10 Offbeat Industries That Can Benefit Greatly From Interactive Presentation Software

If you think an interactive presentation is only good for school projects, science exhibits or big-ticket proposals, think again. Presentations are quite common in virtually every industry and can be as simple as communicating a new idea to your colleagues. Regardless of the purpose, everyone wants their presentation to be interesting and engaging. Interactive presentation software is the answer.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work and communicate in nearly every field. Many businesses had to find other ways to attract clients because face-to-face interactions weren’t an option. And while the shift to online sales started long before the pandemic, it accelerated as companies closed their offices and stores. Digital interactions took on new importance.

Virtual meetings helped bridge the gap to keep businesses running, but they often aren’t enough on their own. And referring prospects to your website doesn’t always address those lingering hesitations. No matter what product or service you’re selling, having interactive presentation software in your arsenal can help you remove doubts and close more deals.

How an Interactive Presentation Helps in Selling

Traditional, in-person sales tactics encourage prospects to ask questions, which the salesperson can then answer on the spot. Guiding people through their concerns is essential to making the sale, but doing this virtually gets tricky. For instance, following up with a brochure or link to a product web page might answer some clients’ questions, but it won’t let the salesperson hear and reply to their concerns and objections.

This is where an interactive presentation comes in. These powerful sales tools are useful whether you’re meeting face-to-face or virtually because they give prospects a complete story about your service or product. This allows the sales team to focus on presenting the unique selling proposition (USP). And with the help of interactive and visual images, clients can see the whole picture instead of just listening to a sales pitch.

Interactivity Can Counter Objections and Answer Questions

Unlike a static slideshow, an interactive presentation can anticipate a buyer’s questions and objections and offer answers through interactive content. For example, clicking an image of the hood of a car opens a window showing a detailed photo of the engine. Or, viewers hovering the mouse over a highlighted phrase can view a more detailed description.

Even better, interactive presentations can play videos or animations of the product in action. These virtual elements pique a buyer’s interest and let them see for themselves how your product or service works.

As a result, this interactivity helps sellers include answers to common questions that buyers are sure to raise. For instance, the client may have concerns about the product itself and how it addresses their specific needs. Other common objections include the product’s compatibility with the client’s present system or the client’s ability to afford the solution. These can be easily addressed by adding customized interactive sections that pop up when a client clicks on the relevant section.  

It’s also common for the prospect to say they need to check with their partner before closing the deal. With an interactive presentation, that’s no problem. You can simply share the presentation file with the client so other decision-makers have access.

How to Structure a Winning Sales Presentation

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While it’s true that a presentation deck peppered with images can sometimes convince a prospective client to sign a purchase order, it’s far from a guarantee. In fact, a static slideshow that leads to more questions than answers can often create the opposite effect. With more doubts about the seller’s ability to solve their problems, the prospect often chooses to look for other solutions instead of communicating with the presenter.

This is why an interactive presentation can provide more information compared to a sales brochure or product website. When designed correctly, the presentation can answer questions even before the buyer asks them. By eliminating opportunities for objections, the seller takes another step toward closing the deal.

Elements to Include in a Sales Presentation

Interactivity might just be the missing element in sales presentations that always seem to run into dead ends. In addition, the most convincing presentations should include the following four elements that help create a complete story:

1. Introduction

Like any great story, it’s best to provide an introduction. Start by laying out the setting, which means introducing the company responsible for telling the story. When talking about your company, share its experience in dealing with problems similar to those your audience is currently having. This helps establish the firm as an authority figure that successfully helped other companies faced with the same problems or challenges.

2. Problem

After setting up the introduction, the interactive presentation can now present the problem it aims to solve. Note that the problem should be the exact same problem the client is currently having. Or, the problem could also be something the client will likely face soon.  

The key to effectiveness is aligning the interactive presentation with the audience’s actual problems. This is the reason they’re seeking solutions, so it’s essential to let the client know you understand their problem. Do your research and tailor as much of the presentation to the client as you can.

3. Solution

Once your interactive presentation confirms your company can relate to what the client is facing, offer a solution. Keep in mind that the client already has an idea of what the company can offer, so don’t focus too much on the product features and benefits. Instead, concentrate on delivering your USP, which should clearly present two factual statements:

  • Solving the client’s current problem is a worthwhile investment.
  • All things considered, your solution remains the best option.

In addition, the presentation should detail the tangible results. This includes the improvements your solution will generate as well as specific issues it will eliminate.

Things to Remember When Creating Your Presentation

When developing your interactive presentation, take special care to keep the messaging specific to the intended audience. Today’s generation of buyers often make the effort of conveying how their needs are unique, so sending them a generic, one-size-fits-all solution can misfire horribly.  

In addition, telling a story doesn’t mean creating an epic. While clients like a good story to go along with a presentation, they likely have other things to do with their work hours. Watch the client’s reactions to ensure they’re still interested and keep things moving. Don’t overstay your welcome.

Crafting a pointed and impactful message is easier than you think. Keep these tips in mind:

1. Keep it Personal

To make a targeted presentation, you’ll need to carefully research your audience beforehand. Specifically, your sales team will need to know the details of the problems the client is facing that necessitate their need for your solution. In order to do so, your team will need to make inquiries. Contacting the client for an interview in order to understand their problems is often necessary.

2. Keep it Memorable

The best stories are those that linger long after the storyteller left. Weave a highly engaging story when developing your interactive presentation. Using the elements of storytelling, create a compelling and consistent narrative that takes your client on a journey.

It also helps if you sprinkle images and interactive content liberally throughout the story. This gives clients the fuel to kindle their imagination and visualize the story better.  

Finally, remember that the audience can easily latch onto a story if they can relate to the main characters and what they’re going through. By making a direct connection with the target audience, your story will stick in their minds long after they reach the last slide.

3. Keep it Client-Focused

When creating an interactive presentation, it’s crucial to keep it about the client and their need for a solution. Putting too much emphasis on how your company and its products can help will muddle the storyline.  

Always keep in mind that you’re presenting a story about how a client can overcome their problems. This means they’re the protagonist in the story you’re telling. At most, you’re the helping hand that helps move the story forward for the hero. As such, the ending is all about the client’s triumph, not yours.

Offbeat Industries That Can Greatly Benefit From Interactive Presentations

Well-crafted presentations aren’t just for traditional sales teams. Most businesses need ways to pitch their services to clients. The highly personalized content provided by interactive presentations means even the most niche industries can benefit from using this software.

From wedding planners to funeral homes, nearly all businesses deal with unique clients who require highly personalized solutions. An interactive presentation can provide these industries with the means to present clients with innovative answers that are customized to meet their specific needs. If you’re in one of these industries, you might want to rethink whether interactive presentation software is for you.

1. Wedding Planners

interactive presentation software is ideal for wedding planners
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Weddings are the epitome of personalized celebrations. In fact, the happy couple can customize every part of the wedding ceremony. From the bridal shower venue to the post-reception gifts for guests, the couple expects every element of their engagement and wedding to reflect their personalities.

Interactive presentation software allows wedding planners to create highly customized proposals for prospective couples. This includes providing multiple options for every stage of the wedding celebration. For example, the tactical wedding planner can present multiple scenarios involving an outdoor wedding ceremony. The interactive presentation can show contingency plans in case of weather disturbances, heavy traffic or other commonly anticipated challenges.  

Additionally, an interactive presentation can provide a number of color scheme options for the various wedding elements. By providing a preview of what their wedding would look like in various colors, styles and themes, the couple can come to a decision more quickly and easily.

2. Catering Services

Choosing what food to serve during an occasion is another highly personalized undertaking that an interactive presentation can help with. Caterers know which wine pairs best with which meat, but providing all potential clients with free food samples often proves too costly.

Instead, preparing a highly interactive food menu that details ideal pairings might do the trick. Presenting a menu of food options as well as their complementing decor is also a task that’s greatly suited for interactive presentation software.  

In many cases, the presentation might work too well and make the viewer hungry while browsing. This works in the caterer’s favor, though. If clients are blown away by the presentation, they will likely assume the actual food will look and taste great as well. If this is the case, a signed contract won’t be too far behind.

3. Pet Grooming

The global pet grooming industry was worth $5.38 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.09% now through 2030. This is impressive given that pet grooming is a highly personalized business that features some of the most demanding clients.

Pet grooming is a full-service industry that offers a wide range of services, including baths, haircuts, nail cutting and even teeth brushing. And while most pet owners know what services they want, groomers would be wise to make sure their clients know their full range of offerings. This will help ensure customers remain confident in their groomer’s ability to provide excellent personalized services to their beloved pets.

Pet groomers can utilize interactive presentation software to show photos and videos of their work in action. And, should pet owners decide to consider a new look or style for their animals, an interactive presentation will come in extra handy. Groomers can use the software to give pet owners a preview of their pets sporting the latest grooming trends and fashionable accessories. This lets owners explore their options without making a commitment.

4. Floral Shops

florists can also get creative with sales presentations
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Flowers never fail to cheer someone up. Even better, custom floral arrangements can speak volumes about how the sender feels about the recipient. This is why florists can also benefit from utilizing interactive presentation software.

Allowing clients to mix and match flowers or create their own custom arrangements, which the florist can then accurately reproduce in real life, can be a great selling proposition. Both the client and the florist can check these custom arrangements, make changes and agree on their merits without sacrificing a single petal.

An interactive presentation can also provide valuable information outside of arrangements. For example, the florist can simulate how specific flowers will look on the first day of the arrangement and then show their appearance after a few days. This can provide clients with valuable insight into which flowers to order based on the length of their occasion or the delivery distance.

5. Dental Clinics

Each dental patient has a particular set of teeth that requires a highly personalized treatment. In particular, requesting a new implant or applying for braces will require individual evaluations from their periodontist or orthodontist.

To propose a solution to their individual patients, dental professionals can create a detailed interactive presentation of the planned treatment. This includes simulating the treatment progress from the initial implant to the end result. It can also show a simulation of what can happen to the patient’s teeth without treatment.

By viewing either scenario, patients will be in a better position to decide on what steps to take next. Considering that any prolonged lack of action can cause further damage, an interactive presentation can help enhance the sense of urgency. It can also help make the patient realize it might be more expensive in the long run to delay any corrective measures.

6. Antique Shops

an interactive presentation is even ideal for antique shops
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Antiques are a highly prized commodity among art and history collectors and even trendy homeowners. In fact, 2022 marked the year when antiques are making a comeback in interior design circles. However, the presence of a black market as well as a thriving industry of fakes is making both buyers and sellers wary of dealing with just about anyone.

Legitimate antique dealers can help bolster their reputation by using interactive presentations to show off their prized collections. For instance, when dealing with an interested collector, they can create custom slideshows that feature only the items their client shows interest in.

Dealers can pique their clients’ interests further by adding snippets of information to every listed antique. This can include a short history of how they were created and how they ended up with their present owner. In addition, dealers can include photos of the actual pieces or similar pieces in someone’s home so the buyer can visualize the antique among their own decor.

7. Funeral Parlors

Giving your recently departed loved ones a well-deserved sendoff requires the assistance of your neighborhood funeral director. With the right interactive presentation software, the funeral home can provide a somber and sensitive proposal that offers a selection of caskets based on design or budget. Clients can also look into the option of burial or cremation.

In addition, the presentation can provide a listing of other available services such as embalming, floral arrangements or hearse rentals. The funeral home can also offer the option of coordinating with the preferred cemetery for the burial or assisting in the cremation process.

Losing a loved one can present a difficult moment for clients. They will need to overcome their personal grief to deal with the final arrangements of the departed. An interactive presentation can help them go through the process more easily and efficiently. The faster they can decide on their loved one’s arrangements, the more time they can spend properly grieving or mourning their loss.

8. Physical Therapy and Rehab Clinics  

even physican therapists can use personalized presentations
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Physical therapy and rehabilitation patients require personalized consultations and treatment plans. Doctors can base their overall treatment strategy on similar cases, but the actual regimen will depend on each patient’s specific conditions.

When presenting the patient with the rehab plan, the attending physician can provide an interactive presentation to show the patient what each stage of the treatment would look like. In addition, the proposal can provide a visual preview of what can happen with or without treatment.

In cases where multiple treatment options are necessary, usually due to insurance limitations, the presentation can show a marked contrast between treatments so the patient can make an informed choice.

9. Events Planning

Events planning covers all aspects of an event from start to finish, including pre-production, admission, the actual event and post-event. In between, there are numerous tasks to take care such as securing government permits, assembling event staff, contracting talent, hiring transportation and movers, mobilizing security and much more.

To win a contract from production companies, the event planner must be able to present a proposal that includes detailed timelines and even more detailed costs. More importantly, bidders should present their coordinated plans and programs that ultimately lead to the actual event. An interactive presentation fits the requirements of this detailed proposal.

The interactivity allows the client to better visualize what the event planner will do every step of the way. The presentation can also include fully illustrated layouts of the event venue decked out with official merchandise and event signage. In addition, pop-up windows can open to show additional details or alternate options.

10. Customization Companies

Customizing everyday items from jeans to cars took off in the early 2000s thanks to TV shows and movies that extolled the virtues of individuality. Cars alone provide a lucrative income for car customization companies. In fact, in 2019 alone, approximately 7.9 million car enthusiasts aged 16 to 25 spent $7.2 billion to customize their vehicles.

Cars are just the tip of the iceberg. Shoes, clothes, furniture, jewelry, computers—they’re all fair game for those who can afford to pay to stand out from the rest. Customizing stock items is the ultimate manifestation of personalization.

The market revolves around people who can afford to buy big-ticket items like sports cars or limited-edition gadgets. They then contract with customizers who will take these items apart, add custom features and apply personalized designs. This pushes the costs to double or triple the original retail price, though most owners have no plans of selling their custom items.

When preparing the customization plans or presenting options to clients, customization  companies often use interactive presentation software to show their proposed designs, list their suggested items and show a simulated image of the end result. This helps give clients an exact idea of what to expect. To a lesser degree, the presentation can also show how much each customization will cost and how the total bill adds up.

Why Use an Interactive Presentation?

an interactive presentation can increase your business
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An interactive presentation isn’t just a matter of adding images, video or music—any slideshow software can do the same. The difference is that an interactive presentation can manage the story better. It can stay as compact as needed but can expand when the viewer demands more information.

Instead of a linear direction that moves from start to finish, the interactive presentation can move forward, backward, up, down, left or right, depending on where the viewer wants to go. In short, the viewer doesn’t follow the presentation; rather, the presentation follows the viewer’s lead on what part of the story they want to hear and see next.

Regardless of your industry, interactive presentation software will hold your audience’s attention and help you close more deals. Consider these additional benefits:

1. It Increases Engagement

The addition of interactive images and video (as opposed to static images and video) means the viewer gets to engage with more content. By actively clicking on hotspots, the viewer gets to open up new windows of information. This further encourages them to keep looking for more “hidden” content and increases engagement levels as a result.

However, promoting the constant lookout for additional interactive content isn’t just an attention-seeking tactic. The additional content actually lets the client gather more information about the solution being offered by the presenter.

Interactivity also means getting feedback from the audience. Requesting that the viewer ask questions, leave comments or participate in surveys gives the presenters a valuable source of reactions to the presentation. In addition, collecting the data shared by viewers can lead to insights that can further improve not just the presentation but, ultimately, the solution being offered.  

2.  Your Audience Will Retain Information Better

Between a static, one-way slideshow and a dynamic, interactive presentation, guess which one people learn more from? From the ability to engage viewers alone, the interactive presentation can maintain a better connection with the audience.

Information from videos and images is easier to retain compared to simple text data. While most audience members retain only 10 to 20% of text information from a presentation after three days, they can remember 65% of visual information during the same period. It’s clear that adding interactivity to images and videos makes them even more interesting. And with the positive experience of interacting with these elements, the accompanying data also gets a positive reception.  

3. It Encourages Interaction

It’s hard to ignore such blatantly convincing cues as “click here” or “press button,” even if there’s no indication of what happens after you click there or press that button. Humans are, after all, naturally curious.

An interactive presentation is full of these invitations to learn more. Presenting information in an engaging manner makes it easier to initially capture the audience’s attention, which in turn makes them more open to exploring the presentation further.

When your story resonates with your target audience, it creates a bond between the presentation and the viewer that makes the latter more open to engaging further. Who can resist clicking the play button in an embedded video that demonstrates the functions of a proposed product solution? The same goes for inviting a viewer to click an image of a window to open it and show additional content details.    

Create Exceptional Product Pitches With the Best Presentation Software

Hands down, using interactive presentation software can outperform static slideshows that only tell one side of the story. With interactivity, both the presenter and the viewer can learn from each other. For instance, by exploring the presentation and engaging with interactive elements, the viewers get to learn more about the solutions offered to them. Meanwhile, the presenter learns from the feedback left by the viewers, whether through comments or through analytics generated by the software.

When aiming for that perfect pitch to clients, consider using interactive presentation software such as Ingage. It contains all the tools needed to create highly personalized presentations for clients. With Ingage, you can create your story and then allow the viewer to move the story however they wish. Adding interactive elements to images and videos so they provide more information is also a breeze.  

It’s All About Collaboration

Even better, the software is designed for collaboration among members of your entire team. All they need to get connected is an Internet connection and a web browser.

As a cloud-based SaaS product, users can access Ingage simply by logging in to their accounts on their smart devices.  This allows them to share in the development of the presentation and to ensure company-wide priorities and standards are met.

Analytics Help Improve Content

Once completed, the sales team can send clients a link to the presentation. This allows them to view and browse the document at their leisure, which can build some goodwill with the client. Don’t worry—your sales team can still get client feedback if the presentation isn’t in person.

Built-in analytics features track viewers as they go through the presentation. For example, Ingage analytics can identify which parts of the presentation resonated better with the viewer and which sections were barely given attention. Once collated, these insights can help provide the details that can further improve the presentation. For consistency across all users, any changes made to an Ingage document will reflect in all open copies.    

Ingage Is the Ultimate Interactive Presentation Software

Start creating your own personalized, interactive presentations for your unique clients with Ingage. When you open an account, you’ll be able to develop highly customized and interactive presentations in just minutes. You can also collaborate with your team members to continually improve your content.

Once clients view the presentation, powerful analytics will provide insights that can help improve the content. The software can point out which sections connected better with your clients and which areas could use improvement.

Contact Ingage today to arrange a free demonstration. Find out how easy it is to join the hundreds of sales teams, business owners and entrepreneurs who use Ingage for their interactive presentation needs every day.

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