Achieve Your Strongest Sales Quarter Using Advanced Presentation Software

Sales presentations are essential to growing your brand. However, in the B2B world, you can't rely on the pre-programmed presentation software that comes with your laptop. While it might work for a casual home presentation or a university class lecture, basic legacy software just doesn’t cut it for producing engaging business presentations. You need advanced presentation software to make your pitch a true success.

Use Advanced Presentation Software to Build a Compelling Sales Storyline

When you’re making a pitch, you’re telling a story. Constructing your pitch deck with a narrative flow is crucial to take your audience on a journey to your solution. Frame it in acts: layout the problems along the way and mark the climax with your answer. Your presentation should follow the evolution of your prospect's problem and how your company is the solution. Identify your target audience, be it a C-level executive or the end-users themselves and construct your story to solve their problems.

Act l: The Problem

In Act 1, you address the prospect's problem. Focus on your client’s core issue, rather than several minor nuisances—what really is holding them back? Then provide a scalable solution and layout how that solution will grow in the future. Clients are thinking about their ROI throughout this presentation. Why is the current market the right time for them to buy-in, and how will you help them find success?

Act II: Who Are You?

Now that you’ve got them on the hook, it’s time to explain your product, your team and how far you’ve come. Detail your product or service, including testimonials from excited clients to boost your credibility. Explain who’s on the team—who’s steering the ship—and why your team is best suited for the task at hand.

Act III: What Does a Future With You Look Like?

You’ve explained the past and present; now it’s time to look ahead to the future. What can you offer that your competitors can’t? And how will selecting you over your competitors make them feel like they made the right selection? Remember, there are at least dozens of companies going after the same clients as you. Prospects want to know what makes you unique and how you’ll impact their lives. Once you’ve covered this, hit them with the CTA (call to action) of the entire presentation: choosing you as the company to work with.

Keep It Easy And Relevant

Appeal, simplicity and actionability are key to building a strong presentation. You must address the client's problem in a digestible way.

At the same time, you need to build a pitch deck that feels limber and dynamic, so you can adapt your story on the fly as needed. Using advanced presentation software with collaborative capabilities like Ingage empowers your teams to adjust and share presentations as you go, to make sure the narrative you’ve built is always relevant.

Use Advanced Presentation Software to Customize and Visualize Content

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But in sales, we're also hoping those pictures are worth a thousand dollars. People are visual learners and are persuaded much easier with images, graphs and charts rather than bulleted or text-heavy slides. But what visuals are best for your presentation?

Everything from the color scheme to the graphs and diagrams (and you should have plenty of them) are important to consider. Little subliminal touches like adding your prospect's logo next to yours can get prospective clients to imagine your two companies working together. Even just matching your presentation's color scheme to theirs can induce the same effect.

But you don't need a degree in graphic design to convey your message. Advanced presentation software like Ingage comes loaded with plenty of dynamic customizable layouts to choose from. Interactive features like buttons, comparison pages and pop-outs also make great visual resources.

Visuals are also the most effective way to share data with your prospects. Using visuals to transmit data will save you time, make data more digestible and catch your audience’s attention better. We all know presenting clients with hard data is essential—but how you present it is just as important a consideration.

Furthermore, the data you present to prospects is backed by internal analytics collected and relayed to your sales team. They're the ones on the front lines garnering clients and contracts for your business. Equipping them with statistics to bolster key talking points and response phrases will boost sales exponentially.

Use Advanced Presentation Software to Have a Well-Formatted Presentation

Now that you know the story you're going to tell, it's time to design the look of your presentation. Advanced presentation software like Ingage provides you with modern and trending designs, and a wealth of sample resources to spark inspiration.

Such software will also make the strategic placement of images and graphs easier.  Images and diagrams will draw your audience in, but they also distract from what you're saying. Finish your talking points, then reinforce them with visuals.

Consistency is key. An inconsistent layout and design is a noticeable eyesore. Ensure your tone, look and style stay consistent by replicating your layout across the slides from the start, so you can plug in information as you go on slides that you know are correctly formatted.

Finally, makes sure your slide text is readable! You can't lean on visuals alone to deliver your message. Use headline fonts to deliver key messages and smaller fonts to reinforce them and flesh them out.

And remember, keep it simple. Stick to the narrative arc mentioned earlier to keep your presentation easy and understandable. It all begins by choosing to establish your story and choosing an advanced presentation software to help make it a reality.

Get Started With Ingage

Advanced presentation software is your company’s not-so-secret weapon to secure your advantage over the competition. Keep things simple, and take advantage of images and graphs to drive your data points home. Build the strongest presentation possible to convince prospects that your company is the right one to solve their problems—and use the best tools in the business to do it! Take the first steps towards a better sales quarter with a free demo from Ingage.

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