Status Solutions + Ingage

The innovative provider of situational awareness technologies, Status Solutions, found success with selling through dynamic and interactive presentations on Ingage.

In 2001, Status Solutions founder Mike MacLeod recognized that there was a desperate need for a way to quickly communicate in emergency situations, especially for those most vulnerable. Fast forward twenty years and the team at Status Solutions is now making communities safer with their situational awareness platform and a full suite of SaaS products that make connecting effective and efficient, especially when it matters most. Knowing their product was growing, Marketing Director Cassie Lamprinakos brought in Ingage to help transform the way they sell. 

Challenge: Selling a Software as a Service (SaaS) with Endless Capabilities

“We had a number of PowerPoints but keeping them up to date was tough and we would usually revert to live demos which were less reliable in the field because of Wi-Fi issues. Ingage, being able to download it prior to [a demo] and show all of the videos and features without Wi-Fi.”

status solutions classroom

Status Solutions offers a breadth of solutions built to improve efficiencies and streamline communication in industries where instant communication is essential. Before adopting Ingage, the Status Solutions sales team would hit the road - or their Zoom - with a PowerPoint and the platform prepped for a live demo. While their platform may make communication easier, this way of selling was making communicating product options difficult. Cassie was responsible for making and managing multiple PowerPoints to fit each market and was constantly struggling to keep every single one up to date. Plus, PowerPoint made it difficult for prospects to conceptualize what Status Solutions can provide - that’s where live demos came in. But what happens when the WiFi goes out or a prospect becomes unengaged and wants to end the demo before you can go live? You lose the sale on the spot.

Solution: Dynamic Presentation Software with Compelling Visuals 

status solutions visuals

After working with Ingage’s Vice President of Sales, Jeff Mann, to adopt iPads for their team a few years prior, Cassie knew they would be in good hands when Jeff proposed using those iPads as profit centers. That’s where Ingage came in, bringing with it a number of opportunities for Cassie to transform their existing content into engaging sales presentations and even follow-up materials. She began by walking through the Status Solutions concept, using embedded video and audio to display a clear process of how their messenger system works. This alone completely transformed the presentation since the sales team now had reliable content to display to prospects who may be confused by the SaaS platform. 

“Ingage was something our sales team could rely on when the pandemic hit and we no longer had face-to-face opportunities.”

They also take advantage of various buttons and compare functions to provide more in-depth examples of how each product works in the Status Solutions suite. With these functionalities, the sales team can quickly skip past irrelevant products or dive deeper into products that weren’t even in consideration prior to viewing the presentation, leading to a number of upsell opportunities.

Results: Happier Sales Reps and End Users 

The Status Solutions sales team was fairly quick to adopt the Ingage platform, especially once they learned that they have the opportunity to display complicated features in a more straightforward way through buttons and non-linear navigation. As for Cassie, it makes updating presentations a breeze since all product presentations can live in one larger presentation and reps can easily skip to relevant topics for their prospect. She even uses Ingage for internal communications, updating a single presentation every week with essential information and knowing that with the cloud-based interface, every rep will have access to the latest version. 

status solutions screen options
“A lot of what we do is hard to conceptualize so with Ingage, we can use buttons to explain each type of technology we offer and show not just a demo but how that technology could be used in their market. It’s something we weren’t able to do before.”

When it comes to performance analytics, the first number Cassie looks at is how much shorter onboarding has become thanks to Ingage. She no longer has to run through how to line up multiple product presentations or train on doing a live demo just to explain a single feature. Once a rep is up and running, Cassie focuses on how long reps are spending on certain pages and which pages they view in the presentation as a whole. Because they are selling a Solutions Suite, she wants to keep her team accountable by ensuring every potential solution is being discussed and Ingage analytics helps her understand if that is happening.

About Status Solutions 

Status Solutions is a provider of situational awareness technologies for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. The company’s customized solutions ensure the right information reaches the right people automatically via various portals and dashboards for faster, more efficient communication. From emergency alerting and response management to self-service, we help organizations better collect, process, interpret and deliver their data. Real-time, detailed notifications about potential threats to people, property, business and convenience/comfort enabling customers to better manage risk while also transforming their business operations.