How to Transform Your Sales Culture

Does your current sales process support a culture of growth and retention? If not, it may be time to bring in a dedicated platform to help you coach and train to success while building a stronger culture in your sales team. Enter: Sales Transformation Group. We sat down with their CEO, Ryan Groth, to learn how their platform has helped over 500 businesses find growth through their sales transformation model.

Ingage: Thanks for joining us today, Ryan. Can you kick us off by giving our readers a background on Sales Transformation Group and how you work in the industry?

Ryan Groth: Sales Transformation Group (STG) came about in 2018 after a winding career including a pro-baseball stint with the Angels and a sales career with a major roofing contractor in South Florida. I saw throughout my career the impact hard work and a strong sales culture could have on a business but found that most companies lacked this kind of culture, which was impacting sales. After a few years of coaching sales teams to success, STG was born and became a training and coaching platform that helps companies build a coaching structure and a culture that will lead to stronger sales and better retention. 

Ingage: What do you think makes STG different from other coaching and training platforms?

Ryan: When sales leaders get started with STG, they are introduced to our ATTMO system, which is a simple acronym for our process that transforms a sales team’s culture. It starts with Analyzing, where we look at the entire sales team, including their people, vision and process where it stands today. This gives us an idea of what we might want to adjust as we enter the second step, Training. This is when we build out the sales process and train sales people to align with a common vision. The second “t” is Transformation, this is the exciting part where we see leadership and the overall sales culture changing for the better and confidence starts to grow throughout the company. Then we begin Measuring impacts and review our KPIs, always making sure that they are meeting our goals. Finally, we look to Optimize as much as possible with a consistent feedback loop. This might involve adding a platform like Ingage to your tech stack or building on sales management tools. Unlike other platforms out there, throughout every step we are focused on building a culture that will lead to better performance from the sales team and the company as a whole. It’s made a massive impact for every company we’ve worked with. 

Ingage: Can you speak more to the impact STG has had on companies in the industry?

Ryan: Between our sales methodology, the Baseline Selling™ system, and our coaching system, we’ve seen companies achieve incredible results. Our average company is making 5-10MM with a general goal of growing that number, and our platform has helped them achieve a 30% year over year increase in predictable revenue. Companies are able to not only see higher sales, but also larger deal sizes and better retention because of the culture we develop through our platform. 

Ingage: Those are amazing results! What do you say though to sales leaders who are still apprehensive about adopting coaching and training platforms for their team?

Ryan: I can understand how some sales leaders are put off by the time commitment and the up-front financial costs, but it’s also expensive not to build a culture and it’s actually doing your team a disservice. The industry is becoming more competitive than ever and if you attempt to coast through it and focus solely on increasing revenue, you won’t level up. Success is about impacting culture and the community you serve and if you want to achieve success, adopting an approach that is more customer centric and builds a culture around service is key. 

Ingage: With the industry changing so much lately, what do you think sales leaders should be focused on?

Ryan: The main focus should be playing the long game and understanding that you need to level up and evolve to win, which includes changing your company’s culture. Leadership should be focused on building out more comprehensive training programs and focus on developing their own leadership skills that will improve the business in the long run. 

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About Sales Transformation Group 

After experiencing first-hand the worries and issues that the construction and building materials industries face with sales, we knew we had to make a difference. When you look at the statistics, you’ll see that sales proficiency is a major weakness in our industry, which leads to all types of problems for both the business owner and the employees. Problems like inconsistent, unpredictable revenue. Problems like razor-thin margins that don’t give the business room to grow or breathe. Problems like not knowing whether or not you’ll land your next job because your sales process isn’t consistent. We get it, and we’re here to help.

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