How Jacuzzi® Armed its 150 Dealers with Ingage to Sell Virtually and In-Person

How Jacuzzi® Armed its 150 Dealers with Ingage to Sell Virtually and In-Person

Jacuzzi Bath Remodel is one of the fastest-growing acrylic manufacturers in the world. The company has achieved success through continued innovation, investment in people, and building a national network of authorized dealers that share its focus on customer satisfaction.

Jacuzzi Bath Remodel specializes in bathroom renovations, using the highest quality, 100% American-made acrylic. Whether a customer is replacing just one fixture or an entire bathroom, Jacuzzi Bath Remodel products come in a wide range of colors and offer many accessories to complete the transformation.

To provide 150 Dealers with World-Class Presentsations

Jacuzzi® recognized they needed to improve engagement during in-home sales presentations with customers. The company had been arming its dealer network of 150 with presentations built in Keynote but found it to be clunky and inefficient.

They were also leveraging a native, proprietary app for content creation and control. Jacuzzi® and its network of 150 dealers disliked how hard it was to make changes or adjust content in real-time.

When beginning the search for a new presentations tool, Jacuzzi® determined that it needed to be:
     • More engaging for the customer
     • Simpler to create presentation content
     • Easily adopted by the dealer network

Jacuzzi® heard about Ingage Presentations from a colleague and were quickly impressed with its ability to address each of their needs. They especially like the ability to leverage built-in templates and interactive elements--such as images, videos and time lapses--to make the creation process fast, easy and visually appealing.

Empower an Entire Dealer Network to Sell In-Person and Virtually with Ingage

Jacuzzi® made the switch to Ingage Presentations in early 2020 and rolled it out across their dealers in February. When COVID hit just weeks later, everything changed. Customer engagement was more difficult--and more important--than ever.

“The COVID-19 experience was challenging at every level. Having Ingage in our toolkit not only helped us adapt as a business, it enabled us to better support our dealers,” said Matt Meadows, National Sales Trainer.

Ingage helped Jacuzzi® shift it’s in-home presentions to meet the needs of a virtual consultation and sales model. Updates were quickly and seamlessly pushed out to all 150 dealers in real-time. By combining Ingage with Zoom, Jacuzzi® dealers could easily consult and present to homeowners without any significant loss in experience and engagement.

Sales reps enjoyed that Ingage made it possible--and natural--to follow their existing sales methodology without interruption. It was also conducive to forming personal connections, thanks largely to the ability to add video. They found that the company story video really came to life in the digital medium.

“With the company story video, a homeowner feels that they know the company’s owner personally and it’s powerful. People are used to watching video in today’s digital world and they respond to it in an extremely positive way.”


Increasing (virtual) engagement

“Ingage Presentations is hands-down the best way to keep the customer’s attention, especially in the virtual environment,” said Matt Meadows, National training manager at Jacuzzi®. “And while our preference remains in-person sales, virtual selling becomes essential when we can’t. Ingage allows us to do both flawlessly, and it allows us to extend the reach of our business considerably.”

With Ingage as part of the tool-kit, Jacuzzi® can take on leads they otherwise would have had to turn away, either because of distance, lack of resources, or because of scheduling.

Sales reps can cover a larger geographic territory, and hold more calls per day. It also means reps can nurture prospects that didn’t close in a single sitting, without the need for another in-person meeting that eats up valuable time.

The combination of in-person meetings and virtual meetings with Ingage is expected to help Jacuzzi® realize $3M in incremental revenue.

“With Ingage Presentations, creation is simpler, the flow is better and we’re retaining attention much more effectively than with our previous solution. At Jacuzzi® everything we do is dealer driven. What works best for them works best for us and in that regard, Ingage has been a win-win.”