How To Build A Successful Home Improvement Sales Presentation

When on a sales call with a homeowner, it’s not difficult to figure out what they want: a successful home improvement project. But how do you effectively communicate your success rate, products or services and set expectations? It all comes down to your sales presentation. 

How To Create A Great Presentation For Your Customers

There are four key elements to building a successful presentation: personalization, customization, expectation setting and education. You want the presentation to feel tailored to a customer’s needs, with their custom choices inputted, accurate completion dates and a clear understanding of what the project entails. With this formula, customers will be more likely to trust you and therefore, want to work with you.  

When building your presentation, consider these five touchpoints to build trust and create a lasting experience for customers. 

1. Expectation setting

The happiest customers are the ones who know what they can expect. The easiest way to share that information is to simply say “this is how we work.” This allows customers to fully understand what the process looks like from start to finish, which helps build trust while reducing stress for everyone involved. When building this into your presentation, consider the basics of effective communication: tell the customer what you’re going to tell them, then tell them and finally, tell them what you told them. It may sound simple, but this format provides customers with a clear vision of what to expect at each junction of the process.

2. Comprehending needs and wants

Homeowners will share countless needs and wants with you throughout the sales process, and they expect that you will not only understand them, but help them find a solution. They want to see that you’re not just trying to sell them, but that you’re invested in exploring their situation and helping them find the best way to solve their problems. The best way to show you comprehend their wants and needs is to simply ask questions. This establishes that you are interested in their concerns and want to work together to make their dreams a reality. 

Consider having the customer complete a needs assessment form before the in-home sales call. This provides better insight into each customer and allows you to come prepared with more specific questions and solutions that can help you close deals faster and get projects moving forward. 

3. Personalized presentations and recommendations

If your customer has completed the needs assessment, then you should have no trouble satisfying their desire to have a personalized sales presentation. Not only does this help them feel understood, it also helps them feel better valued by your team instead of just another homeowner. Roughly 80% of customers feel brands don’t understand them, this gives you the opportunity to be the 20% that does! 

When building your home improvement sales presentation on Ingage, you can quickly personalize details or hide certain sections that may not be relevant to that specific customer. Use videos and hotspot buttons to deepen understanding of how each product works. Whether you sell siding or window treatments, creating a presentation with interactive features sharing detailed information about your products and services gives customers a hands-on experience that automatically feels more personalized. 

4. Transparency in pricing and payment 

Today’s homeowners can find the price of nearly anything online in an instant. They expect that same transparency from you. So how do you share that information without out-pricing yourself? The trick is to build value throughout the presentation and use comparisons to other lesser-valued products or services so by the end, customers know they’re getting the best value and price from your team. 

5. Social proof 

Homeowners are a savvy bunch with nearly 90% of them reading online reviews before they even book an in-home sales call. Considering this, it’s essential to build a strong online presence that shows you communicate with your customers and answer any concerns they may have. If you already have great reviews online, add them to your presentation to reiterate your success in the community. Include before and after images of past projects paired with the positive customer testimonial to seal the deal. 

Ingage To Makes Home Improvement Sales Seamless

Our software ensures that you can have all of these essential elements in your presentation. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’d love to help! Let’s connect so we can show you everything Ingage can do for your company.

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