How Paradigm Vendo™ Transforms Your Selling System

If a home has been built or remodeled in the past 20 years, chances are Paradigm software was involved. Paradigm Vendo™, one of the company’s hottest innovations, is a digital selling solution used by in-home sales professionals across the US. We sat down with Paradigm’s Jason Oefstedahl to learn more about digital selling and how Ingage’s partnership with Paradigm  is helping  drive success for many businesses.

Ingage: Can you give us some background on Paradigm Vendo and how you work in the home improvement space?

Jason: Paradigm Vendo is a digital selling solution that lets in-home sales professionals streamline selling, from appointment management to final contract – and everything in between. We’ve helped sales teams find success closing more deals without all of the complicated paperwork and endless price books.

Ingage:  Walk us through the process of getting started with Paradigm Vendo.

Jason: It all starts with a simple demonstration of Paradigm Vendo’s capabilities. There’s no substitute for seeing it in action to determine whether it’s the right fit. After that, we simply move on to implementation. This is where Paradigm’s decades of experience with configuring building products for the biggest manufacturers and retailers in the building industry pays dividends. We work with the customer to input all products and pricing into the application, which puts configuration and quoting right at their fingertips, so they’ll never have to manually calculate a price again. We also load customer contracts, forms, and other digital assets, so they’re available in one convenient location. And, of course, we train users on all the app’s features and provide ongoing customer support when they need it.  

Ingage: We both know that streamlining sales is essential to a business’ success. How does Paradigm Vendo help sales leaders achieve success?

Jason: We’ve found that many home improvement companies either have a traditional 10-step selling system or no sales process at all. When we built Paradigm Vendo, we wanted to create a platform that would make it simple to adopt a new process, or keep the same one, without having to go through too much hassle. That’s why every aspect of the platform can be edited to accommodate specific sales steps and different names for processes, so every rep can feel confident when they’re selling.

Part of that confidence comes from the fact that with Paradigm Vendo, reps can create even more personalized experiences for homeowners, which often leads to higher sales. We’ve also found that using Paradigm Vendo reduces mismeasures and offers a far less complicated process for submitting quotes and paperwork.

Ingage: How has Paradigm Vendo been able to support businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Jason: We’ve found a lot more people relying on the digital aspects of Paradigm Vendo to help them close a sale faster and more efficiently. Because the app connects to Ingage and also features remote signature capabilities, we’ve seen reps sell over Zoom and then have the homeowner sign a contract right then and there. We can also share contracts, product brochures, product warranties, and even the sales presentation, directly with the customer via email. It’s convenient, and it gives customers the freedom to examine documents and make decisions on their own time, which enhances the overall customer experience.

Ingage: Shifting to Paradigm Vendo and Ingage, can you tell us how you were introduced to Ingage and what made you want to partner with us?

Jason: I first found out about Ingage through a few of our customers when I was at MarketSharp. When I moved to Paradigm, Ingage was the first platform I thought of to connect with the Paradigm Vendo solution. Our products are so complimentary. It just makes sense to join forces and provide the home improvement industry with a full breadth of tools.

Ingage: Is there a feature you like to highlight when talking about our partnership?

Jason: Absolutely. Being able to deep link between Ingage and Paradigm Vendo is a great feature that makes the sales process even easier than before. I’m excited to see how else we can build our relationship in the years to come!

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