How to Close More Deals with Financing Options

As many businesses struggle to generate more leads in today’s market, leaders are looking for new ways to ensure their reps can close every deal. The best way to make that happen may just be adding financing to your tech stack. We sat down with Dani Romack, Director at Pure Finance Group, to learn how they’re helping companies achieve higher close rates with their financing tools.  

Ingage: Tell us about Pure Finance Group and how you work with the Home Improvement industry.

Dani: Pure Finance Group was created by Home Improvement specialists with the contractor in mind; our core goal is to make it easier for contractors to close deals faster by offering low monthly payments to their homeowners. Contractors are set up with the tools they need to walk homeowners through the financing process, alleviating the stress that often comes with applying for a loan. We specialize in providing a full spectrum of competitive financing plans for all types of credit profiles, and we do it with a personal touch that can be felt in our customer service!  

Ingage: Can you share more about how Pure Finance Group is different from other financing options for the Home Improvement industry?

Dani: There are a few things that set us apart, but one I love to highlight is that we really focus on building partnerships with our clients. As a former in-home sales rep, I know what it’s like to go into a home where the roof absolutely needs to be replaced or windows need fixing, only to have a homeowner stop the sale because money is tight. Having been in their place, it is important to work with financing partners that understand your needs when it comes to closing the sale. With Pure Finance Group, you get access to a support team that can work with you to get the best outcome for your homeowner. In fact, many of our clients are on a first-name basis with our support team, which shows how important this partnership approach can be. This results in more secured closed deals for contractors and happy homeowners who can finally cross off some of their home improvement projects. 

Ingage: Switching gears, what made you want to partner with Ingage and what kind of results have you seen companies achieve since implementing our partnership?

Dani: As someone who used to use PowerPoint to sell in-home, I could easily see how Ingage could help reps close more deals with interactive options and provide better visualization for the homeowner. Once I found out how many of our mutual customers were using Ingage, and were having increased close percentages I knew we should partner up.

When used together, Pure Finance and Ingage customers can make selling in the home easier than ever. With Ingage on the front end, reps can keep homeowners engaged and allow them to really understand what they’re buying, and how they will be paying for it. Presenting financing options with Pure Finance Group through Ingage technology makes the entire process seamless from sale to payment.  Reps can leverage Pure Finance Group to quickly get the homeowner approved with a low monthly payment to seal the deal. Together, we’re helping companies see faster and higher close rates.

Ingage: Despite how easy it is for reps to use, a lot of businesses are weary of adopting financing. What would you say to leaders who are wearing of adding Pure Finance to their tech stack?

Dani: When people are weary of things, it’s usually because they don’t understand them. That’s why when we onboard new contractors, we take our time and walk them through how both their business and their customers will be taken care of. We can help streamline financing and make it more accessible in a way that their current processes can’t.

When contracting businesses start to offer financing plans, they immediately open themselves up to a larger customer base, becoming more competitive in the market. They are able to attract customers who are either unable or unwilling to pay out of pocket for their project,  and can close deals that would have otherwise been lost.


Ingage: Finally, looking at the future of the Home Improvement industry, is there anything you think business owners should be thinking about?

Dani: In our current market, it’s hard to say exactly what the future looks like, but I think right now is a good time to think about how you can raise your bottom line. If your current finance program has high bank fees, consider using another platform - like Pure Finance Group- that can eliminate some unnecessary costs. Of course, lead gen is another variable that a lot of sales leaders are watching closely right now. We want to make sure that your leads get converted to sales, and one of the best ways to do that is to offer financing options that can meet homeowners at nearly every budget. This makes for a happy homeowner and a healthy ROI! 

About Pure Finance Group

Pure Finance Group was established to make lending easier for business owners and homeowners alike. Providing lending services in a variety of different fields, we have the expertise needed to help you get the financing you need for your business. What makes us unique is our tailored service, providing customers with speed and delivery when it comes to their lending needs.

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