Advanced Presentation Software Can Revolutionize Your Company's Onboarding Training

Onboarding is one of the most important processes when it comes to integrating new hires into a company. According to consulting firm BCM, it consistently ranks among the most critical HR processes, second only to recruitment. However, most new hires find the onboarding process to be tedious and time-consuming, which can impact their attitude towards training and orientation.

Traditional onboarding methods often leave new hires disenchanted with their new jobs. This is particularly because these processes tend to focus too much on form-filling, company policies and SOPs— all of which can be exhausting for new hires. Additionally, hiring managers and recruitment managers do not put much effort into making onboarding engaging and interactive.

This should not be the case. Firms that can effectively and engagingly onboard their employees have higher chances of keeping new hires for years. Well-executed onboarding also significantly improves a company’s profit margins and revenue growth.

Today’s digital space presents an additional challenge to traditional onboarding methods. If you thought onboarding training was dull when it was a day of slideshows and form-filling in the office, you can imagine how mind-numbing a day of irrelevant Zoom calls has the potential to be. Because of this, companies need to optimize and pay extra attention to their training processes.

How Important is The Training Onboarding Process?

The way that a company does its onboarding process has a significant impact on a new hire’s perception of how the business runs. Not only does it show new hires the ropes, it also gives them a preview of the organization’s systems and how things are managed internally.

If a new hire is given a lackluster or messy onboarding and training experience, they may jump to the conclusion that the organization itself is disorganized, boring and inefficient. Roughly one-third of new hires quit 90 days into a new job, which is detrimental to a company stuck spinning in a continual re-hiring and re-training doom loop.

A new employee’s first day is a critical experience, so it is important to make the experience memorable and engaging. Four percent of new hires decide if they will stay with the company long-term based on their first day. Having a structured hiring and onboarding process makes them 66% more likely to stay with the company.

How Advanced Presentation Software Can Revolutionize Your Training and Onboarding

When it comes to revolutionizing your onboarding process—especially in the new very-online world—turn to advanced presentation software for help. If training processes are relegated entirely to the online sphere, you need to make them as engaging as possible. Integrating this sort of software into your onboarding training procedures can be hugely beneficial.

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It Makes The Entire Process Easier

When it comes to your virtual onboarding training, engagement is key. Using next-level presentation software can help you gamify your onboarding and make it more interactive. Doing so will help humanize the process, making it easier for new hires to connect and engage.

High-powered presentation software like Ingage has the tools and tech you need to integrate engaging, high-quality elements into your onboarding process. Interactive features like embedded videos, scroll motion and compare pages, dynamic click-away tabs and more will transform your staid slideshow into a high-powered visual experience. These tools will help companies power through even the most pressing challenges brought about by training from home.

By engaging your new hires with advanced presentation software, you can rest assured that they will absorb and retain new information better. This will prevent them from getting bored during virtual or in-person training sessions, and empower them to keep learning about their new jobs.

Presentation software like Ingage is also highly customizable so that you don’t set and forget one outdated slide deck for all your hiring. Adjust the sections of your presentation in real-time and track engagement on a granular level. With this customizability, you can zero in on sections that need more focus and dedication during sessions.

Access To Professionally-Made Samples

With Ingage’s ready-made presentation samples, you and your team can create effective and engaging onboarding presentations quickly and efficiently. Ready-made samples save your organization valuable time and resources typically needed to create presentations from scratch. It helps you keep your branding consistent because you only need to tweak basic content details after each presentation. With professionally-made samples, you can customize your presentations according to your needs and simply plug in content where it is appropriate.

Monitor Performance with Advanced Analytics

The best way to quantify the success of business processes is with cold, hard data. Onboarding training is no different. Sales managers can make all the subjective statements they want, but the numbers will identify how well their company is performing. The only way to achieve excellence is with a data-driven strategy.

Advanced presentation software like Ingage collects analytic data along several metrics to understand the success of individual presentations. By surveying new hires’ click rates and duration spent on slides and presentations, you can see what is and is not pulling their attention. Use this information to optimize and maximize your onboarding process for future new hires. You may even need to add or remove sections wholesale to make your onboarding process run more smoothly—but your team will only know this if the necessary analytic data is provided.

Get Your Advanced Presentation Software Now!

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Using advanced presentation software can help your organization optimize the way you onboard new members onto your team. Ingage’s presentation suite provides you with the tools to transform your boring slide deck into a dazzling visual story. Ingage also understands the importance of metric data and offers utilities to monitor your slides’ performance throughout the presentation.

A powerful and efficient onboarding process increases the chances of new hires staying with your organization in the long run. It will also empower and motivate them to perform well during their stay at the company, improving its overall performance.

It's time for you to maximize your presentation potential. Reach out to Ingage and see how you can supercharge your onboarding process today!

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