3 Important Tools You Should Be Using in Your Sales Management Training

Your team is only as strong as its manager. That’s why a well-prepared and knowledgeable managerial staff is a critical component of developing and retaining a talented team. Effective sales management training will improve team performance and transform customer interactions. In a time of rapid technological, industry and consumer behavior change, it’s also a must in order to maintain a steady hand on your reps.

Considering how the average manager doesn’t receive leadership training until four years into the role, it may come as no surprise that 57% of workers say that they’ve left a job because of their manager. Whether you’ve promoted managers from within or selected outside candidates, your management team won’t necessarily come with natural coaching skills to develop their teams. The best way to correct for this is with robust—and constant—training.

Keeping your sales management training current in relation to industry shifts will make sure your managers stay at the forefront of the business. Well-informed management in turn passes those leadership insights down to a well-informed staff. Therefore, it’s important that you spare no expense on your sales management training. This includes using the right tools, as well as the latest practices. Consider these three key ways using the latest technology to elevate your sales management training and team.

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1. In-Depth Analytics

When it comes to both running a business and running training, hard data is crucial. Tracking measurable sales performance indicators allows you to implement and manage strategies for improvement. While everyone likes to think their intuition is sound, this inherently is biased. Each industry and each company is unique. Just because a sales rep has been in car sales for a decade, it does not mean they can successfully sell pet food. Company- and product-specific sales data offer the unique insights required to tackle your personal sales challenges.

Analytics offers an objective view of what works and what doesn't, and where training can be enhanced. This is also the bedrock of a data-driven sales strategy. Using a software tool that provides this granular data, like Ingage, can help you collate hard data to give to managers—who in turn can pass this information on to staff. These metrics can also be useful in the training process: you can similarly use data to assess what works and what does not in training presentations and adjust accordingly.

2. Collaboration Solutions for Sales and Other Teams

With digital sales and work-from-home, both parts of the new normal, remote collaboration is increasingly important for business success. Without everyone in a centralized location, you need a software tool that allows teams to share and edit information in real-time. These tools may look like project management apps and cloud storage solutions, as well as live chat and video conferencing software. Whatever their form, they enable sales managers, sales reps and supporting departments to access real-time updates and attend virtual sales and product training sessions. They also enable instant communication and process tracking between marketing, sales, administration, accounts and logistical departments. This keeps team members accountable, improves organization, streamlines workflows and fosters a collaborative culture.

Integrating collaborative tools like Ingage Teams into the workplace requires training—for both sales managers and teams. The manager who can empower their team to take advantage of digital collaboration is the manager who sets their operation up for success.

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3. Interactive Presentation Software for Sales Training and Demos

In years past, a sales rep conducted their pitch in person, with a few slides as background support. But in an era when the whole buyer’s journey often occurs online, those slides are now in the driver’s seat. As such, making sure you have state-of-the-art presentation software is crucial.

Digital solutions have made it even easier for buyers to obtain information, organize services and place orders quickly and conveniently. As sales shift to a digital-first framework, presentations that stand out are key for engaging potential customers.

Far beyond the static PowerPoint, modern interactive sales presentations are dynamic affairs that integrate multimedia content, animations, 360° virtual tours, videos and sound. Viewers can swipe, zoom and scroll across content. The interactive approach also offers sales reps the opportunity to provide interactive, real-time support.

Interactive presentations are just as helpful for training as they are for selling. Sales managers should know sales presentation software back to front. Managers should use and customize samples for training, and ensure that they are continually updated with relevant product details and pricing. Managers who deliver compelling presentations, even online, motivate their staff to also use innovative sales tools for maximum efficiency.

Implement Modern Sales and Presentation Solutions

In an increasingly online business market, digital sales solutions and innovative presentations are not just nice-to-haves—they are a necessity for success. Updated presentation software must be integrated into sales management from the training foundation to build a savvy workforce.

Advanced presentation software like Ingage will empower your sales team to reach their full potential. Analytics features allow your team to track what works, both in sales and training. Meanwhile, the collaborative aspects of Ingage Teams allow your team to share and adapt to these insights at the moment. This also fosters a tighter, more in-tune team environment and a more personalized experience for the customer.

Ingage is more than just a slide deck software. It’s a compelling pitch presenter, a collaborative space for your team and an invaluable training tool for your managerial personnel. Schedule a demo today to see what Ingage can do for your sales team.

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