Why Invest in Presentation Software When You Can Find Options for Free?

Any marketing and sales team knows that delivering a strong presentation is a crucial part of locking in the deal. From cultivating a strong pitch to utilizing top-notch presentation software, putting together a presentation that conveys professionalism and wows your viewer is how you pull in new customers—so it’s important to get it right.

Conducting a Presentation

But preparing a high-quality presentation takes time. It may take several days to properly integrate everything into slides. Polishing animations, effects and design language to work in sync with each other also eats up the clock. A compelling presentation is all about the details, but the reward is worth it once you close the deal.

Considering the importance of a professional presentation, many wonder if there are perhaps some easy template options out there to guide the process. There are a wealth of presentation software options to choose from—some free, some at a cost. But they aren’t all created equally.

Free Software Has Limited Features

Free software obviously seems more affordable at first glance, but it comes with its own costs. While the limits may not be a problem for personal or home use, free software isn’t ideal for professional work. Free presentation software only supports the most basic features, and the limitations can prove a headache for marketing leaders building a gripping presentation.

You need a solution that checks all the boxes in terms of overall features. The most capable presentation software usually entails a one-time or subscription fee but comes with polished features and tools that one would never find on freeware.

No Included User Analytics

Analytics data is critical in our digital world. Without a handy way to measure user engagement, you have no way of knowing how well your message is being received—if it’s received at all. Tracking the way potential customers interact with your presentation helps you determine what works and what doesn't. Information like how many people view your presentation and time spent on slides offers important insights on how to make future presentations more appealing. While most freeware does not come with analytics options, smarter presentation software with robust built-in analytics features makes collecting this data as easy as toggling a button.

Paid presentation solutions like Ingage let you access every slide’s user analytics. Data on how many people have viewed slides and the duration spent on each one offers a truly granular level of information. This allows you to review performance and impact and adjust future pitches as needed.

Limited Templates

As a professional, you want as many template options as possible when creating a presentation. Templates are a handy solution when you don't have the time to create custom slides for everything, or need to quickly apply branding to an entire presentation. But free presentation software will usually not bother to offer more than a handful of options. On the other hand, purchased software solutions let you choose from hundreds of templates, so you can find a solution that truly fits your needs.

Ingage goes even a step further than most software providers: it allows users to customize and duplicate their template layouts. Stop twisting your presentations to serve packaged templates’ limitations—alter your toolset to work for you, not the other way around.

Invest in Professional Presentation Software Like Ingage

As a professional, you need presentation software that lets you express yourself effortlessly. You don’t want to get bogged down in the complexities of program configuration or feel trapped by limited templates. Good software should offer a number of intuitive options, so you can focus on what you do well—delivering a compelling pitch and landing your sale.

Most marketing and sales teams have access to free presentation software. But while they’re passable for a home or class presentation, these solutions are inadequate for professional purposes. Freeware’s limitations in template availability, customization options and polish leave much to be desired.

Free presentation software solutions often don't come with must-have features, forcing sales and marketing teams to look for tedious workarounds. These “solutions” result in boring and unwieldy presentations with inconsistent slides that are a pain to build. The lack of analytics options also means that once you’ve built your static, clunky freeware presentation, you’re flying blind with regard to performance numbers.

Just because something is free doesn’t mean it’s a good choice. Elevate your sales pitch by using presentation software that’s actually built to make you shine instead.

Professional presentation software like Ingage comes stacked with dynamic features that will transform your presentations. The Ingage platform is incredibly versatile and allows users unprecedented control over their work. The cloud-based interface is intuitive and allows multiple users to update slides in real-time, encouraging collaborative teamwork. Ingage is designed with cross-platform compatibility in mind too, ensuring your presentations look slick and can be edited across devices. A plethora of design options like compare and scrollmotion pages allow for visually stunning and dynamic presentations. And analytics features allow you to measure how viewers engage with your work, so you can update on the go!

With hundreds of templates, easy and intuitive multimedia embed features and robust analytics tools, Ingage is one of the best options around for dynamic, professional presentations. You’re a professional—your presentations should be professional too. Ingage can make that happen. Contact Ingage today to try a free demo of their presentation suite!

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