Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Blueprint

A marketing blueprint is how your business will present itself to the world through various channels like social media, Google and blogs. Without one, your business is at risk of losing out on quality leads and revenue. We sat down with Builder Funnel Founder and CEO, Spencer Powell to learn about how he uses marketing blueprints to help customers double their revenue and drive results. 

Ingage: Can you tell us how Builder Funnel came to be and how you work in the home services space?

Spencer Powell: Builder Funnel started out as just something I was passionate about doing for my family’s business. I was working on SEO and social media for my uncles’ remodeling business and discovered there was a lot of power in marketing for home services pros. Once I nailed down a framework and a solid system, I started branching out and helping other remodelers and design build businesses grow using marketing. We’ve seen great success, with companies growing from $2 million to $4 million thanks to some of the systems we put in place. 

Ingage: Walk me through the process of a company getting started with Builder Funnel. 

Spencer: We start by working through all of the company’s goals which can range from revenue growth, higher profit projects, lead generation or simply just planning for the future. Then, we look at their sales process so that we have a full understanding of how and when their current prospects are being communicated to. From there, we’re able to create a marketing blueprint that has their specific goals in mind and a clear layout of what activities need to be done to achieve those goals. 

Ingage: What do you think sets you apart from other marketing agencies in the industry?

Spencer: I think there are a few things that set us apart from other agencies, one of them being that we have a guarantee that if the business takes action on the blueprint we create for them, they’ll see a 10x return on investment. It’s that simple. Companies have seen these kinds of results because the blueprint we create for them is tailored to their specific needs. We do entire website, competitor and SEO audits to ensure that the plan we create will work with their market and help them achieve their goals. It’s a strategy first approach.

One of the other factors that I think sets us apart is that we offer the option to either have Builder Funnel run the blueprint playbook for the company, or the company can choose to run it themselves. We have a mix of customers who use us simply as consultants and others that rely on us to be a full service agency. No matter what they choose though, those customers are seeing results. 

Ingage: Can you talk about some of the results you’ve seen customers achieve? 

Spencer: We had a customer in the Atlanta area who was doing $2.5 million but he was spending over $2,000 a month on Google Ads, which is a lot of cash to throw at something that is not guaranteed. He came to us with a goal of building organic traffic for his website and in 2 years, he originally doubled his revenue to $5 million - now closer to $6M in annual sales -  and is getting 80-100 organic leads a month simply by following the blueprint we created. 

Ingage: Are these numbers enough to convince sales leaders weary of adopting a marketing agency to hop on board? 

Spencer: When we speak with any company, we always have a conversation about how marketing is an investment strategy. Things might be looking up now, business is booming and ticket rates are up, but once that word of mouth dries up or the economy shifts, things don’t look as good. That’s why developing a marketing engine that supports your business in your market is vital. It’s not unlike an investment portfolio, where you invest in content or SEO throughout the year to have your business structured to withstand market dips. 

Ingage: Shift gears, let’s talk about how we met and what made you want to partner with Ingage.

Spencer: I remember meeting Ingage at the Remodelers Advantage Summit and thinking that the platform would be a great resource to use throughout the sales funnel. I can imagine companies using Builder Funnel to get leads in the door and using Ingage to close the deal, making for a seamless process. 

Ingage: What are you looking forward to as Builder Funnel and Ingage start growing together? 

Spencer: I’m excited to show customers new ways that we can align sales and marketing. When you’re dealing with home services, you often have a longer buying cycle and I think between Ingage and Builder Funnel, we can help close that gap and close more deals faster.

About Builder Funnel 

Established in 2010, Builder Funnel is an award-winning inbound marketing agency dedicated to helping remodelers tackle their biggest marketing challenges. Read Spencer’s book The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint to learn more about transforming your marketing strategy.

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