Introducing Clever Digital Marketing - a New Kind of Marketing Partner for Home Improvement Businesses

With a constantly changing landscape in the home improvement industry, it can be difficult to know what marketing strategies to take to ensure your services company continues to grow. Enter: Clever Digital Marketing. The company is leveraging a background in marketing and eCommerce to help transform how businesses generate quality leads. We sat down with the Founders Daniel Rahmon and Peter Tams to learn more about their process. 

Ingage: Thanks for sitting down with us, Daniel and Peter. Can you share some background on Clever and how you work in the home improvement space?

Clever: We’ve been in business for nearly 4 years now, starting in eCommerce helping large scale retailers achieve marketing success. At the end of 2020, we began working with home improvement businesses to bring modern advertising and marketing to the industry. Whether you install showers, windows, or siding, we’ve created a streamlined system that supports data-driven decisions that ensure your results can scale. Currently, we work with over 40 companies in the home improvement space and manage over $15 million in ad spend annually.

Ingage: What can business owners expect when they sign on with Clever?  

Clever: When a new client comes on board, we have a kick off call This includes updating their website, creating a strong social media presence, and modernizing their current ad strategy.We launch a 3 month campaign trial which feeds into our longer term strategy. Throughout the campaign, we have regular check-ins where we use data to guide our next steps while continuing to create a new image that best represents the brand. All of this is done within a two week period - clients can expect to launch very quickly after onboarding with us.

As a by product of our branded advertising efforts, our clients typically see an increase in their organic inbound inquiries through their website. And through our marketing funnels we begin to see a high appointment set rate off the leads we directly generate, resulting in a 25-35% appointment set rate on raw leads. Most of our clients have indicated to us that in the past, facebook rarely performed above a 15% set rate with other sources.  

Ingage: Those are impressive numbers! What else sets you apart from other marketing agencies in the industry?

Clever: At our core, we are a performance marketing partner. Every campaign we run is centered on data. We move away from the traditional KPI-focused marketing and lean on actual metrics that matter like the net cost of marketing, and cost per demo. We also differ from other marketing agencies because we offer a consultative approach that is much more holistic and focuses on using data-driven reporting methods to discover what’s working and where there are bottlenecks across the entire sales and marketing process. We truly are interested in how our clients’ businesses work, and we use that information to generate updated campaigns or recommend partners like Ingage. 

Ingage: What do you say to business owners who are weary of adding a marketing agency to their team?

Clever: Incorporating us into your roster of lead vendors brings no disadvantages. We consider ourselves a valuable asset. While certain marketing sources may necessitate budget adjustments or alterations to messaging, we remain unaffected. The greatest benefit of partnering with us actually emerges after three months. Once our team comprehends the intricacies of your business and metrics thoroughly, the requirement for ongoing client communication decreases, along with a decrease in our cost of marketing.   

Ingage: Finally, can you share a few quick tips of marketing tactics companies should really focus on in this shifting landscape?

Clever: No matter what is happening in the industry, remember that content is king. From customer testimonials to before and after photos, leveraging sincere and interesting content will always win your prospects over. Consider sharing more personal content like behind the scenes videos of your team at work or teambuilding events that your company puts on. The more authentic you can be, the more likely you are to reduce skepticism, which can increase sales and drive brand engagement. 

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About Clever Digital Marketing

Clever Digital Marketing is a paid advertising agency that specializes in Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising. Since inception in 2018, it has grown a quick and ferocious team that spends an aggregate of $15 Million a year. Clever’s system has been assumably the best lead generation system in North America because it uses performance marketing strategies mixed with a consultative approach to helping its clients succeed. Clever takes care of everything from the moment your customer sees an advertisement, to the lead capture, follow up system and retention programs that lead to sales.

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