The Benefits of Having Cloud-Based Sales Software

Cloud-based software has many benefits, including secure data storage, easy access, reduced costs, increased productivity and simplified operations. Cloud computing makes it easier to compete in today’s market, especially for smaller marketing agencies that can’t afford to have their own data center. Having data available on the cloud that can be quickly and easily accessed is an essential piece of a successful marketing strategy and means you no longer need that expensive on-site infrastructure and storage. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you have access to the company’s data from anywhere. Not sure if cloud-based sales software is for you? Check out the top benefits below.

Always Have Access To The Newest Sales Presentation

At Ingage, we offer cloud-based technology to our customers. Because our presentations live in the cloud, customers can access them at any time from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. What’s even better is that they always have access to the latest version of the presentation they want to use. This means our customers don’t have to scroll through files in a file server to find what they need. All they have to do is open Ingage, do a refresh, and the newest version is downloaded to their device. A sales rep in the field can have confidence that they have the right version of a presentation every time when they need it. Ingage takes away any guesswork or worry.

You Don’t Have To Have Internet Connection

Here's the next benefit: because Ingage allows the sales team to have all the content on their device, they don’t have to worry about whether or not they have an internet connection. Having all that content in the cloud doesn’t help if you can’t access it. And as a rep in the field, you never know when you might lose your internet connection or be in a location where it isn’t available. With Ingage, you can have a fresh version of the content on your device before you run into connection issues. You don’t have to apologize to your potential customer because you can’t show them all the exciting content you’d planned to. You don’t have to waste time waiting to connect to the internet while they quickly lose interest.   

Ability To Delete All Old Presentations

What makes this even better is that when you pull the latest version to your device, Ingage can remove any old presentations that are no longer relevant or needed from your device. You can rest assured that you’re going into that meeting with a prospective customer armed with up-to-date material. You don’t have to stop midway through the presentation because you’ve been using an outdated version of the presentation, and you just now noticed it twenty minutes in. Not only would that look bad for you, it would likely cause the prospective customer to rethink buying from you. At Ingage, we make sure that you won’t have to worry about that.     

Better Analytics And Data

We all know that analytics is crucial to marketing. Using data to evaluate the effectiveness and success of marketing activities should be part of every marketing agency’s business strategy because that’s where you’re going to gain a better understanding of the wants and needs of your target audience. This allows you to optimize your marketing objectives, which will help drive sales and improve your ROI. With cloud computing, you can easily send data to the cloud from anywhere. This means your sales reps in the field can transfer valuable customer data to the cloud regardless of where they are. Besides capturing the analytics you need from the field, this has another benefit as well. As a sales or marketing leader, you can see what your reps have on their devices at any given time. You can see what they’re using and how much they’re using it.   

The advantage of this is that you can quickly see what’s working and what isn’t. You can easily monitor the performance of your sales team in real time, which pages they spend more time on, and which ones they barely look at. You’ll see what’s most important to the prospects and what they aren’t interested in. When you know what potential customers want, you can tailor your presentations to target those wants. By fine tuning the presentation as needed, you ensure that you are maximizing the time your reps spend in the field. Your presentations are always fresh, ever evolving, and not stagnant. That leads to more sales and a better ROI.  

Company Has Better Control Over The Content

Another benefit of cloud-based software is the control it gives you over the content. You can decide the level of access your people can have to any given file by setting user permissions. This applies not only at a high level, but also within a presentation itself. You might want to give certain users only read access to a particular presentation, but you can give edit access to others. With Ingage, you have that flexibility when using our cloud-based solution. We can control all that with the connection to our backend systems, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Higher Level Of Security

If you’re concerned about security, rest assured that the level of information security in a cloud service company is much higher than what you’ll find in a traditional IT space. From advanced, automated backup policies to robust data recovery plans, your data is safe and secure with Ingage. Not only that, but cloud services are more reliable, more flexible and more easily managed than local It services. 

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Cloud-based software allows you to provide a better customer experience. For that reason alone, cloud services should be a no-brainer when you think about your company’s digital marketing strategy. The benefits are wide ranging and undeniable. At Ingage, we are here to make sure our customers don’t lose out on the many advantages of using cloud computing for their sales teams and their presentations. Using cloud-based technology keeps you on track, up to date, and gives you the analytics you need at your fingertips to be successful, increase sales, and improve your ROI. 

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