Choosing a Sales Presentation Software? 5 Features to Look For

Have you experienced “Death by PowerPoint?” This phrase is synonymous with a really poor presentation, often associated with bad software. The term was coined by Angela Garber exactly two decades ago, which means that PowerPoint is way past its expiration date. To avoid a fatal presentation mishap, you need the help of the best sales presentation software.

The quality of your sales presentation depends on the presentation software that you use. If you choose a free platform, you’ll be stuck with outdated and boring templates. The platform’s limited features might also make your presentation look generic.

Choosing the right presentation software provides you with the tools you need to deliver your content in a clear, creative and visually appealing way. But which platform should you choose?

5 Key Features of a Sales Presentation Software

In selecting a sales presentation app, you need to consider several factors including the software features to determine what you can do with the presentation. For example, can you easily add videos or graphics to your presentation? Are your presentations sharable? What about customizations?

These factors will determine your presentation's effectiveness, so make sure to ask yourself these questions before making a decision.

1. Shareability

Are your presentations easy to share with other team members?

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The ability to collaborate with your team on the design and delivery of presentations empowers everyone.  It combines varying talents and skills into an effective presentation. Your marketing team can help create compelling and engaging content that your salespeople can use to close more deals.

The most convenient way to share your slides is via a link that other users can access. Ingage allows users to share presentations using a unique web link or natively in the  Ingage desktop or iPad applications. You can copy the link and send it to your team members (or customers) or directly add an employee to collaborate on a presentation within the app. Any update to the presentation will be shared with everyone who has access in real-time.

You also need to make sure that your presentation is accessible from any device or location. Bringing a USB or an external drive to a presentation is no longer practical. Cloud storage is the best way to manage all of your content. This means that you can access your presentation anytime, anywhere, on any device.

2. True Customization

Does the sales presentation software allow you to create a unique presentation?

You need to check the platform’s ability to create a truly customizable sales presentation right within the software.

A good platform should be flexible enough to cater to different markets and situations. Whether you need a presentation for your field sales team, a convention or a trade show, you should be able to create one that is customized for every situation. For instance, your field sales team needs slide decks to introduce your product during an elevator pitch. On the other hand, a convention or expo requires a long-form sales presentation.

Ingage has a wide array of templates for specific scenarios, such as home improvement or pharmaceutical sales.  Customizable templates allow you to easily create a sales presentation and make it your own. Just pick a template that is relevant to your topic or industry, then add your personal touch.

A customized sales presentation enables you to showcase your services or products authentically. For example, instead of using flat images to highlight your products, you have the freedom to choose the most appropriate media to better frame your brand, such as a video tutorial or an informative infographic.

3. Engagement

Will your customers engage with your sales presentation?

According to a recent study, most people tune out of a PowerPoint presentation after 10 minutes. To prevent your audience from zoning out during your presentation, it should be interesting and interactive enough to hold their attention. To improve engagement, you can add interactive bullets that add depth to your presentation. You can also add interactive infographics for more interesting visuals.

Does your platform support the easy import of videos and other multimedia content?

According to a 2018 video marketing study, consumers are 85% more likely to buy your product or service after watching a video.  Some platforms that allow embedded video links within the slides don’t work most of the time or the video is played outside the presentation.

Ingage makes it easy to add multimedia elements in just a few clicks. For example, you can create eye-catching cover pages that will grab your audience’s attention right away.

4. Ease of Use

Is your sales presentation software easy to use?

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The interface should be friendly enough for non-tech users, whether or not they have design experience. Having an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features allow everyone to quickly and smoothly create presentations, improving their overall productivity.

When you create your presentation, the features and elements must be laid out in an accessible way. If you want to add a button or insert a link to an image, you should know where to go and what to do. Video tutorials from the software developers will also help you familiarize yourself with the app.

Aside from the interface, you also need to consider the mobile-friendliness of your presentation. Does your presentation look good on mobile devices?

Most consumers access the internet using their mobile devices, so it is crucial that the presentations you create play smoothly on mobile phones, iPads and tablets. It also boosts your website’s SEO since mobile-responsiveness is an important Google ranking factor.

Ingage has an iPad app that makes it easy to create sales presentations for mobile devices. The Ingage iPad app also allows you to design your presentations on the go. This makes it easier for users who need to edit a presentation without opening a computer.  

5. Analytics & Tracking

How do you improve your presentation?

Tracking the analytics of your presentations helps you gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. You can see which presentations your customers find interesting based on the number of views and how much time they spent on your slides. You’ll know what’s working and what’s not, so you can adjust your slides to maximize the results. Knowing who interacted with the presentation also allows you to create targeted campaigns to nurture these potential customers.

Best Sales Presentation Software

Ingage offers powerful and professional sales presentation solutions that can help you make an impact. You can easily collaborate with team members to create compelling presentations. The platform provides highly customizable templates so you can develop truly engaging content without starting from scratch. You can add videos to make your presentation even more captivating. The built-in analytics also help you design presentations that deliver results.

By providing engaging sales content, your business will win more deals. With Ingage,  you can easily create engaging sales presentations, share them with your prospects in a click and measure the impact on your business. Schedule a demo now to see how we prepare your team for digital selling success.

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