What Is the Best Presentation Software for Content Creation?

Whether you’re showcasing a product or hosting a webinar, it is important to employ the help of the best presentation software. Luckily, there are countless presentation softwares available to help you create captivating presentations. However, that also poses a problem. How do you know which software best fits your needs? After all, many of these tools are designed to solve niche problems and are unsuitable for specific needs.

Don’t know where to start or what to look for? The following are some of the best presentation softwares to help take your content creation to the next level. Learn what to consider when picking a presentation software for your business and how your presentations' quality reflects your brand.

What Is Presentation Software?

Put simply, presentation software is a tool that allows users to display content to audiences using a sequence of visual formats, such as text, images, audio and video. A live discussion can accompany this multimedia presentation, or it could stand alone. The software could be a desktop-based program or a cloud-based app.

Microsoft’s PowerPoint is the most widely known presentation software tool, but new demands require more features than it offers - even with its many upgrades. PowerPoint is a suitable option for some users, but modern teams are turning to alternatives that offer advanced features and flexibility.

Modern presentation applications come with a wide range of functionalities. Choosing the best software for you starts with the following factors:

1. Content Priorities

You have to consider what kind of content your business uses the most. Is it mostly media-based or text-based? Research your options to select a presentation software that supports the creation of that content at its highest quality. Choose the type of platform that provides elements that will best support your message, whether that’s displaying video walk-throughs or sharing customer reviews.

We have to note that multimedia elements bring much more engagement to presentations. After all, the average human attention span is just 8 seconds. That means your presentation needs to catch your audience’s attention right away.

2. Ease of Use

No one wants to spend hours tinkering with charts and templates on presentation tools. An ideal tool would have an intuitive interface with elements that are easy to add or remove at the click of a button. The best presentation software would also take care of the design as much as possible so that you can focus on perfecting your message.

It is also very important that your software of choice allows you to seamlessly import content from third-party sources. Let’s say you have an old presentation in PowerPoint that’s relevant to the one you intend to create on a new presentation platform. You should be able to import the old file and incorporate the data into the new format easily. That saves you the hassle of doing the same work all over again.

utilizing the best presentation software for sales
0%Creating engaging presentations are essential to building customer relationship.

3. Content Management Capabilities

An ideal presentation software program should feature a cache or gallery that saves your previous work so that it can be easily accessed whenever you need it. Videos, images, fonts, templates and more content elements should be readily accessible from the same platform as well.

Since you will be using the same brand elements such as logos, photos and clips to ensure consistency, having all these assets in one place will make it easy for anyone on your team to create a presentation that is consistent with your brand image.

4. Collaboration Possibilities

Teamwork makes the dream work. Businesses that have sales teams, for example, may need to have several members as contributors to craft a presentation. Sending emails back-and-forth is time-consuming, not to mention unmanageable. The best presentation software should allow teams to access and work together on files right on the platform.

5. Ease of Sharing

The ideal software should allow you to easily save your files and share them with team members and clients. This means it should support exports via multiple channels such as email, links and social media. By having a centralized platform to house all of your presentations, team members and clients have access to information and visual materials whenever they need them.

6. Reporting/Analytics

It is often impossible to measure the impact of presentations with standard software. How do you know if the recipient even opened it? Did they abandon the presentation halfway through, or did they make it to the end? A great presentation software should present you with metrics that allow you to calculate your ROI. This will help you identify leads so that you can pursue them to close more sales.

With these criteria in mind, here’s a look at three presentation software for content creation in 2021.

The Best Presentation Software for Content Creation


It is uncommon to find a tool that packs a punch on all the fronts listed above, but Ingage does. The seamless interface allows easy imports of files from your device gallery or from PowerPoint. Ingage features unique templates that are designed to optimize product display which you can tweak to your preference with its simple drag-and-drop feature. No coding or design skills are needed.

ingage best presentation software layout
0%Ready-made templates allow you to add images or videos and customize size easily.

Another particularly useful feature is its ability to add interactive elements to display photos. You can add points of interest that users can click to get more information about a project or a product. This creates an immersive experience and saves a lot of conversation, which will allow you to convert leads faster.

0%Re-Bath uses points of interest to call users’ attention to the details of each feature.

Team members can be added as collaborators to access and edit presentation projects. And, you can share finished work via a web link, as a PDF, or straight to social media.

Ingage delivers in-depth analytics that gives you insight into your presentations' performance so that you can measure your conversions and ROI.

Check out this short demo to discover more possibilities that the Ingage tool offers. You could also see how a client utilized the software to elevate their sales presentation.

Google Slides

Google Slides is one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Office for creating PowerPoint presentations. It offers ready-made templates to ease the hassles of creating from scratch.

The application excels at collaboration, but like PowerPoint, it offers limited features, especially if you want to seamlessly highlight product information. You would have to resort to lists and bullet points.

As it is on Google Docs, you can share a link to your presentation and add anyone as an editor. Team members can make real-time changes to the document and share feedback.

You can track changes made with Google Slides' version history feature, so you don't have to worry about a team member interfering with your work. You can download your finished presentation in different formats, including PDF, PPT, or PPTX.

0%Image: Google Slides


If you prefer a desktop-based presentation software program, Apple’s Keynote is a great app to consider. It is similar to a simplified PowerPoint and boasts beautiful templates and visual elements. However, it only works on Macs and other Apple devices.

Keynote’s best feature is its smooth animations which create clean transitions that make the presentation pleasing to watch. You can make presentations online using Keynote on iCloud so that you can share with others to view or edit. You can also export presentations as PowerPoint files if you need to.

What Your Presentations Say About Your Business

Great presentations set your business apart as an industry leader because they showcase expertise, experience and professionalism. Shabby presentations will create a negative impression of your brand and make it difficult to convert. Contact us today to equip your business with game-changing presentation software that will turn your sales process around for good.

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