How to Use Presentation Software for Employee Recruitment, Training and Retention

Presentation software is generally thought of as just a tool to accent a sales pitch, but that’s really just the start. In reality, these tools are incredibly versatile. From employee recruitment to training and arming your employees to perform at full capacity in the field, good presentation software can be an asset along every step of your prospective employee’s work life. With a bit of innovative thinking, these tools can be integrated into every part of your company’s employee interaction process.

Showcase Your Employer Brand to Recruit Top Talent

As best put by a recent Gallup study, “Millennials don't just work for a paycheck—they want a purpose.” Given that insight, it is critically important that companies build a connection with candidates during the recruitment process. To reel in top talent, businesses need to do more than just post a dull bulleted job description. They need to dazzle and woo the best prospects.

Video presentations are a perfect way to start the conversation and build that connection. According to a recent report by CareerBuilder, companies that use video presentations experience a 12% increase in job posting views. Monster’s 2019 State of the Candidate Survey found similar thoughts—according to their research, 80% of Americans agree that a video of a recruiter talking about a role as part of a job ad would help them better understand a job opportunity. Capitalize on this! An effective recruitment video should showcase your brand, tell a story about your company’s mission and convince the viewer that they and your company are a perfect match.

But putting together a compelling presentation doesn’t have to be difficult. Produce short recruitment videos featuring employees discussing how they feel about the company (consider making videos for each job posting). Have recruiters talk about a position, benefits and why potential candidates should join the company.

Utilizing dynamic, intuitive presentation software can help you produce these short videos without hassle. Presentation software like Ingage even allows companies to pop links to the videos they create right into job descriptions, so potential employees can view a presentation and make sure they’re a fit right away.

Use Presentation Software to Create Interactive and Engaging Training Presentations

According to the latest Gallup report, 51% of employees feel disengaged in the workplace today. That’s an astounding figure, considering the investment companies spend on employee training! What’s more, 59% of professionals expect employers to provide educational opportunities for career advancement. Companies clearly need to step it up in the training department to create better-informed employees and increase retention. Interactive training presentations are one great way to engage employees.

A great training presentation employs a variety of elements to keep learners involved. Forward-thinking presentation software like Ingage allows companies to produce dynamic, riveting video presentations effortlessly. Interactive features such as buttons, compare pages and scrollmotion are easy to incorporate into your slides and elevate your presentation.

Tips to Improve Training Content

Keep your training presentations focused on a single concept. Hyper-focused training sessions will help keep employees engaged to finish the content. Also, make sure training presentations are customized for each person’s role. Think of how many times you’ve been caught in a meeting that has nothing to do with you—were you riveted, or did you zone out? Employees are less likely to pay attention to a presentation if they don’t see it as relevant to the work they do. Finally, keep things light and informative. Make sure the content provides the necessary information without overwhelming the viewer with unnecessary facts and figures.

Equip Team Members with the Best Presentation Software

Even the most effective employees can’t reach their full potential if they aren’t given the necessary tools to help them shine. This seems like common sense. And yet, according to recent research from Miller Heiman, 40% of sellers ineffectively present their solutions and value to buyers. This altogether too high percentage stems from not equipping employees with the tools they need.

Employees armed with the best presentation software tools can create more engaging content, captivating audiences and driving better sales performance. Successful sales mean successful employees, which translates into employees who are likely to stick around if they feel like they’re excelling at their work. The best thing you can do to retain employees is give them all the tools to succeed that you can!

How to Create More Engaging Presentations

A compelling sales presentation is one that is interactive, engaging, clean and professional. Many of the same principles discussed above for recruitment and training presentations apply here too, as well as the need for intuitive presentation software.

As far as the aesthetic of a presentation goes, it needs to have a consistent look and feel. Common text styles, visuals and logos can help reinforce the cohesiveness of your brand. Slide templates are a huge asset for crafting this sort of consistency. Ingage offers a selection of templates, all customizable, so you can design the perfect brand aesthetic for your presentation. These allow you to maintain a look while plugging in localized or client-specific information as you see fit.

Likewise, presentation software that allows for collaborative work allows for both more engaging presentations and more knowledgeable employees. Cloud-based software like Ingage allows your employees to create, share and update files and presentations on the fly, so everyone has access to the latest information. And robust analytics tools—offering the ability to track presentation, section and page views and duration in real-time—mean your team can make those collaborative decisions based on the best, most current data.

Utilize Presentation Software in Every Aspect of Your Employee’s Experience—From Hiring to the Field

Good presentation software can make a world of difference when it comes to hiring and retaining staff. From producing compelling recruitment videos to training that doesn’t bore them to tears, to enabling them to create their own compelling productions for clients, there’s a use for it in every aspect of your employee’s work experience. The versatility of presentation software makes it a must-have tool for every sales company.

Thankfully, such intuitive software is only a click away! Ingage offers all the utilities mentioned here and more, to truly optimize your team’s experience. Request your free demo of the Ingage Suite and empower your workforce to tap into their full sales potential today.

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