Building a Brand to Generate Better Leads with Webrunner

The home improvement industry has faced countless challenges throughout the past two years. From supply chain issues to labor shortages and intense competition, having a strong brand has never been more important to survive in this market. That’s where Webrunner Media comes in, helping companies grow their brand through better lead generation and stronger advertising. We sat down with Marc Levesque, CEO and co-founder of Webrunner, to talk about the trends he’s seeing in the industry and how Webrunner has adapted to them. 

Ingage: Let’s talk about Webrunner, how do you work with the home improvement industry?

Marc: I started Webrunner with two other partners back in 2012 as a marketing agency and by 2017, we had really dialed into the home improvement industry. Today, we serve companies across the home improvement spectrum, from replacement contractors to roofing, exteriors, decking, the list goes on. Our main focus is helping companies generate leads and acquire customers through a more predictable and profitable process. 

Ingage: Can you describe what the process looks like to help companies generate better leads?

Marc: We start off with in-depth conversations to understand the company’s background as well as their goals for the future. Many companies find that they’ve built brand equity in their region and want to continue to grow their brand to hand it off when they retire rather than shutting it down. Webrunner helps them achieve that by generating qualified leads through a variety of marketing campaigns such as paid ads and landing pages. We also have a large number of channel partners to help companies connect across channels and become more dominant in the space. This combination is essential to create more meaningful leads for companies that face dried up lead sources or increased lead costs. We’ve also found that when companies use Webrunner, they’re able to have more control over their leads and adapt to changing needs. With this process, I’ve seen companies that have hit the 7-figure mark for revenue get to the 8-figure mark fairly quickly once we start working with them. 

Ingage: We know a lot of companies are facing a number of challenges right now from supply chain delays to labor shortages, how has Webrunner supported companies facing these challenges?

Marc: A big part of what we do is help companies build brand affinity over the course of their work with us. When companies have a strong brand affinity, they’re able to separate themselves from the competition and stand out. The pandemic accelerated how quickly companies need to adapt to new technologies or processes to survive. I look at companies who have adopted Webrunner and Ingage and I see them improving their customer experience while also growing sales even in the midst of rising prices, more competition and labor shortages.

Ingage: Speaking of Ingage, can you speak to how the partnership between our brands came about?

Marc: I remember being introduced through a webinar hosted by MarketSharp and thinking that there would be a great synergy between our companies. We generate quality leads for companies while Ingage helps companies capitalize on those opportunities with innovative presentations. I think both of our brands help companies stand out from the competition which is essential right now. Plus, we’ve seen overall increases in closing rates while the time of the sales cycle decreases. 

Ingage: That’s great to hear! Thinking forward to the coming months, what are you most excited about seeing in terms of Webrunner and Ingage growing together?

Marc: It’s been really interesting to see the changes in homeowner buying behavior that I think will impact many of our customers. Sales leaders are going to have to start pushing the envelope and adapt to the changes in leads which Webrunner can deliver and Ingage can help close on. We’re also looking forward to growing some of our marketing services like Contractor Creatives here at Webrunner to continue to help companies grow their brand, because at the end of the day, brand affinity and brand equity is what really matters. You need to build a brand to compete and find success, and that’s what Webrunner and Ingage do. 

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