Powerful Presentations for Real Estate

“I never imagined when I started my real estate career that I would become an amateur photographer, videographer, IT guy, and social media guru. But here I am.”

That’s what my good friend - who’s been in the real estate industry for over 15 years - said to me the other day. He was not lamenting or complaining, John isn’t the type. He was simply stating that throughout his career he has had to continuously adapt and change to stay current with the trends in the real estate market. 

Technology has taken a much larger role in all industries, especially in real estate. From AR walkthroughs to software that allows for virtual signatures, real estate professionals have had to adapt quickly to compete in increasingly competitive markets.. That is why so many have taken to Ingage Presentations to innovate and differentiate from the competition.

Enhance Your Listing Presentations

Building trust with a potential listing starts with a great story about how you will bring the highest value to the seller. Create interactive listing presentations that can easily be customized and shared. A great listing presentation can seal the deal in this competitive time. 

According to the team at The Paperless Agent, a listing presentation that’s been effectively designed will contain the following:

  • Educate the home seller on the home selling process
  • Show the prospective seller the benefits & advantages of hiring the agent or broker
  • Demonstrate the real estate agent or broker's competence
  • Discuss the home’s market value & pricing strategy
  • Explain the marketing strategy for promoting the home to buyers
  • Preemptively answer questions the seller might have

Using interactive video and images in an Ingage listing presentation will set you apart from the competition. Get a demo to see some great examples.

Interactive Feature Sheets

Transform static feature sheets into interactive resources that allow buyers to learn more about the house, the neighborhood and amenities nearby. Follow up with appointments by sending them an interactive feature sheet that’s always up to date, even if the price changes. 

Track Which Buyers Are Showing Interest

Every shared presentation can be uniquely tracked so you can finally know which prospective buyers are engaging and go even deeper to learn which aspects of the property they’re engaging with to tailor your follow up message.

“As a large team of real estate agents running around NYC all day, we understand how cumbersome it can be to halt your entire day in order to print paper documents. With Ingage, we are able to share, update, and track digital presentation materials on the go, without missing a step.”

- Marie Myman, The SR Team @ Compass

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