Lead Generation Strategies to Implement Before 2024

Traditional lead generation strategies such as cold calling and email marketing certainly benefit your brand. But they can only do so much to get people to take notice and engage.

For instance, cold calling usually generates a campaign success rate of 1–3%. Similarly, email marketing open rates across all industries in 2023 is a healthy 34.46%, but click rates nosedive to 1.33%. These traditional methods still work, but both cold calling and email marketing are numbers games. They require a lot of contacts.  

Thankfully, there are alternate lead generation strategies that can organically increase your brand recognition. Since most customers spend a lot of time online, it makes sense to try new ways to attract leads where they already are. Here are three strategies that can give your lead generation efforts a boost.  

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1. Optimize Your Website

The action always happens on your website. Giving customers a pain-free experience during their visit can increase both frequency and engagement. When your online store recreates the experience of shopping in a well-managed physical store, customers will be more than willing to make frequent trips and place orders.

Before you implement any lead generation strategies, make sure your site is fully functional, fast and responsive. This means ensuring fast page loading times, no broken links and seamless payment systems. If customers have to wait for images to load or enter their payment information multiple times, they’re more likely to bounce.

Lead Generating Strategies: Captures, CTAs and Magnets

Once your site is operating smoothly, it’s time to pull out the big guns. First, make sure your customers get the chance to share their information willingly.

Top lead-generating strategies include well-crafted landing pages that feature a single call-to-action (CTA). Limiting your CTA to one, well-designed message reduces confusion and encourages your visitors to focus on a main task. User privacy is paramount, so always ask before you collect any information.

Also, when you ask for an email address or phone number, it’s good practice give something in return. A discount or free shipping on the first purchase or a free promotional item are great starters. These lead magnets can get the sales journey ball rolling faster than outright demanding that users provide their contact information.

2. Generate Leads With Video

Speaking of lead magnets, special offers need to be special to remain effective. So, use your arsenal of promotions sparingly. This means looking for other lead magnets to drive people into your store. One great way to generate interest in your site is through the use of video.

Thanks to improvements in network connectivity, bandwidth and speed, websites can now host high-quality videos that play on demand. Not capitalizing on this can prove fatal to brands who want to raise their profile. In fact, 91% of online companies use video to promote their products. This is mainly because customers increasingly turn to video to learn more about a product.

We’re not talking exclusively about advertisements or promotional videos. Demo videos, customer testimonials and product reviews can also enhance your lead-generation strategies.

Quality Videos Make for Better Lead Generating Strategies

Customers don’t just expect brand video content; they also expect higher-quality output. In fact, the better the content, the more impactful the videos can be for a brand.

But don’t confuse high-quality production with the liberal use of special effects or cutting-edge video technology. Instead of a highly polished video, customers prefer relatable materials that contain more authentic moments.

As with other lead-generating strategies, use the demand for your videos to populate your contact list. For instance, only send premium videos to users who voluntarily subscribe to your mailing list. Make a tasteful plug during the early part of the video to sign up or follow the account. Open up the comments and request sections to subscribers as well.

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3. Share Your Story

Finally, successfully selling your brand requires sharing some stories. People love to connect with others. Giving them something they can relate to can cement their bond with your company.

There are plenty of ways to share your story. For instance, a well-written blog post documenting how and why a product ended up in the market might generate interest. Video reviews from actual users that filter out excessive marketing speak and instead focus on the user experience can help audiences relate to your products.

Finally, presentations can help roll out a complete story. We’re not talking about static slideshows that only move linearly. Instead, think of interactive presentations that shrink and grow according to the viewer’s preference.

Well-Told Stories Make Great Lead Generation Strategies

When telling a compelling and interesting story, simply moving forward in a straight line may not make sense the entire time. Say readers want more detail or clarification on a highlighted item. They should have the option to click a button and expand an interactive subtopic.

The audience should also be able to move into nearby sections and explore the presentation landscape before heading toward the end. This is an essential way to get readers fully immersed and engaged with a story they find interesting.

Once you’ve engaged the customer, they’ll likely want to see and hear more. Make sure you give them an opportunity to submit their contact information. That way, they’ll be the first to know when new content is available.

Generate More Leads With Ingage

The lead generation strategies that draw prospects in like a magnet are creative, engaging and authentic. Interactive sales presentations can check all these boxes and make compelling content for your optimized website.

Ingage is engaging, cloud-based interactive presentation software that has all the tools you need to bring your stories to life. Cloud collaboration lets all members of your team work on the presentation no matter where they’re located. Interactivity gives you the ability to expand stories and provide richer information. And when it’s time to share the story with your clients, simply send them a link.

With Ingage, you can also track your audience’s reactions to your presentation. Built-in analytics show which sections generate the most engagement and which areas need more improvement.

Learn why more than 100,000 Ingage presentations are generated every month. Reach out today for a free demo.

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