How To Create A Modern Sales Team To Close More Deals

Everything from your phone to your stove needs to be updated from time to time. And when it comes to your business, new software comes out and it makes everything you did before obsolete. However, it seems as if the sales industry doesn’t change. Many companies rely on the same old sales tactics that they taught last century, and while these tactics aren’t wrong, they’re certainly not driving more sales. If you’re still telling your sales reps to use paper and rely on their charisma, it’s time for an upgrade. The good news is that this software update isn’t going to weigh your team down. In fact, it’s only going to benefit your company in the long run. With a modern sales team, you’ll understand more about your reps, your customers and how to close more deals. Keep reading to find out how you can increase sales and your reps’ close rates.

Why do sales teams need new software?

There’s always a new and better product that’s coming out, but sales teams are often reluctant to switch. Whether they’re doubtful of a platform’s performance or just like the way things are going, modernizing your sales team will actually help them in the long run. Selling on paper is outdated and cumbersome and while selling on a PowerPoint is digital, it doesn't give customers that wow factor or provide sales leaders insights.

The biggest reason sales teams need to update to new software is because today’s software can tell marketers and sales leaders a whole host of information that past software couldn’t. Marketing is all about analytics. It’s what a marketing team depends on. But, sales should also rely on analytics. New software, like Ingage, can help managers understand why a rep is performing the way they are. They can figure out why they’re stalling at a certain point or how much time a rep is spending on each part of the presentation. This insight is invaluable to managers because most managers can’t sit in on every sales presentation. With insights from Ingage, they can figure out what to help each rep with to close more deals.

How to modernize your sales presentation

In today’s world, everything is digital. Whether it’s virtual sales appointments due to COVID or in-person appointments, hardly anyone carries around a pen and paper anymore. So, we see a lot of sales teams who have turned to PowerPoint presentations. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sales presentations done digitally will always be better than old-school flip books. However, PowerPoint does lack in several areas.

First, PowerPoint isn’t very user-friendly. If you want to share a link, you have to click the link which takes you to another pop-up, which can take a couple of seconds or even minutes to upload depending on your internet connection. 

Second, PowerPoint is long. You’ll end up having dozens of slides that aren’t informative or that the lead gets bored of. Then, to get to a part of the presentation they actually want to learn about, you have to scroll through dozens of slides to find it. It comes across as unprofessional and unprepared.

Third, there’s no wow factor to PowerPoint. Everyone has seen thousands of PowerPoint presentations and there’s nothing new about them. How are your reps supposed to oust the competition when you’re all showing the same presentation?

That’s where Ingage comes into play. Ingage is a modern sales presentation software that allows you to have links embedded into the presentation offline so there’s no exiting out to different apps or waiting on an unstable internet connection. On top of that, Ingage is designed to create beautiful and stunning presentations that draw leads in and capture their attention. Plus, you can navigate to any part of the presentation with a click of a button, leaving your potential customers finding out just what they need and forgetting about the parts they may deem boring.

Analytics should be a top priority

You wouldn’t buy leads from someone without knowing where they came from, what the average close rates are or whether or not they’ll even work for your company. So, why should you send a rep to a lead without any data? That’s where Think Unlimited’s Lead Optimizer comes in. Another modern software that is here to make your life easier, the Lead Optimizer takes the analytics from Ingage and will show which rep will best close each lead based on the information presented. Not only does this allow for a better chance at closing the lead, but it helps build confidence in the rep knowing that the data supports them being the top rep for the lead.

Get ahead of the game with modern software

If you’re not currently taking advantage of modern software with your sales team, you’re missing out. Your customers need the wow factor and a great rep to commit to, and using these tools will help you get ahead of your competition. Here’s our tips for creating the best modern sales team:

  • Invest in software and learn how to use it
  • Give your sales team a repeatable script they can study
  • Create wow-worthy presentations that will help your reps sell better
  • Follow the analytics provided from Ingage and go over them with your reps
  • Fix any issues that your reps may have based on the analytics presented
  • Make sure you’re sending the right rep to the right lead to help close the deals

Ingage is here to help

It’s time to create stunning presentations that your sales team and potential customers will love. At Ingage, our software is there to make your life easier and make your company more money! Ready to see what this software is about? Click here for a free demo of Ingage.

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