An Easy and Affordable way to Enhance Sales Presentations

Vince Nardo of Reborn Cabinets has always been a forward-thinker, looking for the latest tech that is easy to implement, affordable and will enhance his sales. As an early adopter and now trusted partner of Ingage, he found just that Ingage has helped his team transform their sales presentations and deliver truly engaging in-home consultations. 

We sat down with Vince to learn more about his journey with Ingage and where he sees his team going with the best-in-class software. 

We know you’ve always stayed ahead of the curve, using technology to grow Reborn Cabinets and even going paperless long before others in the industry. When you were looking for a presentation solution, what made you select Ingage?

Just like everybody else, we were using static PDFs to digitally present. We started with PowerPoint and looked at how to make in-home consultations more engaging with the client, involving them in the process and keeping their attention. We came across Ingage and it gave us the ability to incorporate videos, incorporate movement and almost make a customized movie of a presentation for the homeowner. When we first launched it, we found that that program was - no pun intended - helping the client stay engaged with our designer.

Thinking back to before you found Ingage, what was the main challenge you were looking to solve with a presentation solution? 

We found that while the way we were doing our in-home consultations - using PDFs or PowerPoint - was impressive to the client, they still were not providing the excitement that we needed them to feel to keep them entertained and engaged. When we went out on the market to look for a new solution, we needed something that would enhance our customer’s experience and enhance our sales reps’ performance while in the home. 

What made you ultimately decide to go with Ingage over other solutions?

Out of all the solutions we looked at, Ingage came to the top because of the company. The team behind the platform, their willingness to really make this successful in our industry and their willingness to work with our team on education. Plus, ease of use; that was very important. We didn't want a platform that would require someone with a technological background to implement it. Ingage really met all the criteria as something that was easy to use, easy to implement and ultimately enhanced the experience for our customers and our sales reps.

Over the past few years working with the software, what kind of results have you seen? More specifically, what has Ingage enabled for Reborn Cabinets?

The first thing we saw was that changing from our original process to Ingage was seamless. There was zero pushback from the sales department, and we have over 120 reps. Everybody adopted the new platform and it was easy to deploy to all of our devices. Plus, it was simple for us to update. And as a result of that ease of use, we immediately saw improvement in the way that our sales reps were able to keep the client engaged. One of the tools within Ingage is the ability to actually see time-on-page and time-in-app with the built-in analytics. We were able to use those metrics to actually prove the point that we saw more use of our presentation platform once we switched over to Ingage.

How quickly were you able to get up and running to create content with Ingage? 

Switching over from our existing platform to Ingage was very fast, especially because we have an internal marketing department. Ingage provided templates that were easy for our marketing team to plug our existing imagery into to get up and running. As we continued to use the platform, Ingage taught us different tools and techniques, including how to incorporate other programs to enhance the pictures that we were using on the platform. And we continue to adopt new features of the platform as they’re released and bring in more advanced techniques.

After adopting Ingage, did you find the platform helped your team better connect with customers and have more meaningful conversations with them?

The Ingage platform has definitely allowed us to have more meaningful conversations with our clients. Now, we're able to have animation inside the presentation, and that animation brings people to a “wow” moment. For example, we use a slider to show the “before” image morph into the “after.” Those types of features within the application help us get real interest from the client versus showing a static before picture and flipping the page to the after. It's much more impactful when they can actually see things morph and then go back and say, "Let me see that again," or, "Do that in slow motion." Things like moving clocks or incorporating video where they can actually move a slider and say, "Stop. Oh, I see what you did there. Oh, let me see. Go back there." That type of interaction with the client really has enhanced our sales reps’ experience within the home.

Once you created your presentations, has it been simple to share with team members and across different devices?

Absolutely. Ingage allows us to create teams and those teams can have access to certain presentations. We have multiple teams for different departments and divisions, so when the marketing department creates a new presentation, they just publish it to that team. With teams publishing, the team doesn’t even know it but instantaneously, they've got the most up-to-date presentation on their device. Gone are the days of having people download this, replace that; everything happens behind the scenes seamlessly. That really has enhanced our speed with implementation when we're trying to get a new process or an updated presentation out to the field.

What impact has that ease made on your training of your sales team, whether they’re new reps or even seasoned veterans?

Training and getting new reps up to speed is very, very easy now. Ingage is user-friendly and logical in how it operates because things happen in sequence. You can automate these sequences so people have to follow a certain order which helps us keep our sales reps on track. We've noticed that every sales rep starts to think that if they're new, they don't have to remember the order of showing things, and if they're seasoned, they decide certain things aren’t important to use in the home.

Ingage allows us to keep the sequence that we want performed in the home intact. We can ensure we have continuity in our sales process and that each sales rep on our team is following the process the corporate trainers have rolled out. We don't have people removing content from their presentation, or trying to cheat or reorganize it. One of our core values is to produce consistent results each and every time, and this allows us to have uniformity in how we're presenting so that we are confident that we are producing consistent results because the process is consistent.

And if you were to quantify the ROI of working with Ingage, how would you do that? Have you seen financial benefits or faster close rates, larger deal sizes, anything like that related to Ingage?

When you're trying to evaluate ROI, this is one of those programs that if you're having better closing conversions or better in-home experiences, you could equate to the software. The challenge we have obviously is, is it the software? Is it the lead? Is it the sales rep? And everybody wants to argue in the company where that proof of responsibility lies.

What we really look at is the one consistent metric that Ingage provides us that can't be argued by any other department or stolen, if you will, by any other department and that is time-in-application. By allowing us to see that metric with built-in analytics, we can now prove without a doubt whether or not the reps are using the presentations. That ROI has proved important to us because now we can equate time-in-application to close rate or conversion, and we can see that the sales reps who actually spend time within the application are in fact having higher conversion rates when they're in the home.

What would you say is the biggest benefit of working with Ingage for your team?

I think the number one benefit of working with Ingage really is the Ingage team. I think that they bring a lot of ideas and they're very supportive. When COVID hit, Dean [CEO of Ingage] and his team were the first ones to step up and say, "Listen, let's get on a Zoom call. Let's figure out how we can get Ingage working over Zoom so that we can keep your business going." And they helped bring new techniques to our company quickly. They're more than just a vendor, they're a partner. When we look at bringing in anything that we want with our company, we don't want vendors. We want partners, and we feel that Ingage is that partner.

With that glowing review, looking back, would you say partnering with Ingage was the right decision for Reborn Cabinets?

We looked at the many different options prior to Ingage, but I can honestly say - and it's been several years now - that Ingage was definitely the right company to choose and we have no regrets. I look forward to all the different things that Ingage will bring to this industry for us, and for all the other people that use their platform.

Looking forward, what role do you see Ingage playing as your company continues to grow?

As we grow, and as Ingage grows and technology grows, I see that my history with them of being an integrated partner with our company becomes very important. Because I see that our presentations will continue to have new features, whether they be customization tools or opportunities to bring in information from the CRM. I know that Ingage will be first to market with the latest technology and the latest options for us to use in our home presentations.

Who would you recommend Ingage to and why?

Anywhere I go and anytime I have an opportunity to speak - and I do speak a lot to the home improvement industry - I've always promoted Ingage. I'm not a paid sponsor. I just like to stand behind products and solutions that I know will enhance the industry. I think for anybody out there, if you're looking for something to enhance your own presentation, whether you're afraid of tech, whether you're advanced with tech, Ingage definitely is that solution for you. It's easy, it's affordable and it will enhance your sales.

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