Lockdown Your Product Branding with Digital Sales Presentations

It only takes 0.05 seconds for consumers to form an opinion about your brand, meaning you only have this short window of time to make an impression. Branding is an essential strategy that allows your customers to recognize your company and distinguish it from its competitors. The most effective way to improve branding is with the help of digital sales presentations.

Branding is more than just your logo, the font you use for marketing collateral or the products you sell. Although these things help, branding is so much more. It’s the overall customer experience you provide.

But with various platforms and tools utilized for marketing and sales, inconsistent branding can pose a huge challenge. For instance, you might be delivering a specific branding message on your website but saying something else in your sales presentations because your reps have outdated versions. How are brand managers supposed to stay consistent?

The Dangers of Inconsistent Product Branding

Branding inconsistency might be impeding your business growth without you even knowing it. If your company is more focused on developing tactics instead of focusing on a brand aligned with your company’s vision, mission and core values, you might be missing the mark.

Brand inconsistency generally results in:

  • Poor customer experiences
  • Miscommunication between colleagues and customers
  • Brand confusion for potential customers
  • Distrust by customers

The impression you make on your target audience ultimately impacts the strength of your business. This is why even the smallest brand consistency mistake can have serious consequences.

Inconsistent branding can sabotage your business in several ways, often causing customers to gravitate towards competitors they can easily recognize instead of yours. Because of this, your desired outcomes and growth goals are not achieved as fast as you would like.

Businesses that are most at risk for brand inconsistency are those composed of a single corporate entity supported by a network of dealers or multi-product enterprises with different marketing teams for each line. Your corporate marketing department might be spending millions of dollars building up your brand image, only to find a sales team undermining all your efforts by using an outdated sales presentation or email template.

Sales and marketing departments are also known to have little to no communication or collaboration, which often means your business never has the chance to maximize its brand potential. Luckily, digital sales presentations can marry the departments and help drive collaboration while supporting your brand’s goals.

How Digital Sales Presentations Help Lockdown Branding

Keep in mind that consistent brands are up to four times more likely to increase their visibility online and offline. Brand consistency starts with coordinating all your assets across every channel or platform where you have a footprint. This includes your website, social media accounts and marketing collateral, such as digital sales presentations.

You can easily improve and manage product branding on your sales presentations with Ingage using these simple tips.

1. Customizing your digital sales presentations allows you to be creative with your branding

Customization allows you to showcase your products and services while ensuring that your brand is consistent throughout. You can include elements that help highlight your products and services in an interactive and engaging way. Most platforms come with templates for presentations, but few offer industry-specific templates that you can easily customize, like Ingage.

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HYPERICE, a company that provides athletes with equipment to improve performance, switched to Ingage to display their products using interactive presentations. Before using Ingage, they were leveraging other presentation software for their sales and trade show presentations. However, the presentations lacked interactivity and a “wow” factor.

Switching to Ingage allowed them to create digital sales presentations that helped tell the HYPERICE story using interactive elements and real-time editing with controls. The presentations also effectively showcased the HYPERICE products while explaining the features and benefits.

2. Limiting the permission settings for your presentations regulates branding

You can edit user settings in Ingage to control who can view, edit and create presentations. Now, you won’t be surprised with sudden changes to your presentation that were made without your permission and you ensure the presentation is consistent with your branding. You can also control who gets to see your presentation, making it easier to guarantee content for specific audiences is not shown to the wrong customers.

3. Lock certain pages within digital sales presentations

Users who have admin or creator privileges can lock a page in a presentation so that editors cannot make changes to those locked pages. However, they can still access the storyboard.  On the other hand, viewers can see or present the locked page, but they won’t be able to edit it.

This Ingage feature helps establish brand consistency across different presentations since the editing power is limited to the presentation's creators and admins. It results in a more consistent brand identity which will make your business more recognizable and professional.

4. Real-time, automatic updates guarantee that you share the same stories

When a team member edits the presentation, the changes should reflect automatically in the presentation in real-time. Big teams, in particular, find it challenging to access sales presentations that are frequently updated. It is also difficult to monitor which team members have the most updated copy and which are stuck with the outdated version. With real-time automatic updates, changes are applied for everyone.

With Ingage, presenters automatically download the latest presentation when they open the software, overwriting the previous version. This way, all the presenters are sharing the same updated decks, providing consistency across the brand for all team members.

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Jacuzzi, one of the fastest-growing acrylic manufacturers in the world, armed its network of 150 dealers with powerful Ingage presentations. The platform made it easier to make changes and adjust content in real-time, improving their engagement and conversion along the way. Ingage made it easy to make changes and update all sales presentations across different teams around the US. Sales reps were able to cover a larger geographic territory and hold more calls per day. As a result, Jacuzzi gained $3-million in incremental revenue.

Managing Your Branding Through Ingage Digital Sales Presentations

Maintaining brand consistency is a huge challenge for businesses, especially those with large and multiple teams. Collaborating with each team and ensuring that all assets are aligned with the company’s branding is key. The best place to start is with your digital sales presentations.

Ingage is one of the leading presentation platforms that provides you with features to manage your branding. It has a wide array of customization features allowing you to showcase your products in an engaging and interactive way. You can control the permission settings for edits, viewing and creation. Additionally, you can limit who can access or edit the presentation by locking specific pages.

More importantly, all changes are reflected in real-time, so every team member will always have the updated version of the presentation. All these features ensure that your audience only gets the best content from you, improving your branding in the long run.

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