Level-Up Your Sales Presentation with Video

While other animals generally rely on their senses of smell and hearing, humans depend on our sight to navigate a whopping 90% of our daily lives. Research suggests that not only are images the easiest medium for the human brain to remember, they are essential to our development. Believe it or not, we process visuals up to 60,000x faster than text!

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That’s why here at Ingage, our forward-thinking team touts image and video as important assets to leveling up any sales pitch. In fact, we argue that not using them is a huge mistake—and a costly one at that. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge software to drive sales through the art of personalized, digitized communication.

Imagine this: you’ve got a mile-long to-do list and a deadline ticking away. You need information, and you need it now. Your Google search returns hundreds of pages, while the top two results include an overly saturated Wikipedia page and a three-minute YouTube video. Which do you choose?

If you picked the YouTube video, you’re not alone. Studies show that people spend more time on pages with video than on pages without—2.6x longer, actually. Furthermore, viewers retain a staggering 95% of a message when it’s explained via video. That recall drops significantly—to a mere 10%—when that same message is communicated through text.

Unsurprisingly, these findings transcend the marketing world. According to varying businesses:

  • 51% of global marketing professionals regard video as the content source with the highest return on investment.
  • 84% of marketers report success in generating leads when using visual presentations.
  • Marketers who utilize video grow the company’s revenue 49% quicker than those who don’t.

Interactive visual presentations can be an incredibly useful tool for your business. This is because:

Video Elevates Your Sales Pitch

The key to success for any company is their ability to consistently implement new strategies. This innovation ensures that operations run smoothly, and that products/services remain ahead of the curve. In today’s uber competitive market, this innovation must transcend beyond the product itself to separate your brand from the rest of the pack. A personalized sales presentation is a great way to achieve this. You know your product is great. Your client knows your product is great. Your job is to connect the dots between your product, your client’s needs and the greatness you can achieve together.

Of course, you want to scale your company to be as profitable as possible, as quickly as     possible. However, you wouldn’t apply to fifty companies with the exact same mass-addressed cover letter and expect fifty job offers, would you? Of course not. So why would you pitch a product via the exact same mass-addressed presentation to fifty different companies, and expect to earn fifty sales? You’re smarter than that and your brand is better than that—let us help you convey this to the world.

One-on-one videos—individually crafted from scratch—are nice, but they lack efficiency. You know as well as we do: time is money. That’s why Ingage has bridged this gap by creating software that will streamline the process of establishing a personal connection with potential clients. Our software enables your team to quickly copy and transform existing presentations to make them more personalized with specific video content or logos.

Benefits of a customizable sales presentation includes:

  • Higher open rates for emails, as well as higher click-through rates for presentations
  • A reallocation of invaluable time, without losing that unique, personal connection
  • A leg up on the competition who fail to recognize the importance of marketing to the human beings at the helm of every business

It’s as simple as someone you met three weeks ago caring enough to remember your name as you meet again waiting in line for coffee, or the birthday you mentioned in passing conversation. You’re taken aback. Why? Because that level of attention to detail and general care is becoming increasingly uncommon. Taking the time to customize a visual marketing strategy shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile. This wildly simple tactic works to humanize your brand and set you apart from potential competition.

Videos Make Each Experience Personalized

Humans are wired to interact socially. The art of true communication is not in words, but through interactions that are best experienced via face-to-face conversations. This is among the most well-documented human phenomena. Incidentally, the in-person body language sales people have historically relied on to drive persuasiveness and engagement is becoming much harder to establish in an increasingly digital world.

Fortunately, we’ve adapted with the times. We understand how body language gestures can be meticulously added into an online sales presentation. Our software enables your team to incorporate short videos into your presentations. These videos can evoke the very emotions and conclusions you strive to evoke in person and help get your sales representatives and your customers on the same page.

Strengthen Your Brand Through Video Testimonials

Your brand is your identity; it’s your job to convey who you are to your clients, and to do so with conviction. Your viewer should leave with as much faith and trust in your brand as you have. Video testimonials featuring past clients are a great way to educate potential customers, encourage engagement and build brand awareness. These testimonials explain the missions and goals of your business while giving your brand a personality.

A happy customer is one of your best resources. Truly, who better to market your company than someone who has already had a stellar experience working with you? Video testimonials have immense impact. One of the main reasons to take advantage of this marketing strategy is because it boosts your credibility. A person without vested interest is a person prospects can trust.

According to stats, including the word “video” in the subject line of an email:

  • Increased opening rates by 19%
  • Increased click-through rates by 65%
  • Reduced mailing list un-subscription rates by 26%

A video testimonial is also a sign of respect to the individuals who give their opinions about your brand. Entrusting your reputation to your existing (or former) clients shows you value their opinion and feel honored to document it. By trusting and valuing your customers, you further solidify your relationship with them. This, in turn, encourages them to speak positively about your business, which will further add to your brand’s integrity and trustworthiness.

Use Video For Follow-Ups

One of the many things often overlooked by business owners and new entrepreneurs is the follow-up process. Far too often, businesses assume that simply making contact is enough to make a potential client want to use their services. Additionally, when some marketers think of a follow up, they think that the conventional route of sending out a postcard, dashing off an email or making a quick phone call will suffice. However, it’s been proven that when following-up through a video, it is often more memorable to prospects—and therefore more likely to initiate conversations in the long run.

Four ways to create an impressive video follow up include:

1. Video MMS

Approximately 90% of text messages are read within five minutes of being received. This is a quick way to ensure your follow up is received by your prospect. It is also by far the simplest way to send a follow up message.

2. Video Email

This is also an easy, yet effective way to follow up with a potential client. You simply attach your video to the email. This achieves the same results as Video MMS, in the event that you don’t have a client’s phone number.

3. Facebook Messenger

If you’re connected to someone on Facebook, following-up with them by sending a video through Messenger can be an ideal way to reinforce the relationship. Also, it has been      reported that most people spend at least half an hour a day on Facebook, increasing the       likelihood that your video will be seen.

4. Facebook Advertisements

Another way to follow up with a potential customer, though slightly more complicated, is through Facebook Ads. You can leverage video ads on Facebook to get your follow up     message in their newsfeed. Paid mass advertisements also increase the likelihood of entirely new potential clients stumbling across your company. While this strategy may be more technical to accomplish, it is a sure-fire way to demonstrate your social media prowess.

Leverage Modern Sales Presentation Solutions

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Modernizing your sales presentation can very well be the difference between closing the lead and losing the client entirely. It doesn’t take the CFO of a Silicon Valley start-up to see that we live in a rapidly evolving world. We here at Ingage are the first to admit that keeping up with these constant advancements can be daunting, to say the least. In fact, it’s an incredibly human instinct to stick to the status quo. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? Unfortunately, this is the mentality of a bygone era.

Here’s the good news: if we can muster the courage to embrace these changing tides, our success can know no bounds. And well, if we can’t, we run the risk of leaving professional relationships—and dollars—on the table. You can trust that our cutting-edge software will equip your team with not just a great pitch, but one that can captivate and close deals.

If you’re ready to create beautiful, eye-catching presentations that your sales teams and    potential clients will love, we have the software for you. We believe in our product so much that we proudly offer a free demo of the Ingage Suite. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

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