How Technology Leads To Easier And Better Onboarding

One of the biggest challenges that businesses everywhere face is onboarding employees. This is an even bigger challenge when it’s a sales team that needs to be onboarded. Even though every sales rep has their own unique style, if you don’t nail down a successful process to teach and train other reps, you can end up with a myriad of approaches and frustrations that occur because of it. But, your onboarding woes could be a thing of the past thanks to the introduction of new technology in the sales space. Keep reading to learn the best practices from Pete Ladd of New Pro who uses technology can make his life easier when it comes to onboarding employees.

The Original Way Sales Teams Were Trained

Sales teams often saw a lack of training in the field. They were given a trial and error approach where they were on their own to find the best way to sell people. Unfortunately, this would lead to a huge loss in clients that could have ended up being sales if they were pitched by a better trained salesperson. Then people started to use one-on-one trainings. While this was successful in better training salespeople, it was a huge use of resources and hard on the manager. Not to mention, whenever they needed a refresher, they’d have to go back to the sales manager, which would make even more work for the manager.

Overall, this wasn’t very effective, and would create more issues in the long run. Relying on one, or a few, managers to teach everyone was burdensome and ineffective.

Why Having A Sales Process Is Important

Nowadays, the importance of training sales people is imperative. Without a functioning and successful sales team, your company will lack growth. But, what is a sales process and how does it differ from the original training methods of the past?

A sales process is a predetermined list of steps that takes a person from lead to customer. Every business will have a different process, but all sales members in a singular organization should be following the same process. This allows for seamless sales, and also allows for beginners and novices to be trained to the same level as the experts. The easiest way to determine a successful sales process is to work as the owner with your top sales reps to create one. While you are able to find some examples online of sales processes, your business is unique and will require a unique sales process.

Not all owners are sales forward and knowledgeable, but that doesn't mean they can’t work to create the sales process. While this will take a significant amount of resources to begin with, it will ultimately save time and create better relationships with your employees and clients.

Making Sales Process Easy With Ingage

When you do finally hammer down that sales process, where do you store it? How do you train your employees to make sure they are up to date on the latest sales? That’s where Ingage and other technology comes in.

Technology makes it easier than ever to have a sales process that you can count on. With Ingage, you can store all of your sales training materials on our platform which allows all of your sales reps to access them at any given time. Not only can they begin their training with these videos, but they can also revisit them at any time to refresh their knowledge and craft. Onboarding a sales rep used to take a ton of resources and time. But now, with a repeatable sales process and Ingage, your sales reps will be able to onboard themselves virtually to learn the ins and outs of your sales process. These employees can then have a one-time meeting with a sales manager to ask questions and do a sample pitch to ensure their onboarding was successful.

Don’t just take our word for it. We hear from companies all the time who have used Ingage to better their sales process. Pete, from New Pro, stated that his onboarding process has been cutdown significantly thanks to using Ingage to onboard employees. And he’s just one of many! Ingage is the easiest and most efficient way to onboard sales reps in the home services industry.

Using Tech Beyond Onboarding

We know how frustrating single-use software can be, which is why Ingage has multiple uses. Not only can you use our platform to better onboard employees, but you can also use our tech to present to your customers. Our platform is the most professional way to have a sales presentation. Instead of slide after slide, Ingage is interactive, allowing customers to direct the conversation and engage in what the sales rep is presenting.

Ingage is also great for sales managers who want to track and analyze their sales team’s performance. Our analytics take a deep dive into presentations, which allow managers to see exactly how much time each sales rep is spending on every slide, their close rates, and more. It gives insight as if the manager was sitting in on the presentation, which is unlike any other platform out there.

With better onboarding, presentations and analytics, this leads to more sales than in the past. For those who haven’t adopted technology yet, now is the time. The increase in technology has only skyrocketed in the last two years as many sales reps had to adapt to selling virtually across the board. Though technology can have a learning curve, in the end, it will save you time, money and frustration.

Looking for a platform that will solve all your onboarding challenges and lead to better sales? Ingage is the one for you! Contact us today for a free presentation.

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