations and profile. Ask yourself what their expectations are and use humor if appropriate.

Audiences are also more likely to tune out if the presentation is long-winded. Being concise will hold their attention and make them want to hear what you have to say next. If possible, keep the text to a minimum of one or two points per slide. Focus on the visual elements of your webinar to make it easier for viewers to grasp the key points of the discussion. A good rule of thumb is “show, don’t tell.”


Interactivity ensures that users are immersed in the experience. Elements such as buttons, compare pages, scroll motion and video actively engage viewers by encouraging focus and participation. Ingage is a presentation solution that supports fully interactive content with smooth HTML integration.

Color Presentation

Consistent and stimulating branding works to hold viewers' interest. Aligning a presentation to your brand’s colors and image ensures consistency and coherence.

Length and Size

Even though presentations can run for hundreds of pages, it’s recommended to keep the length between six to 15 slides. This should be enough to allow you to go in-depth without the risk of overloading viewers with information. With Ingage, using 5-6 tabs each with 2 or 3 pages allows you to show the details you need without overdoing it.

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Build a powerful presentation on your own or with guidance from Ingage’s team of design experts.

Connect with the Audience After the Conference or Webinar

If you’ve staged a successful webinar, congratulations! However, it’s important to note that the work doesn’t end there. Lasting impressions are created by maintaining a connection with your audience after the zoom room has closed.

The first thing you should do after your webinar is to send emails to thank those who attended. For those who didn’t, contact them anyway to let them know that you still value a relationship with them. These post-conference relations can be nurtured by creating and distributing a recording of the webinar, promoted across multiple channels for the next one or two months.

It’s important to follow up on any leads generated by the webinar. A lead doesn’t necessarily have to be a participant who showed particular interest; it could be a person who stayed until the end and fits the target market profile.

Content generated via the webinar (topics, Q&A answers and event recaps) could also serve as a source for new marketing materials. You can use this content to create blog posts, for example. You can also take note of people whose questions went unanswered and create content around their queries and concerns.

Maintaining contact with a large number of participants is a logistical burden. Fortunately, Ingage’s creative presentation tools enable users to group participants and connect with them digitally. You can then alert your audience groups about relevant content you’ve created or inform them about upcoming events.

Conference/Trade Show Booth Content

When the time eventually comes to take conferences from the digital world to the real, it’s important to be prepared to create an engaging trade show booth. With dynamic digital marketing materials replacing paper-wasting flyers, pamphlets and brochures,  you can now educate your audience while you’re interacting with other people. Eliminating paper processes also helps the environment and cuts down on the amount of material you need to travel with or have shipped.

Ingage is compatible across various devices such as a Smart TV or iPad. The software can be used to create immersive presentations that can be loaded onto your trade show device. This ensures that you capture and maintain the attention of as many people as possible, even when you’re engaged elsewhere.

Creative Presentation Tools Provide Solutions for the Modern Marketer

Creating an effective presentation while building a relationship with your audience is a multi-faceted challenge. Even the best content can be lost on unengaged viewers, so it’s important to deploy the most effective platforms and tools available and package your content in the most appealing and engaging way possible.

The best approach is to use cutting-edge presentation solutions that allow users to manage all aspects of their webinars and conferences from design to post-conference contact. Schedule a demo today and discover how Ingage’s cloud-based platform can equip your team with the tools to compete and close more deals with powerful presentations.

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