Elevating Home Improvement Sales with Creative Mind Concepts

In the dynamic world of the home improvement industry, the role of compelling sales presentations cannot be underestimated. Creative Mind Concepts (CMC) stands out as a powerhouse in the art of crafting impactful presentations. That’s why we sat down with their founder and CEO, Jeff Lennon to learn how he’s reshaped the landscape of the sales presentation and explore how CMC’s partnership with Ingage will transform the industry even further. Join us in exploring how this partnership is redefining the art of sales presentations in the digital age.

Ingage: Can you give readers more background on Creative Mind Concepts (CMC) and how you work in the home improvement space?

Jeff Lennon: Originally, I owned a large company that focused on organizing large events, averaging over 100 events a month. Through this experience, I learned that elaborate presentations lead to better events and more substantial paydays. As we pursued large accounts, we recognized the value of high-quality presentations for companies. This insight led me to shift into the presentation realm, crafting compelling presentations for prominent enterprises. 

It didn’t take long to recognize the need for presentations in the home improvement industry, and after throwing our hat in the ring, we have designed presentations for seven out of the top ten home improvement companies listed on QR Top 500. Part of this success comes from conducting my own research and spending time in the field, allowing me to grasp the art of selling in the home. By riding along with sales representatives and understanding both homeowner and salesperson pain points, I incorporated this knowledge into the presentations CMC creates to ensure continued success for our clients. 

Ingage: We know designing a sales presentation can be a big lift, what’s the process of getting started with CMC?

Jeff Lennon: Working with CMC is more straightforward than most presentation designers on the market. All you need is your company logo, and we'll present you with a solution that's 95% complete. With a wealth of experience in this industry, we know exactly what customers want and need to see. We possess in-depth knowledge of various products, enabling us to support your product line and sales process seamlessly. We tailor our approach to align with your existing sales process and offer industry insights to enhance your presentation's effectiveness.

Ingage: What sets CMC apart from presentation designers on the market? Any success stories you can share?

Jeff Lennon: Our success stories stem from the substantial increase in close rates for our clients. They're ascending the QR Top 500 ranks, attracting acquisitions by larger corporations, reducing discounts and achieving higher close and ticket rates. What truly differentiates us is our expertise in video, AI, graphic design and animation. We excel at designing presentations that resonate with homeowners and align with the sales process. While some may prefer designing their own presentations, our advantage lies in our proven ability to design presentations that drive sales. We eliminate guesswork by understanding competitors' strategies and providing a competitive edge. By engaging our support to develop these presentations, we’ve found it often costs less than the profit gained from one or two projects, while also ensuring a continuous stream of sales for years to come.

Ingage: There are always a few people who prefer a DIY approach, but when do you think they need to turn to a presentation designer?

Jeff Lennon: Designers understand the graphics that guide customers toward buying decisions and through our own trial and error, we've refined presentations that lead to sales. Attempting to design something on your own lacks the expertise professional designers can bring to the table. CMC can provide insights into local competition and offer a competitive advantage that will set you apart from the moment you start talking to a homeowner. Plus, our designs showcased on Ingage enable you to convey your story in seconds rather than hours, adapting it to today's market, where homeowners prefer concise presentations.

Ingage: Speaking of homeowner preferences, what are some trends in sales presentations that you’re seeing make a significant impact?

Jeff Lennon: We all know that the home industry is evolving, and customers expect quick information. Rapid access to information is vital to turning every lead into a sale, so your presentations should be short, quick and easily accessible. Ingage supports this with non-linear navigation, allowing adaptability in presentation length while maintaining the sales process. Then, CMC comes in by highlighting what sets you apart and emphasizes your company's story in a concise but compelling way that will help you build trust with homeowners and drive more closed deals.

Ingage: You mention the company story, why do you think sharing the company story is so important?

Jeff Lennon: Sharing your company story is critical but it’s often overlooked. Customers want to know who you are and what distinguishes you from competitors, they want to be able to trust that you’ll care for their home as much as they do. While homeowners may have access to research products, they often don't know what sets your team apart. Your story, told in the right way, can close deals by demonstrating your unique value.

Ingage: Switching gears, can you share how you met Ingage, and why did you decided to partner with us?

Jeff Lennon: It’s kind of an interesting story; Ingage’s VP of Sales, Jeff Mann, recognized that Ingage was losing jobs to CMC. Initially, we just shared some industry perspectives on our different approaches to sales presentations. But after connecting with Ingage's CEO, Dean Curtis, and discussing industry needs, we realized that a partnership could provide customers with the best of both worlds. By combining our design expertise and Ingage's top-tier technology, we're delivering unparalleled value to our clients.

With our partnership, customers gain access to the industry's best designer and cutting-edge technology. This partnership enriches the customer experience from design to sales enablement. The cultural alignment between our teams also ensures comprehensive support throughout the process and beyond. It’s really a win-win-win all around! 

Ingage: Finally, you’ve watched the industry change quite a bit over the year. From your viewpoint, what should industry professionals pay attention to in this evolving market?

Jeff Lennon: Almost every company is facing challenges with lead generation, so maximizing each lead's potential is crucial. To stand out, you need to employ tools that elevate you above competitors from the outset. Entering a home with a branded presentation designed with your customer’s specific needs in mind builds trust. With that trust built, you can generate higher tickets by showcasing your high value products in a much more streamlined and condensed way that doesn’t take up so much of their time - or yours. As I mentioned before, your customers are incredibly informed, so don’t waste their time. Give them shortened videos of your work or even use AI to optimize the communications you send to them outside of the in-home pitch. And when in doubt, connect with CMC and Ingage to help you tell a compelling company story using the best tech in the industry to help you close more deals.

About Creative Mind Concepts

Creative Mind Concepts: The leading experts in crafting dynamic sales presentations for home improvement companies. We specialize in harnessing the power of graphic design, animation, video editing and artificial intelligence to create captivating content that sets your brand apart and motivates customers to take action. Unlock the full potential of your presentations and revolutionize your sales approach with our exceptional services. To learn more, visit www.creativemindconcepts.com

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