Ditch Powerpoint and Google Slides and Join the Future of Presenting

Using PowerPoint or Google Slides for presentations today is like using a 2004 Motorola cell phone in the smartphone era. They are as ubiquitous as they are clunky and limiting.

To maintain a consistent brand voice across your dealer network, you need to level up to modern solutions for sales presentations—solutions that are easy to update and sync content with, ensuring your teams, dealers and key partners are on the same page.

The Old Way: PowerPoint and Google Slides

PowerPoint is a familiar and straightforward old hand when it comes to presentation software to make your pitch with. But it lacks even the simplest key features for sales, not to mention more modern flourishes to impress clients. Its basic tool set limits your ability to highlight critical product details. Static bulleted lists, simple slide transitions and random animation effects are all you have at your disposal to make a lasting impression.

Sharing and collaboration is another of PowerPoint’s weak spots. While files can be shared over the internet, the process is unwieldy—first registering for a Microsoft 365 account, then uploading local files, tinkering with the share settings and so on. Since PowerPoint users tend to create presentations on local drives, companies often end up with multiple presentations saying different things about the same product.

And while Google Slides, on the other hand, is great for collaboration, it suffers the same limitations as PowerPoint when it comes to presenting your pitch. Google Slides offers even fewer effects, themes, animations and transitions. Lacking advanced features, these older tools limit your ability to create soundbites, dramatic pivots, punchlines and climaxes to leave a lasting impression on prospective clients. Even the best pitch can be hampered by outdated presentation software.

The New Way: Shifting to Modern Presentation Software

Instead, leverage today’s technologies to create the most engaging, powerful presentations possible. Cloud-based presentation apps like Ingage allow real-time collaboration, consistent content and visibility throughout the presentation lifecycle. These solutions are ideal for online or in-person meetings, for marketers, salespersons or anyone wishing to pitch an idea with greater clarity and impact.

Consider the following advantages cloud-based apps like Ingage offer over PowerPoint and Google Slides:

Interactive Content

Interactive content hooks attention and drives more engagement than flat presentations. Adding page motion, video slides, user-driven actions and other interactive elements breaks the monotony of traditional slide presentations.

Interactive presentation apps like Ingage allow you to stitch together short, crisp visual stories to focus your presentation. Highlight effects that create movement and emphasis draw the audience’s attention to your product’s USP and key messages. Movement tools and varied screen motion add dynamism to pull audience out of the “dead air” that stagnate more traditional PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. With care, you can add flair to spice things up without being too fancy.

Some interactive Ingage features include tapping buttons that reveal information, compare pages and scroll-motion pages. Videos can be added as highlights or backdrops.

Easy Creating and Secure Sharing

Another advantage of advanced sales presentation software like Ingage is the ease with which you can create and share content. You can easily drag and drop buttons, edit them for different styles and labels, and duplicate or delete them allow you to generate dynamic content in no time.

The Ingage interface is also built to be effortlessly intuitive. Adding images, videos and copy is a breeze for even the least tech-savvy, and the interactive elements are accessible at a click.

Of course, a powerful presentation starts with creative thinking on your end—and should you need design services, Ingage has a team of design experts ready to assist.

Sharing presentations is also straightforward and secure. Add users by inviting them through email: step-by-step instructions will walk them through onboarding on their own. You can also upload CSV files to add several users at once.


Sophisticated cloud presentation tools let you do more than just place things in one location. They allow you to group users as well. Ingage lets you create teams by role, product line, process or whatever organization is most useful for you. Once your teams are assembled, you can easily share content with as many or few as you like at once. Any content changes made are synced throughout all the teams with access.

Ingage also allows you to add guest teams or users from other companies! An added convenience for remote meetings with clients, distributors or suppliers.

On-Brand Content Across Devices

Brand consistency not only promotes recognition; it also builds trust with your clients. You, your distributors and sales reps need to be on the same page when pitching the product. But when different teams develop their own presentations (teams saving different PowerPoint files in different local drives, for example), the brand can fall prey to misinterpretation.

With modern cloud presentation solutions, all your teams access the same material from one location, so they get consistent and brand-updated content on any device.  This institutionalizes professional branding across your teams, departments and distributors.

User roles and permissions functions also streamline your creation process. For example, with Ingage you can assign admins, creators, editors and viewers, and set approval rules to authorize updates while keeping everyone in the loop.

Data-Driven Results

Perhaps most importantly, modern software allows you to quantify your presentations. Rich analytics tools let you measure the reach, engagement and outcomes of presentations—which are most- or least-used, used together, frequently shared, etc. These details help you fine-tune content and consolidate presentations according to the data.

To illustrate how analytics assist presentations, here are some reports you can generate with Ingage:

  • presentation-view reports for overviews of the most frequently used presentations
  • page details reports to see what your reps are doing at a specific date and time
  • calendar dashboard to line up your reps’ activities for visual simplicity
  • top performers behavior reports to surface behavioral patterns of your top performers, which can be used to coach other reps

With robust analytics you can aggregate the best practices in your presentations, ensuring your teams use the most optimized material.

Investing in modern presentation tools ensures consistent brand voice and smooth information flow across your dealer network. As business grows, so too must your tools grow to keep up with the communication complexities of an expanding dealership. Using cloud-based software like Ingage ensures that your presentations will unlock new opportunities.

Try a free demo here and level up your presentations with Ingage.

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