4 Effective Sales Pitch Examples from Ingage

There are countless aspects to consider when planning an effective sales pitch. For starters, you must consider and fine-tune your products/services to be the best to address your target customers’ pain points. You must also recruit skilled sales reps and dealers to effectively shepherd customers along the buyer’s journey to your product.

But the best products and sales reps in the world will still be hampered by a boring sales pitch. These days, sticking to traditional sales presentation software such as PowerPoint and Google Slides to make your pitch just doesn’t cut it. You need to level up your sales presentations with interactive elements, including videos, live links and buttons to make the best presentation possible and drive conversions.

Fortunately, sales presentation platforms like Ingage are here for just that purpose. With their feature-packed cloud-based platform, Ingage has been revolutionizing the sales pitch for the modern era. Here are a few real-world client sales pitch examples to illustrate how Ingage does it:

NEWPRO - Bringing Sales Pitches to Modern Selling

NEWPRO, founded in 1945, is a legacy brand in the home improvement industry. Birthed as a small window treatment business, they matured and blossomed into New England’s go-to name for all home remodeling purposes.

Of course, maintaining that brand over the decades means constantly rethinking and adapting their sales pitch examples to move with the world, even as they continue their award-winning services. “If you’re doing the same things as you have been doing for a long time and you're expecting to grow and be more successful I just think you're kidding yourself,” says NEWPRO Director of Sales Ryan Spar. “There's so much value in today’s technology, it's just about making that commitment and getting on board and doing it.”

NEWPRO Sales Presentation
Image Source: Ingage

And for NEWPRO, adapting their sales pitches for the modern era meant adopting Ingage’s interactive sales presentation software.

Along with offering the most user-friendly interface for the legacy company, Ingage enabled a repeatable sales process for NEWPRO. Their sales reps now build and edit eye-catching presentations with top-notch videos, graphics and other interactive elements on the go, in real-time. Ingage’s analytics components allow managers to monitor real-time engagement and performance data, allowing them to make strategy adjustments based on facts.

With professional service, meticulous data and dynamic features, Ingage helps the company’s reps thrive. Thanks to the tools Ingage offers, NEWPRO has been on an incredible glide path of growth, likely to exceed its latest targets by nearly $15 million. “I can say confidently that if we did not have these platforms in place, there’s no chance we’d be sitting where we are today,” Spar adds.

Jacuzzi - Effective Virtual and In-Person Sales

Like NEWPRO is to window treatments, Jacuzzi Bath Remodel is another world-famous brand, synonymous with bathroom renovation.

Considering their massive network of over 150 dealers, the company realized their sales pitch examples made using Keynote and proprietary content creation apps weren’t driving enough traction. They found the software clunky and inefficient on such a large scale, and dealers struggled to retain customer attention during in-home sales presentations.

Once the company heard about Ingage, they evaluated the features and realized it was exactly what they needed. Using Ingage allowed Jacuzzi to add images, videos and time-lapses to make more interactive sales presentations. The built-in templates simplify and speed content creation, and the addition of a company story video in sales presentations has helped build personal connections with potential customers.

Jacuzzi sales presentation example
Image Source: Ingage

While Jacuzzi had switched to Ingage Presentations at the start of 2020, the COVID-19 shutdown opened their eyes to just how handy Ingage’s collaborative interface could be. The cloud-based platform made it easier for dealers to maintain the feel of in-home sales presentations during virtual meetings. Sales reps could maintain business continuity even while confined to their homes.

Ingage has helped optimize the company’s sales funnel and helped them realize $3 million in incremental revenue.

Kohler - Next-Level Product Showcase with Videos

Kohler Kitchen & Bath is one of the first brands that comes to mind when considering home renovation. But the mainstay company had been receiving feedback that their in-home sales presentation—their sales pitch examples centered on hard-copy flipbooks—lacked engagement. To keep current, Kohler had to find a more dynamic solution, and fast.

Into the picture comes Ingage. Kohler didn’t necessarily have to abandon all their strategy. But in tandem with the flipbooks, Ingage’s top-notch product videos proved key to capturing the customer’s eye. Kohler sales reps use interactive buttons to skip content on the go, rather than plodding through page by page. Other features, such as the compare pages that allow reps to slide back and forth between different products, further enhance pitches. Fifteen Kohler LuxStone dealers currently use Ingage alongside their flipbooks to enhance a customer’s experience during sales presentations.

KOHLER Sales Pitch Example
Image Source: Ingage

HyperIce - Boost Engagement with Interactive Elements

HyperIce is a leading brand that develops products to improve performance, accelerate recovery time and prevent injuries in athletes. The company’s products include a vibrating foam roller, percussion therapy and portable ice compression devices.

These innovative products should captivate any customer—once they get the chance to use them. But carrying around these products to client meetings, marketing events and trade shows isn’t always practical, and the company was relying on InDesign—a software known for PDF exports—to create their presentations and projector screens for delivery. Naturally, they found interactivity in their sales pitch examples was lagging.

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When a Google search led HyperIce to Ingage Presentations, they decided to give it a shot. Using Ingage has helped them create outstanding presentations that put HyperIce products at the forefront. The addition of high-quality product videos and images helps highlight the key benefits of each product, eliminating the need to rely solely on sales reps to demonstrate product features. Sales presentations built with Ingage are the next best thing to a first-hand experience of HyperIce products. The real-time editing capabilities, built-in templates and easy sharing features allow them to produce and update presentations as immediately needed.

Ingage - The Future of Marketing and Sales

All four of these sales pitch examples were unique cases, with unique needs. But the common thread between them is the need for interactive presentations to boost engagement. No matter what your business is, you need easy-to-use sales presentation software that simplifies content creation, editing, and sharing, while engaging your customers.

Ingage is a robust cloud-based sales presentation platform packed with all these features and more. The collaborative interface allows your team to work as a team, communicating, sharing and making changes on the go. Edits update in real-time to ensure brand consistency, and the engagement metrics allow you to evaluate what is and isn’t working for your team. It’s just the tool your sales teams need to maximize conversions and revenue.

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