Leave the Paper at Home: Use Digital Marketing Materials at Your Next Event

The B2B marketing sector has witnessed significant growth and development in recent years, predominantly thanks to the Internet. The pandemic also shifted traditional B2B marketing and sales methods away from print and into the digital space: according to a recent McKinsey study, more than three quarters of B2B buyers and sellers say they prefer digital interaction and only 20% of B2B buyers plan to return to in-person sales transactions.

The dynamic nature of these changes (and dramatic audience expansion) means it’s no longer possible to rely solely on print materials. Now digital marketing materials—online brochures, demos, product catalogs, interactive presentations and workshops, etc.—are a must at any event.

digital marketing materials
Still printing collateral for your events? It’s time go digital!

The Modern B2B Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey has changed. Your potential buyer follows a different path online, and you may need to spend more time—or spend time differently—to guide them in the right direction.

Selecting the right collateral for this journey is crucial. You might need a combination of corporate brochures, demos, case studies and presentations. Remember, no single engagement is likely to seal the deal alone. Each serves a specific purpose and should be used with a direct goal in mind—whether it is a next step, a call to action or a final sale.

The collateral you choose should depend on how far along your prospects are in your marketing funnel. If you’re engaging brand new prospects at an event, present them with an online and interactive product demo followed by a lead capture form. If you’re following up on a lead, email them a link to a personalized sales presentation.

Whatever stage your buyer is at, credibility is key. Customers have massive amounts of information at their fingertips, so try positioning your organization as an industry authority by delivering valuable insights and expert advice. This kind of interaction encourages brand loyalty.

Also critical to consider is accessibility and affordability. It is important to assess all collateral costs up front so you can effectively manage your marketing budget. The good news is the accessibility of digital collateral also drastically improves its affordability. In 2021, the Pew Research Center found that well over 90% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 49 use smartphones. Why not extend the reach of your marketing campaign through multimedia presentations specifically designed for these platforms? It’s a much more cost-effective means of engaging your target audience than traditional print material, and it’s easier to track and fine-tune your content thanks to real-time analytics.

Product Catalogs

Often described as a book-length brochure, your B2B product catalog provides detailed information on your entire range of products. A digital product catalog— complete with interactive features such as videos, clickable feature stories and before-and-after case studies—engages the customer much more than a traditional print brochure by placing them in the driver’s seat. This delivery style also boosts brand credibility as it provides an overabundance of information for the customer to investigate and interact with before making a final decision.

Use Ingage’s cloud-based presentation software to create stunning, easy-to-use interactive product catalogs for your next event. No need to print hundreds of paper brochures and lug them from trade show to trade show. It’s not even safe to reuse print materials in this day and age! Minimize costs (and your company’s environmental footprint) by investing in a few touchscreens and Ingage’s cloud-based presentation platform. Simply upload a product catalog like this one and your event prospects will have all the info they need right at their fingertips.

event digital marketing materials
Interactive product catalogs deliver a more memorable and engaging experience.

Interactive Sales Presentations Featuring Video

Be the main attraction at your next event with a one-of-a-kind interactive B2B sales presentation that puts video front and center. A top video marketing agency recently surveyed hundreds of marketers and found that 94% believe that “videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service” and another 43% reported that “video has reduced the number of product support calls their company has received.” Considering that the average person will spend approximately 100 minutes online watching videos daily in 2021—and 48% of people who watch videos online want to see their interests in specific products and services reflected in them—it’s clear that video is one of the best ways to showcase your products and engage your prospects.

Seeing is believing, as one recent Ingage client discovered. NEWPRO—a New England-based remodeling company—made the switch to Ingage’s presentation software to create multimedia friendly digital marketing materials after noticing “PowerPoint fatigue.” The results were outstanding:

“With Ingage, we’re able to add a lot more multimedia content than ever before, like a button to take customers to live reviews, time-lapse renovation project videos and before and after home photos. The free movement in our new presentations really grabs the attention of our customers,” NewsPro Director of Training Pete Ladd.

Ladd also praises several additional Ingage features, notably the ability to incorporate quality visuals and easily make edits on-the-go as well as the overall simplicity of creating a presentation.

If the challenge is to make your next event presentation engaging, relevant and memorable, then Ingage is your solution. Our easy-to-use interface produces interactive messaging that’s optimized for every type of platform (including mobile).

Informative Training and Workshop Materials

Is your next event a B2B training seminar or workshop? Need to make sure your audience not only stays awake and engaged but also retains your key points and overall message? Incorporate visual storytelling to maximize the impact of your training or workshop materials.

Time and again, interactive visual content has proven the most effective means of communication. Per Hubspot, a staggering 80% of people remember what they see and do. Compare that to the 20% of people who remember what they read and 10% of people who remember what they hear. Another study found that people are three times more likely to follow instructions delivered via video or imagery than text.

Not only can you use Ingage to create unique and entertaining training materials, but you can also use our platform’s advanced analytics to track core performance metrics, including page duration, page views, section duration, section views, and overall presentation duration. Drilling into the data will identify what’s working versus what’s not and narrow your focus for upcoming events.

Digital Marketing Materials: The Future of Event Collateral

Digital marketing materials are the tools of today. Cost-effective, impactful, easy to track and analyze: digital marketing campaigns and strategies are outstripping traditional marketing methods with every passing minute, especially in the B2B space.

Ingage recognizes the power of digital marketing materials, and our cloud-based presentation software eliminates the hard work of creating an engaging multimedia presentation for your next event.

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