Best Presentation Tools to Streamline Enterprise Level Sales Materials

Large enterprises with thousands of dealers across different territories face unique sales challenges. These teams need to ensure that they coordinate their entire sales cycle to maintain consistency. At its core are marketing and sales materials that deliver brand awareness and product highlights along with training and coaching content.

These dealers rely on sales enablement efforts that anchor on continuous production and delivery of content to handle the huge demand for enterprise-level sales optimization. While 52% of companies prioritize content services, up to two out of three sales enablement campaigns do not have any formal content strategy.

The primary reason? It isn't easy to create different types of content and share them with a wide distribution network in real-time. Traditional sales presentations are difficult to manage, especially among large sales and marketing teams. Enterprise-level marketing and sales need the best presentation tools that streamline their entire workflow, regardless of their size.

Best Presentation Tools: What to Look For

There’s a vast ocean of sales presentation tools on the market. The potential benefits and features they can bring to your presentations can be very exciting, but the sheer number of options is intimidating.

When choosing the best presentation software for your sales and marketing team, there are several aspects you need to consider:

  • Cloud-Based Platform - Access your presentation software anywhere you are. Team members can collaborate whether they are working from home or at the office. With cloud-based platforms, you do not need to worry about software and hardware compatibility—online presentation tools, such as Ingage, produces a fully-featured experience on any browser or tablet.
  • Content-Rich Presentations - Businesses need a diverse array of content to stay relevant. Articles, audios, videos and interactive elements are often disconnected and difficult to manage. Combine all these in a content-rich presentation to increase not only customer engagement but your team members as well, especially during their training or coaching sessions.
  • Intuitive User-Interface - Modern apps shouldn’t require you to jump through hoops to create high-quality marketing and sales materials. For example, Ingage provides a user-friendly interface that any team member can understand in minutes. Manage and edit presentation collateral all in one place.
  • Share Materials in Real-Time - It is complicated to manage and update sales materials across thousands of dealers. Cloud-based platforms eliminate these issues by making sure that all sales materials have real-time updates. Share product updates, demos and presentations for your sales enablement campaign in just a few clicks.
  • Easy Content Management - A centralized repository of all your sales and marketing assets is not enough anymore. There should be different types of user permissions to manage and control critical changes to your content. For instance, Ingage Teams come with different permissions such as Editors, Viewers and Analysts. This prevents any accidental changes and unauthorized access to your presentations.
  • Analytics and Dashboards - Behind successful sales enablement programs are powerful analytics that help managers identify performances. Insights such as Page Views, Section Duration and Presentation Duration provide actionable metrics to determine how dealers and sales representatives are doing. Additionally, the same metrics can be used to ensure that everyone is participating in your training and coaching sessions.  This makes it simple to know how each sales rep consumes sales enablement materials and how to help them.

Now that you know what makes great presentation software, it is easier to choose from the pile of presentation tools in the market.

Best Presentation Software for Enterprise Level Marketing and Sales

Best Presentation Tools to Streamline Enterprise Level Sales Materials - Ingage blog 2
0%Sales enablement tools must meet the demands of both customers and sales representatives

B2B enterprises with 3,000+ employees deal with unique content marketing challenges that can hinder overall marketing success. Communicating your marketing strategy across a large distribution network is often a challenging ordeal. On top of that, your sales team requires personalized content to engage leads and strengthen customer loyalty. These two priorities are often at odds when developing presentations and materials.

Around 54% of businesses report that brand consistency significantly contributes to their overall growth. On the other hand, up to 80% of customers say they are more likely to buy when brands provide personalized purchasing experiences. The only way to get sales and marketing on the same page is to use a flexible presentation tool.

Ingage is a powerful presentation software that provides businesses, manufacturers and enterprises with dynamic and interactive materials. It allows sales and marketing teams across a large distribution network to develop custom presentations while ensuring a consistent brand image.

Editing Locking Capabilities

When working with more than 3,000 people in different teams, it is difficult to manage content development and editing. With thousands of sales and marketing reps creating custom materials, how do you ensure consistent branding?

Ingage allows admin users and creators to lock pages in presentations. These pages typically contain brand-related elements such as tag lines or logos. By locking several pages, the branding narrative is consistent across the entire distribution network. This prevents editors from making any changes to key pages.

The locking capabilities also protect key information in your materials. It prevents unauthorized changes in your presentations that may compromise the accuracy and authenticity of the information in your sales and marketing materials.

Version Control

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With traditional presentations, updating the slides across thousands of users can be complicated at best. And with thousands of dealers using sales and marketing materials, your team does not have time to ensure that they are using the latest materials. Ingage makes it easy to push changes across large teams. All presentations in users’ devices update automatically in real-time.

Version control is critical in enterprises, especially in product updates. Dealers need the latest information to maximize their revenue. Also, new changes in training materials for sales enablement are published automatically. This allows sales reps to take advantage of market demands and get ahead of the competition.

Customization Needs

Organizations encompassing different territories often have to meet varying customer demands. For instance, a roofing supply company may offer solar tiles in sunny states and metal roofing in snowy and rainy areas. Marketing and sales materials in different locations should reflect the needs and wants of their specific customers.

Ingage presentations are easily customized based on regional needs. Highlight specific product lines and showcase custom use cases that will appeal to different target customers. The editing locking capabilities ensure that branding is still consistent even on custom materials. And, version control makes it easy to publish updates to different dealers in no time.

Wrapping Up

Enterprises with large distribution networks and thousands of dealers require optimal workflows, especially in producing and distributing sales and marketing materials. Traditional sales presentation tools are not enough to meet the ever-changing marketing demands.

Ingage provides powerful features and functionalities that scale along with your team’s needs. Dealers can create custom materials that will engage their customers while maintaining brand identity. You can share product updates and sales enablement content across thousands of sales experts in a matter of seconds. Find out how Ingage can help your team by signing up today.

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