Top 7 Interactive Sales Presentation Ideas

Are you guilty of checking your email or drifting into a world of daydreams and fantasies during a boring presentation? The good news is that you’re not alone. Most people get distracted and engage in other activities if a presentation fails to hold their attention. The bad news, however, is that your potential customers aren’t an exception to this rule. That’s why you need an interactive presentation.

If your sales presentation doesn’t engage your audience right away, chances are it isn’t going to yield any leads or conversions. The only solution is to use interactive presentation tools to help hook your audience and compel them to become active participants. This is particularly crucial when you’re delivering the presentation online or embedding it on your website.

Here are 7 ideas to help make your sales presentations more interactive:

1. Use Videos and Images in Your Interactive Presentation

Adding videos and images to your sales presentation doesn’t just make it more eye-catching. It can go a long way to make the presentation more convincing and memorable. In fact, including relevant and high-quality images could make your sales presentation 43% more persuasive. Also, presenting key information in the form of videos can improve retention.

Try including images and videos in relevant slides to break the monotony of facts and statistics. Moreover, you could add explainer videos and whiteboard animations to highlight product features. While some standard presentation software solutions may allow you to add visuals, they can be pretty limited in their applications. Instead, tools like Ingage can help you add catchy visuals with ease. You can also leverage video loops to engage the viewers even further.

For instance, note how Ingage helped NewPro design engaging presentations with the help of visuals.

An excellent example of an interactive presentation that fully makes use of engaging visuals, animation, non-linear structure, movement, and more.

2. Include a Voiceover

Adding audio narration to some of your slides can be a great way to explain key aspects to your audience. This is particularly handy when you've embedded the presentation into your website or newsletters. If you’re using interactive presentation software, you’ll find simple to use tools to upload and add audio files to relevant slides.

3. Create a Non-Linear Presentation

Delivering a sales presentation isn’t just about moving from one slide to the next. Instead, create a slide with a table of contents and embed links to the first slide of each section. It’ll help your audience dictate the flow of the presentation according to their preferences.

For instance, note how the below presentation has links to each section in the navigation bar at the bottom.

Ingage kohler interactive presentation
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4. Visualize Crucial Data

Simply blurting out important facts, statistics and data won’t impress your audience. If you want them to retain this information, use visualization tools such as tables, charts and graphs to showcase important data.

Likewise, you can use flowcharts and diagrams to explain complex processes and techniques. This is often more engaging and appealing than reading out or explaining the steps. Ingage lets you easily embed such visual aids into various slides.

5. Make Use of Live Demos

This is one of the more offbeat interactive presentation ideas. Depending on your audience and niche, you could include a live product demo in the presentation. It’s particularly useful for giving your audience a glimpse of what your product can do in real life. This can skyrocket conversions and revenue.

6. Leverage Storytelling

Weaving a story into your sales presentation is an effective way of getting your audience emotionally invested. Even if you’re delivering a technical presentation, try to outline a narrative in the slides to make your presentation more interesting. Highlight the personal struggles and challenges you’ve had to overcome, as well as your customers’ success stories.

7. Add Moving Elements

Including subtle animations and transitions in your slides can help activate your audience’s limbic system. The limbic system is a set of brain structures that are associated with the formation of memories. So activating the limbic system can improve engagement and retention, as well as help you highlight key points. Use animated arrows and thought bubbles to emphasize crucial data and features. Just make sure you use consistent transitions and animations in all your slides.

For instance, West Shore Home leveraged Ingage to develop an engaging presentation that was filled with videos. They used the time-lapse tool to give an element of movement to the presentation and hook the attention of the viewers. The best part is that these videos keep looping, captivating your audience’s attention time and time again.

Putting It All Together

In today’s day and age, a run-of-the-mill PowerPoint presentation won’t cut it as a remarkable sales pitch. Instead, you need to leverage various interactive presentation ideas to boost audience engagement and retention.

From conducting live demos to including multimedia and images - there are various ways to build an interactive sales presentation. It’s also essential to use an interactive content creation platform, such as Ingage, that offers the right tools to build your presentation.

Can’t wait to implement interactive presentation ideas to improve your sales pitch? Get in touch with us to start using Ingage for your sales presentation.

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