Want to Create a Dynamic Presentation? Try Adding Video!

If you want to ensure your next dynamic presentation leaves a lasting impression on your audience, include video. Video is growing in popularity among all communication mediums, including presentations, because it increases engagement and drives action.

Use video to say more with less—a recent study found one minute of video equates to 1.8 million words of text. Video also changes the pace of standard presentations by providing various media formats that appeal to a larger audience. Animated graphics will wow your audience and show you put extra time and creativity into your decks.

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Video is Interactive in Itself

Video reaches your audience’s hearts and minds, drawing an elicit reaction and creating an emotional response to your dynamic presentation. It’s more engaging and enhances the presentation’s visual elements by providing vivid examples to back up your claims.

Using video can take your brand and audience engagement to new heights. It’s also popular among consumers. Two-thirds of people would rather watch a short video to learn about different products.

Video doesn’t only pull in your potential clients—it also makes your sales team’s performance more effective. With the right provider, you can easily track your video’s analytics and match them with your team’s performance. This holds your sales executives accountable and helps sales managers and marketers create more reliable and results-driven content.

Video Content is Flexible

Utilizing video gives you more options when crafting a dynamic presentation. It’s a more efficient and straightforward way of communicating your message.

Don’t limit yourself to words and images when trying to elicit an emotional response about your company and its mission. For example, a minute-long corporate video can relay the heart of a business and its employees, atmosphere and clients more authentically than a presentation.

Adding videos to your presentations can dramatically set you apart from your competition. For instance, if you’re pitching a specific product, include a video demonstrating how the item or service works. Or, to drive your point home, insert a video testimonial from a current customer. Showing real-world use for your service increases your team’s effectiveness and brings quicker results.

You can also include presentation videos in follow-up emails and text messages to remind potential clients of essential sales points. Doing so increases the chances your video will be shared—marketing that includes video typically sees 1,200% more shares than non-video materials.

Video Can Explain Difficult Concepts in Minutes

Detailing how a product or service works can slow a presentation down. Instead, use video to explain difficult concepts in a moment. Your dynamic presentation will be easier to prepare while presenters will feel more at ease as they try to convey detailed information.

You can also utilize different videos to answer potential concerns your audience may have such as safety features or compliance issues. With the right interactivity and the right intro, videos—even long ones—can keep an audience interested as they learn more about important details or complicated concepts.

Video Can Help Keep the Audience Engaged

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Video is known for its high engagement—users spend about 88 percent more time on a website with a wide selection of videos, while videos under two minutes having the highest engagement. With shortened attention spans and increased multi-tasking, adding video to your dynamic presentation keeps your audience focused on your message.

The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text so don’t limit your presentations to just one video. Including a variety of short video clips—especially if your presentation covers a lot of material—keeps your audience from zoning out. For example, use a classic storytelling video with an introduction, plot and conclusion to set the stage. Or, utilize a how-to video to show real-world applications for your product or service. Varying video length, style and imagery will keep potential clients on their toes.

Finally, ensure your video has a call to action at the end. Not only will this instantly connect your product as the solution to the prospect’s challenge but it will also increase the chance of conversion when your video is shared.

Video is Memorable

Video viewers are 95% more likely to remember content in-depth; text, on the other hand, is only about 10% as memorable. The personable nature of video triggers sensory reactions in our brains, so your presentation will be more likely to leave a lasting impression.

Video isn’t new—85% of marketers use video content. However, pairing video with a live sales presentation puts your sales team front and center, gives the audience a more memorable experience and increases your chances of closing the deal.

Increase Your Video Capabilities with Ingage Presentation Software

Dynamic presentations that include videos are interactive, flexible, engaging, memorable and proven to increase conversions. They’re also easy to create—Ingage presentation software lets your team quickly design slides with a combination of videos, images and text.

Our cloud-based technology allows your team to collaborate on presentations and share them instantly. In addition, sales managers can use rich analytics directly tied to your business goals to measure presentation results. Ingage’s unique dashboard also lets your marketing team monitor videos used in presentations to ensure sales messaging is consistent and on-brand.

Getting started is easy. Schedule a quick demo and our team of design and product experts will help you create memorable content and launch engaging presentations.

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