Re-Bath Atlanta Rethinks its Sales Presentation Tools & Techniques


Re-Bath handles every detail of a customer’s bathroom remodel from consultation and design to selection of quality products, removal and installation. Best of all, the company’s licensed, insured teams typically complete projects in just a few days, not weeks. They offer design guidance, quality products and professional installation.


“Customers were getting bored with static slides”

Historically, the Re-Bath sales team had been conducting 100% of all sales consultations in the customer’s home and used PowerPoint as its primary sales presentation tool.

In early 2020, Chase Johnson began to question whether an in-home meeting was right for every new lead due to the drain on resources. He also observed that PowerPoint was falling flat, failing to keep prospects engaged.

“On many occasions, I noticed customers getting bored with static slides. And often, they’d ask to see photos that weren’t built-in to the PowerPoint and I’d have to switch applications and search my computer, which was slow and disruptive to the flow,” Chase said. “What’s more, there was no creativity, no interactivity, and no differentiation.”

Enter COVID-19, which brought in-home sales to a screeching halt -- not just for Re-Bath, but for companies everywhere. Chase saw this as an opportunity to make the change he’d already been considering--find a new way to engage and present to prospects and customers.

When beginning the search for a new presentations tool, Chase knew that it needed to be:

  • More engaging for the customer
  • More seamless for the salesperson
  • More professional looking


Leveling Up the Re-Bath presentation with Ingage

Chase heard about Ingage from a colleague that had previously adopted it across his sales team. After evaluating various presentation options, Chase moved ahead with Ingage, and quickly transitioned his entire business to presenting with the Ingage Suite.

Chase was quickly able to make the shift to Ingage, leveraging his existing PowerPoint slides and content, while adding interactive elements such as before/afters, videos, and time lapses. This ability not only made the creation process fast, easy, and visually stimulating, but it also greatly enhanced the customer’s experience.

“I was often asked for visual aids in the home that were not quickly accessible because they weren’t built into my PowerPoint,” said Chase. “So I built the Ingage presentation with that in mind, knowing it would be beneficial for both virtual and in-home scenarios.”


“With Ingage, we are leaps and bounds above our competitors.”

While Ingage provided an immediate way to fill in-home sales gaps by enabling virtual consults amidst restrictions enforced during the pandemic, Chase plans for his team to use Ingage for virtual sales consults on an ongoing basis, such as when a lead is more than an hour away. Virtual sales presentations will help them manage resources by qualifying more leads before traveling.

“Previously I had no choice but to drive to a customer’s home based on their availability. That would mean I’d often be working at 7 PM on a weeknight or on a Saturday morning. With Ingage, I am now able to do a qualifying virtual presentation even when the customer is at work, which is saving enormous resources in terms of time and travel.”

Beyond COVID restrictions, virtual sales presentations will now be an option for every Re-Bath customer in the Atlanta area, but Chase adds that Ingage is also key for in-home sales.

“Ingage is providing a far greater and more seamless experience in the home, because I now have images and video at my fingertips. Meetings are shorter and more engaging, and that is a win-win for the customer and me. With Ingage, we are leaps and bounds above competitors.”

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