How To Give Your Team What They Need: Process Meets Presentation

The foundation of a sales pitch all comes down to one thing: the sales presentation. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many companies fail at this exact venture - without even realizing it. That’s where Ingage comes in - our cloud-based presentation platform helps you stomp out the competition, stand out from competitors and modernize sales presentations. Our platform revolutionizes the sales presentation, but good software isn’t everything. We recently sat down with Grosso University to talk about how they pair their superior sales process with our presentation for maximum results. Keep reading to learn why you need a sales process, how to create a sales process and what you need to give your team for them to be successful.

What is a Sales Process?

When companies don’t have a sales process, they’re leaving a lot of business on the table. We liken it to a paint by numbers kit. Imagine asking someone to paint something complex, unless they’re the next Picasso, chances are it’s not going to look great. However, imagine giving someone a paint by numbers kit. They have the paint, the outline and it tells them exactly where to paint based on the numbers on the canvas. It’s bound to turn out nicely. A sales process is a lot like a paint by numbers kit. If developed correctly, it allows every type of salesperson to deliver a masterpiece consistently, day after day. 

Why do You Need a Repeatable Sales Process?

If you have a wide variety of salespeople, and they’re all winging it, you’re going to have limited results. Instead, you need to create a roadmap for reps to follow. When you set up a sales methodology, you produce great salespeople that are trained to sell successfully. You also create a repeatable process for every new hire while also delivering a structure that can hold salespeople accountable. By creating a repeatable sales process, there is a step-by-step system that salespeople have to follow, making it easier to train, onboard and grow and scale your sales team.

Using Ingage for Your Repeatable Sales Process

Grosso University uses Ingage because they believe there is truly no better sales presentation software. They rely on Ingage to create custom presentations for onboarding during their boot camp sessions and even create complete presentations for clients to use for their own selling activities. They develop the script in the presentation page by page so that the company will know exactly what to say, making it a repeatable process. They have all the tools they need to deliver a masterful sales presentation consistently.

Inputting Videos and PDFs into Your Sales Presentation

Many sales teams use flipbooks or PowerPoints, but for sales reps, this isn’t easy to navigate. They often end up feeling extremely scripted or unnatural. Grosso University ensures their clients have a way to access a repeatable, scripted sales process, while also having something that allows them space to tell their story. 

PowerPoint is a level up from a traditional flipbook. But when developing their sales process, Grosso University realized that there was still something missing. When they wanted to show videos, they had to exit out to another website or software. Whereas with Ingage, it was easy. You can put PDFs and videos right into the presentation, instantly creating a masterful, organized presentation that both salespeople and customers enjoy. In fact, when Grosso University introduced the Ingage presentation, they grew by $20 million that year.

Storytelling is a Sales Team’s Biggest Asset

If you want the success that Grosso University has had, your sales team has to use storytelling. People think with emotional and visual examples, that’s why Ingage is so successful. The more visual aids you have, the easier it is to sell someone on your service. Using Ingage makes it so that you can upload testimonials, videos and more right into the presentation without having to leave and go to another website or software. This makes it so your sales team can tell the story of your company as they go through their presentation.

Buyers Get Emotionally Involved

Buyers want to see proof and trust. How do you do that? You use storytelling to get them emotionally involved. When presenting to a potential customer, you’re convincing them to give you their hard-earned money. They don’t want that to go to waste. Your sales process should always include getting your buyers emotionally involved, and that’s easy to do using Ingage. Many of these people want those warm and fuzzy feelings when thinking about your company and they want to trust that nothing will go wrong. The best way to give them these feelings is by showing videos and other powerful visuals of real examples of your work. 

Master the Script

Scripts are necessary for a good sales presentation, but reading off a script will only make your sales team sound like robots. So, your sales team truly has to master the script. This means they need it rehearsed to the point that it sounds natural and comes off authentic and real. Even when the script is mastered, that’s only 10% of communication in sales. The other part is your presentation itself, and Ingage gives you powerful tools so your sales team can focus on controlling their own emotions and not sounding so robotic.

Sales presentations are the most important thing your sales team will do - but a repeatable process is imperative. Grosso University trusts Ingage to get the job done, and they’ve seen incredible results from it. Learn more about how Ingage can help you by clicking here.

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