How Adopting New Technology Leads To Better Sales

Sales may seem like the oldest play in the book, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an evolving field. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic changed what traditional sales look like. No longer are you able to go inside homes or sell face-to-face. However, that doesn’t mean the sales field is down. In fact, you can actually increase your sales during this challenging time by adopting new technology.

We live in an age of “now.” Everyone wants what they want immediately without having to wait. Companies like Amazon Prime and grocery delivery services have implemented this culture of everything being quick and fast. The companies that aren’t adapting to this culture will suffer in the long run. But you can get ahead of this trend, and avoid suffering, by adopting new tech. 

Why is the sales field hesitant to adopt technology?

The sales industry has a fear of technology; they don’t want to adopt something new when they believe that what they’re doing is working. But you can’t rely on traditional methods forever. Because many salespeople aren’t familiar with new tech, you have to find platforms and software made with the average person in mind. These technologies are readily available, and companies have to push away the fear surrounding technology to succeed in the future.

Why is technology in sales important?

At Ingage, we’ve always used technology, but we’ve seen many companies who haven’t. Our partners at LEAP have been a paperless company for years. They were using Zoom years ago, so when the pandemic shut everything down, they didn’t have that adjustment period. They were comfortable using technology to their advantage.

You never know what the future holds, but we do know that we’re living in a fast-paced world that will only rely more on tech in the future. Technology in sales is important simply because the old days of selling no longer cut it. Efficient technology, like the Ingage software, can introduce a new way of selling. Using tech in sales can:

  • Make it easier for customers to understand your product/service
  • Help you track insights and learn from past mistakes
  • Present your product or service in a more efficient way
  • Increases productivity, making it quicker and easier to sell

Easier for Customers

Securing new tech makes it easier for customers to understand your salespeople. You can use presentations to show your product or service in a way where customers can follow along and truly see what you offer them. Because we live in such a “now” period of time, customers can see the projected stats and what your service or product will look like when integrated into their life. So even if it’s not going to get done tomorrow, customers can still get a look at what it will look like when the service is finished.

Track Insights

We know the importance of gathering data, but right now, only 12% of data is actually looked at. You can gather all of your data by yourself, but in the end, this is just “big data,” which is described as all the numbers you can gather from your sales. But, it’s not in a readable format. Applying new tech will allow you to see the data in a readable format and interface. Ingage uses a simple analytics dashboard to show you all the stats of your salespeople and presentations so you can track what needs to change and what your company is doing well.

Present More Efficiently

At Ingage, our software allows you to present your service or product more efficiently. Using traditional sales methods where you explain in depth what you’re offering or showing 70 slides on PowerPoint won’t engage the customer. The average attention span is about eight seconds, so if you aren’t presenting in a quick and efficient way, you’re losing the sale before you even get started.

Increases Productivity

Technology can also increase productivity. Going from paper presentations to PowerPoint was one example of adopting new tech. Now, there’s new technology to help you even more. Ingage allows you to build easy to customize presentations that follow your sales process and branding guidelines that you can easily download from the cloud and present to customers. While this alone can increase productivity, the real benefit is that you can see exactly where your sales team is lacking with Ingage analytics. You can see just how long the salesperson is talking with each lead, where in the presentation they are stalling, and how many deals they are closing. Your company can take this information and use it to increase sales and productivity.

What are the drawbacks of tech in sales?

A lot of people resist adopting technology in sales until they’re forced to. At Ingage, we saw that a lot with the pandemic. Those who had been holding back on adopting tech were suddenly thrown into the fire and forced to find new solutions in the middle of the pandemic. When we speak to clients, one of the first things we ask is what kept them from adopting new tech earlier? The most common answer is the complexity of technology. Companies worry that teaching their employees technology will take a lot of time and energy, similar to onboarding new employees. Another drawback is that it’s an additional cost. Companies may believe that paying for new tech will cost more than it’s worth. However, all of these drawbacks can be solved in a few simple steps, such as:

  • Choosing tech that will work for your company by increasing sales
  • Finding a software that’s easy to learn and teach to your employees

Use technology as a tool to what you’re already doing

Adopting new tech won’t suddenly make a company lacking in sales increase their sales exponentially. However, it will help them get on track to building a better sales process and can increase sales for a company already having success in their industry. Technology should be used as a tool to help both the sales team and customers better understand the company’s products and services. 

At Ingage, our customers have used our tech to present their products and services in an innovative, engaging way to help increase sales and productivity. Contact us today for a free demo of how Ingage can revolutionize your sales process.

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