Build a Winning Team by Utilizing the Best Presentation Software

Behind every great team is a suite of great tools. People often think of presentation software as just a vehicle to help deliver a client pitch. But many don’t realize that the best presentation software tools are actually incredibly versatile. Sales decks, brand highlights, analytics, collaborative work features—a truly comprehensive platform is versatile enough to be an asset to the whole team. It enables everyone to work smarter and more efficiently. From sales to marketing to HR—presentation software can elevate everyone’s work.

Sales Teams Can Effectively Sell and Showcase a Brand

A strong presentation is always an asset to a sales team trying to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients. The challenge, however, is in creating presentations that balance brand alignment with a final visual that is engaging and memorable. Employing the best presentation software can help solve this dilemma.

Software solutions like Ingage are built specifically with this balancing act in mind. Ingage offers hundreds of sample pages to ensure teams can build presentations with brand consistency at top of mind. These sample pages are all customizable, so you can build a unique brand aesthetic by adding your own fonts, color schemes and logos.

Once you’ve designed your pages, they are also easy to share and reproduce! Duplicate pages with just a click of a button. The cloud-based platform’s sharing capabilities also mean any team member can edit these slides on the fly if need be while keeping everyone updated.

While creating a presentation can be a daunting task for some employees, Ingage offers extensive guidance through tutorial pages. Here are a few general guidelines to remember when designing a professional, clean presentation:

  • Be consistent. Adhere to a predefined color and font template to ensure the overall look and feel of the presentation feels coherent. Don’t clutter the presentation with excessive colors and fonts. Too many clashing elements will confuse the eye and distract the viewer.
  • Don’t Shout. This simply means don’t use the same size and font for everything. When everything looks the same, it all competes for attention—it “shouts” at the viewer. It’s all about balance. Not everything on the page can be equally important.
  • Remember Hierarchy. Channel the viewer’s eye by smartly weaponizing font size, placement and color. Funneling headline sizes from large to small will guide the viewer in the direction you want them to read. Place information you want to be read first at the top of the page. Use a defined headline style and a color that sets it apart from the rest.
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Marketing Teams Will Create Compelling Product Marketing and Demonstrations

The best presentation software can also assist marketers in developing compelling and interactive content for product marketing and product demonstration. Whether it is providing aids for a conference, pitching a new campaign, presenting a webinar or simply repurposing content for other platforms, great software can help.

A presentation suite like Ingage offers a range of options for marketers to utilize when crafting engaging, audience-centered presentations. Interactive content is critical to keep your viewers present and roped in, and the Ingage platform offers unparalleled options to integrate interactivity into your slides.

For example, HTML functionality allows you to present fully interactive web content directly within a presentation. Marketers can upload a full website, or choose a .zip with HTML, CSS and JavaScript files for offline support, rather than dipping in and out of presentations. Other interactive elements such as buttons, compare pages, scrollmotion and video embed functionality are also easy to incorporate into your slides, in order to create a dynamic show.

HR Can Communicate With Employees Efficiently

Employee engagement is crucial in any organization, and driving trust in your brand starts at home. You as an organization can and should implement steps to ensure your employees are actively immersed in your brand on a daily basis. After all, inviting employees to be part of the brand goes a long way towards creating ambassadors without much additional effort. And access to the best presentation software can empower HR teams to supplement employee engagement activities with riveting, interactive presentations that invite employees to participate in brand culture.

Ingage software allows HR departments to create their own branded content to share internally and makes sharing simple and easy to use. Utilize interactive features like those mentioned earlier to create videos and presentations that pull your employees in and make them knowledgeable about the company’s inner workings. The sharing capabilities allow you to blast out this information to the whole company, or target specific departments as needed.

Robust analytics tools then allow HR to track employee engagement with the material. You can create all the compelling content for staff that you wants, but it helps to know if they are actually interacting with it. Ingage’s analytics tools allow presenters to track metrics like presentation, section and individual page views, and the duration viewed of each metric. Armed with this information, HR teams can determine what does and does not work, and adjust accordingly.

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Choose the Best Presentation Software to Ensure a Winning Team

The best presentation software is more than just a vehicle for slides. From encouraging collaborative work to building and cultivating strong brand culture, these platforms can be an asset in any division if employed smartly. An intuitive, versatile tool like Ingage is an investment in your company for the long haul, and will help your team reach their full potential! Contact Ingage today to learn more about our tools and try a free demo.

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