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Kitchen Saver Designs Better Presentations with Ingage


Kitchen Saver® opened its doors in 1979, offering cabinet refacing and kitchen remodeling services across the Mid-Atlantic region. The company’s reputation for excellent workmanship and for using quality, long-lasting materials grew and over time, its services evolved from traditional cabinet refacing into a custom cabinet renewal process, the foundation of which enhances and improves the structural integrity of a customer’s existing cabinetry. Involving the addition of custom-made drawer fronts and doors, available in a variety of beautiful styles and colors, Custom Cabinet Renewal breathes new life into kitchens at a fraction of the expense and time of traditional remodeling.


Modernize to Connect with Buyers

When Kitchen Saver’s newest sales director, Samantha Perrey, took the reins of the salesforce, she was surprised to learn that the company was relying on a decade-old PowerPoint presentation to tell its story and entice customers to choose KitchenSaver to redesign their kitchens.

“My first priority was to modernize and update our customer interactions,” Samantha said. “I needed to ensure that the image we portrayed in customer meetings was one that younger customers would feel connected to, and trust to design their homes. Kitchen Saver does amazing design work, but to entice more tech-savvy generations, we needed to modernize our sales process.”

She first worked on updating the company’s standard PowerPoint sales presentation, with the goal of making it more interactive and professional-looking. However, she found that some salespeople would still opt for the older version, because it was more familiar and comfortable.

Samantha knew she needed to shake things up further, so she sought out a new presentation platform to ensure everyone was providing consistent information and design selections to customers. She also needed to ensure that the content and images were being presented in a much more engaging way.

“A new, more innovative platform was more than a desire, it was a necessity”
Knowing that they’d want to not only elevate their presentation but also evolve their sales process, Samantha searched for a solution that could help them expand into virtual consultation and sales alongside in-person sales.

“I was really impressed by how clean and updated Ingage looked compared to competitors’ presentations. Others were focused on ease of access, but were not polished or visually focused,” Samantha commented. “As a design-focused company, the visual piece was extremely important to us. In order to sell an esthetic service you have to give customers  stunning visuals in order to show them what the possibilities look like.”


Going All-In on Ingage

Kitchen Saver went all-in on Ingage and quickly got up to speed with the help of the Ingage team who spent time training Samantha and her team. They have since created a visually appealing, interactive, and informative presentation using Ingage, which they update every week. Those updates are pushed out to the company’s 10 sales reps in real-time, so there is never a question about whether every rep has the most up-to-date version, and the team no longer has the option to use older formats.

The Kitchen Saver’s sales tool kit now includes Ingage, Docusign and Zoom, seamlessly integrating virtual consultations and sales with in-person sales.


Better Presentations, Consistently

An unexpected benefit for Samantha and her team has been the ability to track the performance of sales reps. The ability to watch recorded Zoom sales meetings back has proven to be a great coaching tool and a competitive advantage. The built-in analytics tools of Ingage allow her to measure the activity and performance of the sales team and adapt content as needed.

“Virtual selling has been more of a true tell of performance,” she said. “I can see who is doing really well and who can use improvement. What’s more, we can see what areas of the presentation are resonating and which might need to be adapted.”

Samantha notes that many of her sales reps are seeing higher close rates since implementing Ingage, with one rep making the leap from a 19% to a 37% successful close rate. What’s more, overall the company is saving on resources, such as travel and time. Plus, Samantha notes that with Ingage, Kitchen Saver’s sales reps can offer more visual selections than ever before. The newest trends and styles can be available overnight without the delay or expense of new sample materials.
“A sales rep can only carry so many samples in his or her trunk, but with Ingage, the opportunity for visuals is limitless.

We’ve seen a substantial rise in the sale of our custom paint colors. I noticed more vibrant colors trending in design magazines and on social media. With Ingage I introduced several new paint colors using digital images and they instantly started selling. I would never have been able to convince the company to invest money in more samples and custom paints just on Pinterest trends. Ingage allowed us to add those options risk free and gave us analytics to make smart investments with future materials.” Said Samantha.

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