West Shore Home

West Shore Home Increases Average Sales By Leveraging Ingage to Connect with Customers


West Shore Home provides high-quality, convenient home improvement services that meet the needs of modern, time-strapped homeowners. The company is known for its swift, no-hassle services, accredited to its in-house installation capabilities and ability to often deliver fast turn-arounds on free quotes. It’s a model that clearly works: The business is rapidly expanding, recently adding offices in Kentucky and Indiana in addition to its locations throughout Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida.


Now with 13 locations, West Shore needed an engaging, customizable way to empower its sales team to communicate the company’s unique value, tailor its offerings across locations, and meet each prospect’s needs.

“Our sales teams were relying on whatever they collected to help them sell—old print-outs, brochures and 100+ page PowerPoint ‘presentations’,” said Tom Aleman, marketing strategist for West Shore Home. “We tried Prezi, too, but felt trapped. There wasn’t a solution that we could adjust according to the dynamics in the room and the feedback from the customer. We were at the mercy of the presentation with no flexibility.”

The company needed a more flexible and engaging marketing and sales solution that would ensure its sales teams effectively delivered corporate messaging and leveraged updated design, product specs, pricing, and estimating templates.


West Shore Implements Ingage to Excite Customers and Close More Deals

Control over the information presented to prospects is important to West Shore. They needed to ensure that sales teams, spread across offices, were using a consistent message while representing the company.

“We operate a tight sales cycle, but now we’re seeing a higher closing rate and higher average sales since the implementation of the Ingage Sales Enablement Suite”

“We wanted to take back control—ensure our core brand elements remain consistent—while giving sales flexibility to customize presentations, and then soliciting their feedback and recommendations on what the marketing team could adjust or create based on their interactions with customers.”

Sales representatives now have access to current sales presentations that align with marketing objectives. Updates and revisions are pushed to the field, ensuring they have the most up-to-date content and can tell a consistent story, enabling them to increase the number of sales they close.  

“With Ingage, we have seen the value of our average sale increase by 9%,” said Aleman. “Ingage paid for itself within the first month.”


Ingage Impacts West Shore’s Bottom Line and Spurs Growth

“We operate a tight sales cycle, but now we’re seeing a higher close closing rate and higher average sales since the implementation of the Ingage Sales Enablement Suite,” said Aleman.

West Shore’s marketing teams are now sharing their expertise with others who hope to see similar results. “This new platform for presenting during the consultation is so effective that we’ve also received several inquiries from people who would like us to design their sales presentations."