Tired of Sales Presentations Falling Flat? Here's Your Alternative to PowerPoint

Driving conversions and sales in today’s competitive market is one of the most challenging aspects of building a business. Consumers are becoming increasingly skeptical and prefer to make well-informed purchase decisions. This is where a detailed and eye-catching sales presentation steps into the picture.

A sales presentation is one of the most powerful tools for educating prospective customers about your products/services. It’s also a great medium for showcasing your brand’s story, vision and values. Plus, it goes a long way to making a remarkable first impression on your target customers to convince them to purchase your product/service.

However, if you’re still using PowerPoint to create sales presentations, you’re already falling behind your competitors. Despite its convenience and simplicity, most marketers and sales reps search for suitable alternatives to PowerPoint. This is because text-based presentation software comes with limitations and drawbacks that alternative presentation software can solve.

Limitations of PowerPoint

PowerPoint is likely the first software that comes to mind when you think of creating a presentation. However, when it comes to driving sales, PowerPoint presentations aren’t as effective. This is because the software is primarily a text-based platform. While you can add basic animation, there’s limited scope for incorporating multimedia elements.

Also, it’s difficult to make a PowerPoint presentation interactive without disrupting the flow. This, in turn, can cause your prospective customers to disengage and become passive audience members. Ultimately, you’ll end up spending your precious time creating and delivering the presentation without yielding any conversions or revenue.

Moreover, sharing a PowerPoint presentation on-the-go can be cumbersome, leading to awkward delays while you connect to wifi or wait for the presentation to download from an email attachment. And while you can add graphics and media, the process is time-consuming and complex and often causes your presentation to become sluggish. Plus, you can’t monitor how your audience is interacting and engaging with your presentation.

If you haven’t begun scouring for alternatives to PowerPoint, it’s natural to wonder whether there’s any merit in adding multimedia to your presentations. Let’s find out.

Why Multimedia is Crucial for Sales Presentations

0%Multimedia makes sales presentations engaging. (Source)

To begin with, the average consumer’s attention span is dwindling. They’re more likely to engage with and retain visual content than text-based content. In fact, 85% of consumers would be more interested in buying your product/service after watching a video. This makes an insightful product and brand video indispensable for sales presentations.

It’s worth mentioning here that 65% of consumers are visual learners. Also, 86% of B2B buyers have a preference for interactive and visual content. Adding high-quality images to your sales presentations makes them 43% more persuasive. The human brain is quicker and better equipped to process visual information than written words.

Therefore, supplementing your sales presentations with images and videos goes a long way to boost audience engagement and retention. When you use the right alternatives to PowerPoint, you can even make your presentation more interactive.

Sales Presentations Tips

Sales presentations don’t necessarily need to be text-heavy and boring. Instead, your goal should be to find the right balance between making them engaging and informative. In such a situation, it helps to add a variety of media to the presentations to reduce the reliance on text.

0%Combine images, buttons, and texts to create an interactive sales presentation.

Here are some tips that you can use to improve your sales presentations.

  1. Leverage Videos - Videos are short, engaging, and packed with tons of information. This creates the perfect recipe for the success of your sales presentations. Make videos to support your messaging and replace large blocks of text. These videos should be self-explanatory and provide a good break from the text-based nature of sales presentations.
  2. Add Valuable Resources - It always helps to add some valuable resources to your sales presentations like case studies, industry research, or video tutorials. They build credibility and authority and give more weight to your pitch as well.
  3. Prioritize Content - Your presentation’s content is everything. It’s critical that you pay attention to the quality of your content as it determines if your presentation will be engaging and informative. Ensure you have hi-resolution images and videos and that your text is always a consistent font and size.
  4. Make it Interactive -Your sales presentations should not be monologues where you speak to the customer. Instead, start a conversation with the customer– get your audience to engage with you through interactive presentation content.

Benefits of Alternatives to PowerPoint

While PowerPoint tends to be the industry standard for presentations, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of interactivity, graphics, videos, and more. Its text-first platform tends to come across as out-dated, considering media tends to be more engaging than text.

That’s where alternatives to PowerPoint like Ingage come in. The media-first platform helps you make engaging and interactive sales presentations that will help you instantly connect with your audience.

PowerPoint alternative Ingage user interface
0%Ingage features an intuitive user interface.

It offers a variety of pre-built templates that you can seamlessly edit to create your sales presentations. Additionally, the entire platform is cloud-based, meaning you can easily share presentations with your team and customers without having to worry about storing them on clunky USBs or on your computer. Ingage also allows you to seamlessly integrate multimedia which quickly transforms your presentations into something your audience will actually engage with.

Finally, it’s essential to understand the impact that the sales presentations have on your business. Ingage gives you access to detailed analytics where you can see how many times your presentation was viewed and by whom. Using this data, you can determine where you’re excelling and where you might be falling flat.

Analytics in Ingage
0%Ingage offers analytics to further fine-tune your sales presentations.

Start Using Alternatives to PowerPoint

Sales presentations are critical for the success of any business. They help in creating and sustaining your flow of sales and revenue. While PowerPoint was a great way of going about sales presentations in the past, its text-first nature proved to be a blocker to your presentations' success.

That’s why there’s a need to leverage media-first presentation platforms like Ingage. It helps you make your presentations quickly and allows you to incorporate digital collateral like videos and images with ease. The platform also shows you detailed analytics to help you understand the impact of your presentations.

Do you have any questions about how to make your sales presentations more engaging? Ask us or book a demo.

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