Stepping Into Digital

Think back to the last time you made a major purchasing decision. Maybe it was an automobile, a home renovation project, a life insurance policy, or investment opportunity. No matter what it was, I bet you met one-on-one with a sales person to better understand and review all the details of the product, service or deal. I’d also wager that you were given some kind of printed materials to help you better understand what you were buying. This is very common, even in the digital age. Printed materials are still a huge part of the sales process for many companies.

While this is true, customers are demanding more from the companies they are buying from. Transitioning to digital sales content doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition. We have seen many of our customers step into digital by introducing new forms of content along the buyer’s journey and in support of their channel partners.

This case study from Kohler showcases both perspectives and is a great example of using Ingage Presentations to incorporate video and improve engagement with both customers and dealer partners.

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