Why Adopting New Tech Is Critical To Your Business’s Success

Starting a business is no easy task. But running a business is even more difficult. For founders and CEOs, they often find themselves overwhelmed with a thousand things to do and must learn how to multitask their way to success. Recently, we had the opportunity to talk to a few founders and Ingage users about everything from hiring the right people, culture in your company and more. However, there was a clear determinant of success during our conversation, and that was an adoption of new tech. If you’re just starting your own business, or if you’ve hit a lag, follow this guide for multitasking your way to success.

Establish A Healthy Culture

So much of business success can be contributed to how your business runs. But, so many people forget that a huge part of this is having a healthy business culture. We spoke to Eric Clemente at Alure Home Improvements about his company’s culture and why it’s so important to their success. He said that the company culture at Alure is simply family. It’s a family environment, and because of that, they have an extremely low turnover. It boils down to having a CEO and owner that is truly empathetic and motivating.

Whether you’re a new business owner or an established one, it’s never too late to start a healthy culture, and that starts with you, the founder. If you’re not leading the company with a hands-on approach, then start there. Then, encourage this culture with everyone that you hire. Culture helps create a company of people who feel comfortable and at home, and it also enhances your company’s values. Without a company culture, you may experience higher rates of turnover, which can be detrimental to your business success.

Don’t Be Afraid To Adopt New Tech

In our conversation with Eric, one thing was clear: so much of their success could be attributed to the fact that they were early adopters of new technology. In the home improvement industry, Eric notes that many leaders are late adopters of tech. Even the concept of a laser level feels out of touch with their industry. But what they don’t realize is that technology is vital to growth, and it’s the early adapters that are reaping the benefits of business success.

We’ve seen countless businesses fail to adopt technology, and then they’re left scrambling, trying to figure everything out all at once. Instead of searching for opportunities for tech to benefit them, they tend to wait until it’s absolutely necessary to implement it.

At Ingage, we’re big on adopting new tech, and so is Eric over at Alure. We’ve both been early adopters of technology, and because of that, we’ve seen countless benefits.

Running a business is difficult, but it’s even more difficult if you’re doing everything yourself. Technology today can make your life so much easier by doing your job for you. Simple tasks can be automated, data can be collected in the background, and so much more. All of this will benefit your business and help you have more time to focus on the more important tasks that you have as CEO.

What Should You Look For In New Technology?

One of the biggest mistakes we find is that businesses are too picky when it comes to adding new technology. They often choose a tool that seems perfect without considering their actual business needs. Instead, you should look for tech that fills the gaps of your business and works with you so that your team can grow. You also want to look for tech that will be like a partner to you. When going through a demo for the new platform, ask yourself if the sales rep just wants to win a sale and move on or if they actually want to partner with you. Can you trust the person to be there for you and help you succeed? Or, will the salesperson disappear the moment they have your money? Don’t go with the first technology you happen across. Spend some time looking at your options and go with the company that will be a partner to you and your business.

Three Crucial Pieces In Software Implementation

When it comes time to implement the technology that you’ve purchased, there are three crucial pieces to consider:

  • Resources needed to support the software
  • Human capital needed to get the software going
  • Time needed to implement the software

When using Ingage, you receive an easy-to-use presentation software with built in sample pages. But, you still need resources, like photos of your service or product and content copy that you will include in the presentation. Then, you need human capital, which includes the time someone will have to dedicate to get the presentation set up and functioning correctly. Finally, you need time to implement the software which includes training your staff how to use the software and making it a standard practice in your business.

Reaping The Benefits Of Software

You’ll only be as good as your software implementation, so make sure you take the time to implement it correctly. You want to be using all of the software’s features to really benefit from the service. With Ingage, the sales presentation software is ready for you to use right out of the gate. Plus, with advanced analytics, you can determine what is and isn’t working for your sales reps. Whenever you choose to adopt new tech, make sure you’re keeping all of the features in mind and using it to the full extent of its capabilities.

Are you a new business owner and not sure where to start on adopting tech? If you have a sales team that you’re ready to take to the next level, Ingage can help. Contact us today for a demo.

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