Why a Modern Product Presentation Must Be Engaging & Interactive

The global pandemic has made sales twice as challenging for manufacturing companies. As they transition to virtual selling, sales and marketing teams must now find new ways to showcase products without losing client interest. This can be difficult to achieve with a traditional product presentation or product catalog. That’s why using the latest in presentation technology is key to creating an interactive and engaging product presentation.

Updating Your Product Presentation Approach

As today’s buyers now need more than just a list of products to make a purchasing decision, your traditional brochures and print catalogs are no longer the best way to market products. Additionally, these materials can quickly become outdated since it’s difficult to add new items and information. Product catalogs also tend to be text-heavy, overwhelming clients with too much information. It’s time to let these methods go and join the modern age.

Using the latest presentation tools, manufacturers can develop eye-catching, interactive product demos. Ingage, for example, offers Product Showcase page outlines to help sales experts create product presentations with image galleries, videos and other visually stimulating elements. Other Ingage features that can make a product presentation more engaging include:

  • Interactive elements such as buttons, Compare Pages and Scrollmotion pages. These features make product presentations more interesting and easier to understand. For example, use a Compare Page to pan between products. It’s an easy way to break up the monotonous nature of linear presentations.
  • HTML pages. Use this feature to insert HTML pages, such as product pages from your e-commerce store or company website. HTML pages on Ingage presentations are fully interactive and provide the viewer with a more memorable experience.
  • Separate product categories or sections for better organization. This feature works well for manufacturers with large, complex product catalogs. Break up extensive product collections into sections using a custom navigation bar to make them easier to digest. Potential customers can quickly jump to sections that interest them instead of scrolling past pages and pages of irrelevant content.
  • Create unique product presentations for specific target audiences. Only 13% of buyers believe that salespeople truly understand their needs. Use Ingage to create unique presentations that highlight how your products address a specific client's pain points. Ingage features such as the Lock Page button also allow reps to edit product presentations without deleting key messaging.

Engaging Product Presentations Help Clients Make Well-Informed Decisions

According to a LinkedIn B2B marketing report, a marketer’s job is no longer to convince clients to buy but rather to help them buy, and nothing does that better than building a sense of trust and partnership. One way to improve trust in your brand is to use your product presentation as an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to provide solutions. With Ingage, you can fine-tune each presentation to showcase the specific products that will best suit a particular client's needs.

Let's say you're a bathtub manufacturer pitching to executives who run a chain of high-end boutique hotels. By focusing on products that align with the hotels’ aesthetics and needs, you’ll immediately establish your understanding of the executives’ unique situation. Your prospective clients can then provide feedback and pinpoint the products they find most appealing.

Use Customer Stories to Appeal to Client Emotions

Customers tend to respond better to stories than cold, hard facts. Customer stories and use cases help sales reps demonstrate brand value while appealing to the emotional side of a client's brain.

For instance, you can use Ingage to create presentations that include before-and-after stories from your current clients. Features like the Compare Page and Scrollmotion Page make it easy to highlight key differences between the "before" and "after" and underscore the value of your products.

Customer stories like testimonials can also help sales and marketing teams establish a brand's credibility. Use Ingage's Freestyle page to create a testimonial page with a layered design that highlights quotes from satisfied clients.

Why a modern product presentation must be engaging and interactive  ingage blog 2
Ingage can help manufacturers create products presentations that are engaging and informative.

Create Memorable Product Presentations with Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling should be a crucial element of your product marketing strategy. As much as 65% of visual content remains at the top of buyers' minds even after three days of viewing the content.

Presentation tools allow users to present product information in a more visually appealing manner. If your company specializes in kitchen renovations, you can build a product presentation with Ingage featuring an image of a remodeled kitchen. Use interactive buttons and pop-up elements like text boxes to go into detail about specific fixtures. The end result is a truly memorable experience for your prospective client.

Ensure Consistency Across Multiple Dealer Networks and Sales Teams

Many sales and marketing teams struggle to maintain consistency across their marketing materials. Modern presentation platforms, like Ingage, feature branded themes that provide a consistent look and feel for client-facing materials. Elements such as branded page outlines ensure the same branding is applied to all presentations on the platform.

Ingage also ensures consistency for large manufacturers that have extensive dealer networks and sales teams. For instance, a manufacturer with sales teams and dealers in various regions or states can create different Ingage teams based on location. Once a product presentation is ready, it can be shared with the right team for easy access. Changes are instantly published to shared presentations as well, so dealers and reps always have the most up-to-date versions at hand.

Empower Sales and Marketing Teams with Interactive Product Presentations

Sales and marketing teams, especially in manufacturing, need all the help they can get. Even before the global pandemic hit, prospecting has been a challenge for reps. Use tools like Ingage to equip reps and dealers with professional product presentations and other presentation materials. With these resources, sales teams get the tools they need for meeting clients at every stage of the sales cycle. A high-quality product presentation also boosts reps' confidence and establishes a brand's trustworthiness.

Learn more about Ingage and make your product presentations more engaging by signing up for a demo.

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