How to Measure ROI for Presentation Software

Regardless of industry, good presentation software is key when it comes to facilitating business communication. Representatives need to engage with current clients, prospective clients and other stakeholders in a structured manner and effective, professional presentations are the best way to do so. A well-designed, intuitive software facilitates this delivery without reps getting bogged down in the behind-the-scenes aspects of presentation building.

Today’s technology allows reps to create and share presentations virtually anywhere. But not all presentation tools are created equal! Most free software options have severe limitations, while different paid options offer different features, some more than others. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding how to measure a presentation software’s ROI.

Ease of Branding and Consistent Styling

When deciding how to measure the ROI of your potential presentation software, it’s important to consider the quality of use alongside price concerns. Effective branding hinges on consistency, and your presentation software should provide templates to enable this. A good platform should also make it easy to plug content into these templates and customize them, preserving your content’s unique appeal.

Ingage’s branded templates are designed with the needs of a modern business in mind. Page customization, font usage and layout and styling options ensure you have infinite ways to craft a design theme unique to your brand.

And once you’ve shaped this theme, Ingage’s Teams features allow you to edit—or not edit—in real-time. Ingage is a cloud-based platform, meaning that teams can access templates in real-time, no matter where they are, which encourages collaborative teamwork. Building and assigning teams is simple, and marketers can then set permission locks on what content teams can and cannot access. For example, you can lock branded content that you need to stay consistent, so local teams can only edit contact information or maybe add personalized content without affecting the entire branded presentation. This ensures consistency in brand design even as files are juggled across multiple teams.

Ability to Add Interactive Elements Easily

Interactive elements are an essential part of engaging presentations, but adding them can be quite challenging. One has to find software that supports such options out of the box, and the marketing and sales teams must have a thorough understanding of said elements before integrating them into slides.

As such, choose presentation software carefully. Many options don't come with any interactive options at all! And many that do make it difficult to add features like buttons, compare pages, scroll motion pages and video pages. You may find your team now has to moonlight as coders to embed various features properly.

A presentation software’s ability to help you save and allocate time for more important tasks is a key consideration in deciding how to measure a software’s ROI. You need a software solution that both offers interactive elements and makes adding them effortless. Your team shouldn’t have to flip between user manuals and online tutorials all day just to embed a video!

Ingage’s presentation software supports countless interactive elements—and adding them to a slide is easy and intuitive. Embedding buttons and other media is a quick drag-and-drop process, and you can customize and assign functions as you like. Other features like compare and scrollmotion pages along with video overlays allow you to build a truly compelling presentation.

Access to Professionally-Made Templates

As a team leader, you want clients to associate your work with the highest levels of professionalism. Your prospects and clients understand the value of quality work and attention to detail, and the last thing they need is a presentation that doesn't address their concerns. That’s why your presentation software choice matters.

Applying Presentation Software in Conferences

If you want your services to appeal to a range of clients, you have to invest in a tool that customizes your slides. Clients from various industries such as carpentry, construction, real estate development and manufacturing all require different presentation styles. They'll need distinct imagery, styles and looks to capture the essence of their products and services.

Every presentation must be unique to each client, while also retaining a consistent standard of professionalism. The best way to do this is by utilizing templates. While many platforms have templates, many only ever offer a standard handful, which leads to boring and recycled presentations.

On the other hand, Ingage offers hundreds of layout options as well as freestyle pages so that no presentation feels bland or unimaginative. These clean and professional templates can then be further altered and customized, so your options are truly unlimited.

Analytics and Dashboards Without Extra Plugins

Analytics are indispensable in the digital age. Tracking customer and audience engagement is key to generating product interest. If you interact with clients and prospects through the web, you need a way to determine how many people view an ad or pitch. The more granular this data can get—click-through and bounce rates, slide-by-slide viewership numbers, et cetera—the better.

Older and “free” presentation software applications don’t bother enabling analytics tools, leaving teams flying blind when trying to determine success. In contrast, Ingage understands how crucial these numbers are when trying to measure presentation and sales pitch ROI, and consequently offers a wealth of analytics data. Users can measure presentation views, slide-by-slide views, page duration and more to get a true second-by-second calculation of value. This informs you on what generates maximum engagement, so you can assess what works and what doesn't.

Maximize Your ROI With Ingage

Professional software is a must when preparing a presentation today. While many think that any old legacy or free platform will suffice, most don’t offer the wealth of resources that a more fine-tuned option can. Consequently, while you may think you’re saving just because a platform is cheaper, the amount of extra labor for a subpar product means you're actually suffering by not paying for an effective platform.

Ingage offers an intuitive, collaborative cloud-based platform that makes building dynamic presentations effortless. It allows for easy team communication and offers an abundance of multimedia and template options. The analytics tools help your team fine-tune their pitches by seeing exactly what is and is not impacting viewers. All these options mean your team doesn’t have to fight through awkward coding and guessing games. Instead, they can focus on delivering their message. Contact Ingage for a free demo and level up your presentations today!

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